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Narrowing Digital Divide Realising Potential And Growing The Economy by Nonadita


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This is the slide presented on FreSh event titled “Social Enterpreneurship and Online Movement for Social Change” on June 2009. I spoke on behalf of Unlimited Potential program, Microsoft Indonesia

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Narrowing Digital Divide Realising Potential And Growing The Economy by Nonadita

  1. 1. Narrowing Digital Divide, Realising Potential and Growing the Economy Anandita Puspitasari – Winner Microsoft Bloggership Award
  2. 2. Me - Journey From Pesta Blogger to My Achievements
  3. 3. Deliver effective and useful  content Expand access to education Provide affordable tools locally Connect communities Improve productivity and efficiency Connect people to job opportunities
  4. 4. Me, Them during the Journey Together, we support the government in narrowing digital divide. 60% of population in Indonesia lives in rural area. -Challenge in Infrastructure -Challenge in Information access -Challenge in IT literacy and skill development
  5. 5. Partnership for Positive development & Change Skill Development, Information Access to Growing Economy Quality education – enhancing skill and realise potential • Partners in Learning – Teachers Innovate • Multipoint – Students Participate
  6. 6. We can make a Difference Information is Power Information pushes development Information drives change Information stimulates better future
  7. 7. Thank You Dita