isizulu sethu


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This is just a short description of how zulu people wear and what they eat

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isizulu sethu

  1. 1. How zulu woman wear 0697nVttztHTTx3aYRjlvJEiRLov9DlftkIA
  2. 2. How zulu man wear
  3. 3. How zulu gals wear =tbn:ANd9GcQQy2mzKGhc LjfAdwkuGoNL85TkKxoSkC2 MFD-B5iYptZL5Vnq4
  4. 4. How zulu boys wear
  5. 5. The beads they use The meaning of each color
  6. 6. The meaning of the colors Sishunka seven colours - white, light blue, dark green, pale yellow, pink, red and black. Isithembu five colours - light blue, grass green, bright yellow, red and black. Umzansi four colours - whitedark blue, grass green and red. Isinyolovane combination of any colours not Consistent with other schemes. These colour schemes are part of fashion and dress and are intended to communicate specific meanings
  7. 7. What zulu people eat  The main food that Zulus eat consists of beer (tshwala), Zulu bread, cooked chicken feet, meat, amasi, pumpkin, cabbage, tubers and phuthu or maize meal. Meat is roasted on coals, and is often left scorched almost black on the outside and very rare on the inside (inyama eyosiwe). The Zulus drink amasi which is sour, curdled milk. Milk is hardly ever drunk fresh ('green milk'), but it is sometimes used to thin amasi which has gone too thick to be used. Maize is a popular part of the Zulu's diet.
  8. 8. Kinds of food the zulu people eat Inyama yokosa(braai meat)
  9. 9. Zulu language  Their language is isiZulu. Many Zulu people today speak English, Afrikaans, and other of South Africa's 11 official languages. In the Zulu language, Zulu means "heaven" or "sky".
  10. 10. Umfino and ubhatata(spinach and sweet potatoes)
  11. 11. Uphuthu (maize meal)
  12. 12. Umqombhothi(Traditional beer)