HomeComing for Develoment in Africa


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Diaspora Marketing and Reverse Brain-Drain as a Development Mean. Africa, Kenya.

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HomeComing for Develoment in Africa

  2. 2. About NamSor 2  NamSor™ Applied Onomastics is a European designer of name recognition software. Our mission is to help make sense of the Big Data and understand international flows of money, ideas and people.  Our specialized data mining software recognizes the linguistic or cultural origin of personal names in any alphabet / language, with fine grain and high accuracy. Names are meaningful : we use sociolinguistics to extract their semantics and deliver actionable intelligence.  We apply this innovative technology to support our clients in their development : countries, regions, private companies, projects, in all sectors of activity.  NamSor is committed to promote diversity and equal opportunity and supports the @GenderGapGrader initiative.
  3. 3. Introduction 3  Key role of Diasporas for Economic Development  FDI, Remittances, Education & Science, ...  Reversing the brain drain in some professions –such as Health Professionals- is not just an economic issue, it’s a matter of Public Health: vital.
  4. 4. How many people with African names, among 2.2M US Health Professionals? 4 % Continent Africa Asia Europe Latin America and the Caribbean Oceania Vast majority of names are of European origin (Irish, English, French, Italian, etc.) – these figures are estimates with a margin of error that varies by Country (ex. Recognizing ‘South African names’ in the US is harder that recognizing ‘Kenyan names’ in the US).
  5. 5. African names, where from? 5 51353 3723 7294 54261 57882 % Africa Region Eastern Africa Middle Africa Northern Africa Southern Africa Western Africa
  6. 6. Example - how many Kenyan names? 6 25230 12947 7785 2850 % Eastern Africa Country Kenya Uganda Rwanda Somalia Madagascar Malawi Zimbabwe Ethiopia Comoros Zambia Eritrea Burundi
  7. 7. Kenyan Diaspora : who are they, where are they, what are they doing? 7 6048 5968 2076 1339 1177 981 720 616 615 5690 % Occupation Certified Nursing Assistant Registered Nurse Licensed Practical Nurse Medical Doctor Emergency Medical Technician Radiologic Technology Massage Therapist Pharmacist Registered Pharmacy Technician Other
  8. 8. How sure are we that names are Kenyan?  ~25,000 names could be Kenyan, of which  ~21,000 very likely, of which,  ~7000 names are most certainly  Numeric variables help sort data and identify the best prospects (having names most typical of Kenya) 8 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 Kenyan name : confidence levels Could be Kenyan Most certainly Kenyan Very likely Kenyan
  9. 9. What’s in the source database? 9 PROF_SAMPLE.zip  2201|Pharmacist|30593|09/30/2015|11/04/2004|PS|39503|11/04/2004|N|CLEAR|GITHINJI|GLADYS|W|||ACTIVE|99|UNKNOWN|8810 SUN HAVEN LANE||PEARLAND|TX|77584|||| NOT PRACTICING IN FLORIDA|P O BOX 6320|TALLAHASSEE|FL|32314- 6320||||||geo_KE_script_LATIN:30220|(KE,LATIN)|Unknown|gladys|githinji|1||0.552833177166059|149.652648859667|4.41561794275891|geo_KE_scri pt_LATIN|geo_BJ_script_LATIN|0.01883350350255401||LATIN|4  2202|Pharmacist Intern|5531|01/16/3004|09/14/2004|PSI|18106|11/04/2004|N|NULL AND VOID|GITHINJI|GLADYS|W||||68|SARASOTA|1071 PANACEA BLVD|#301|NORTH PORT|FL|34289|941|426-2771||1071 PANACEA BLVD|#301|NORTH PORT|FL|34289||||||geo_KE_script_LATIN:30220|(KE,LATIN)|Unknown|gladys|githinji|1||0.552833177166059|149.652648859667|4.41561794275891| geo_KE_script_LATIN|geo_BJ_script_LATIN|0.01883350350255401||LATIN|4  1701|Registered Nurse|293626|04/30/2007|12/07/2005|RN|9240249|05/19/2009|N|NULL AND VOID|KILONZO|ZIPPORAH|N||||99|UNKNOWN|276 ENGLE STREET|APT. 9-C|ENGLEWOOD|NJ|07631|201|566-0015||276 ENGLE STREET|APT 9- C|ENGLEWOOD|NJ|07631||||||geo_KE_script_LATIN:30220|(KE,LATIN)|Unknown|zipporah|kilonzo|1||0.525019983482305|136.825236268636|4.2743 8551048373|geo_KE_script_LATIN|geo_IT_script_LATIN|0.02593666100196964||LATIN|4  1701|Registered Nurse|473257|04/30/2015|07/02/2013|ARNP|9364302|07/02/2013|N|CLEAR|MUREITHI|WANJIKU|K|||ACTIVE|99|UNKNOWN|3660 LAS OLAS DRIVE||COLLEGE PARK|GA|30349|678|382-8373||1 TAMPA GENERAL CIRCLE||TAMPA|FL|33606|W.MUREITHI@HOTMAIL.COM|NA||||geo_KE_script_LATIN:30220|(KE,LATIN)|Unknown|wanjiku|mureithi|1||0.466664050145261 |151.677662493569|4.25961196871825|geo_KE_script_LATIN|geo_SA_script_LATIN|0.009497674024253848||LATIN|4  4401|Certified Nursing Assistant|341830|05/31/2015|08/29/2003|CNA|28803|08/29/2003|N|CLEAR|NJOROGE|ELIZABETH|N|||ACTIVE|26|DUVAL|6945 MORSE AVE|APT 218|JACKSONVILLE|FL|32244|919|800-1138||6817 SOUTHPOINT PARKWAY|SUITE 2403|JACKSONVILLE|FL|32216|LIZ_NJOROGE@HOTMAIL.COM|||||geo_KE_script_LATIN:30220|(KE,LATIN)|Unknown|elizabeth|njoroge|1||0.57243267429 6582|110.408266417784|4.14632485806148|geo_KE_script_LATIN|geo_FR_script_LATIN|0.051837004139582664||LATIN|4  1701|Registered Nurse|436229|04/30/2015|12/02/2011|RN|9334418|12/02/2011|N|CLEAR|NJOROGE|ELIZABETH|W|||ACTIVE|26|DUVAL|8226 GREEN PARROT RD # 301||JACKSONVILLE|FL|32256|904|891-5065||8226 GREEN PARROT RD # 301||JACKSONVILLE|FL|32256|ENJOROGE14@YAHOO.COM|||||geo_KE_script_LATIN:30220|(KE,LATIN)|Unknown|elizabeth|njoroge|1||0.572432674296 582|110.408266417784|4.14632485806148|geo_KE_script_LATIN|geo_FR_script_LATIN|0.051837004139582664||LATIN|4  4401|Certified Nursing Assistant|348319|12/31/2011|12/06/2003|CNA|109179|01/14/2014|N|NULL AND VOID|NJOROGE|ELIZABETH|W||||26|DUVAL|8226 GREEN PARROT RD # 301||JACKSONVILLE|FL|32256|904|891-6943||4600 MIDDLETON PARK CIRCLE EAST||JACKSONVILLE|FL|32224||||||geo_KE_script_LATIN:30220|(KE,LATIN)|Unknown|elizabeth|njoroge|1||0.572432674296582|110.408266417784|4. 14632485806148|geo_KE_script_LATIN|geo_FR_script_LATIN|0.051837004139582664||LATIN|4
  10. 10. A few public credentials 10
  11. 11. originating FDI leads 11  NamSor™ announces FDI Magnet, a new offering for Investment Promotion Agencies.  What is the Idea behind it: “ As recently as 1986 Ireland was one of the poorest countries in the European Union (EU), but today it is one of the richest. The engine of this new Irish prosperity has been Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). [Between 1986 and 2002], the Irish have done almost everything right. They have attracted huge amounts of money from America – due largely to a century of personal and familial ties – and they have used this money to build factories ”.  A successful approach which Milda Darguzaite, the Managing Director of Invest Lithuania, considers relevant for her own country. With three million people living in Lithuania and nearly one million people of Lithuanian origin living abroad, there is a good many personal and familial ties to be leveraged to attract new investment projects to the country. NamSor name recognition software helped discover those ties.  Recognizing names and their origin in global professional databases allows Investment Promotion Agencies to identify potentially interesting high profile contacts in different countries / industrial sectors and reach out to them. Another method to accelerate the origination of new leads is to better understand and leverage the existing network of foreign businessmen in the country itself.  NamSor™ filters data from millions of meaningless elements to a few dozen actionable names.  Domas Girtavicius, a Senior consultant at Invest Lithuania, said "we were impressed by the accuracy of the name recognition software: it reliably predicts the country of origin and the number of false positives is fully manageable". Elian Carsenat, the founder of NamSor™, said "searching for names in the Big Data is like seeking a gold needle in a haystack: doable once the right tool exists".
  12. 12. Helping Lithuania attract talents in Health & BioTech 12  Recognizing names and their origin in global scientific and technology databases allows research institutes and high-tech companies identify where the 'brain juice' flows internationally. What are the main talent magnets (universities, companies) in a particular field? How best can a growing biotechnology industrial cluster retain local talent, as well as attract international professors?  Professor Daumantas Matulis, Head of Department of Biothermodynamics and Drug Design at the Institute of Biotechnology (Vilnius University) said 'NamSor did a pilot project for us and helped us better understand the depth and breadth of Lithuanian talent deployed internationally, in the field of BioTech and Medical Research.'  Kotryna Stankute, Acting Director at Global Lithuania Leaders (GLL), network of international Lithuania-affiliated professionals, said it is crucially important to each country to be aware about their talent pool based out of the country. A strategy of networking with the world-wide Lithuanian professionals' Diaspora and their engagement can turn brain drain to brain exchange.  Elian Carsenat, founder of NamSor, said 'We data mined millions of research articles from PubMed Central® (PMC) to recognize Lithuanian names (or names related to Lithuania). By a happy accident, we also discovered that there exist cultural biases in medical research : a scientist of a given culture or origin is more likely to be interested in a particular topic; some scientific communities are more or less likely to be cited by another community. Such cultural biases could even impact the overall bibliometric ranking of a country's scientific research. We turned this serendipity into a paper, which will share at the International Congress of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS 2014, Glasgow, August).'
  13. 13. // PROJECT IDEA // PARTNERS SOUGHT AgroDiaspora Knowledge eXchange 13  STATIM Technologies and NamSor™ Applied Onomastics have submitted a project for consideration, responding to a call for projects by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs 'Africa Forum, 100 innovations for sustainable development'.  The AgroDiaspora eXchange project is to build a knowledge database and community website that will list, -on one side: (1) transformation projects in the field of agriculture (2) financing needs (3) local resources -on the other side: the resources of the African Diaspora to bring (1) expertise (2) support to financing requests (through contacts and credibility)  This tool will help measure the ability of the local development projects to address the challenges of climate change. It will generate an ecosystem between the African diasporas and the local communities. It will offer an opportunity for leading scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs of the African diasporas to contribute positively to the development of Africa, not just with remittances but also with expertise and coaching.  The main objectives are: To put in relation local projects with the potentialities of thousands leading biotech and agro scientists of African heritage around the world. To improve the success rate of local projects through coaching and external expertise. To generate clusters and improve the overall attractivity of agricultural transformation projects in Africa in terms of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).
  14. 14. Thank you!  http://fdimagnet.com/  http://namsor.com/ 14 Juillet 2013, Ambassade de Lituanie à Paris  elian.carsenat@namsor.com  +33 6 52 77 99 07  Twitter @NamsSor_com