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Nomee Beta Introduction


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BETA press kit walk-through of nomee social networking software, unveiled at Web 2.0 2009 in San Francisco.

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Nomee Beta Introduction

  1. 23. The nomee Business Opportunity nomee is new media, providing brands greater Awareness, CRM, and Sales • Leverages existing social media traffic • Half-a-billion users on multiple social networks • nomee becomes the “intersection” of all social media activity, not just a single site Three potential revenue models 1. Ad-sales from space on cards • nomee is new media with targeted streaming video capabilities • more robust one-to-one messaging than currently available • nomee controls the ad space 2. Fee or pay-per-view for brands and businesses • Relationship management and affinity marketing tool for pop culture and entertainment brands, sports leagues, media companies and others • Brands control messaging on every card they send to their network of consumers 3. Fee-based enterprise tool • deployed by companies & non-profits as a “private Internet” • Internal communications facilitation or external B2B or B2C connection • companies control the ad space
  2. 26. Please visit Contact Marketing & Business Development: Matt Savage [email_address] Public Relations: Kristin Kelly [email_address]