Nomads Cultural volunteer package


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Nomads 7 night New Zealand volunteer package

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Nomads Cultural volunteer package

  1. 1. @ WHAKA rua, NZ a The Living Thermal Village, Roto Making a Differe nce at Whakarewarew Kia ora and welcome to “Making A Difference – MAD” MAD has been brought to you by Nomads Auckland, Kiwi Paka, Tamaki Tours, Haka World and Whaka Thermal Village Tours. MAD is an opportunity for you to participate in a seven day programme that involves community, cultural and conservation development and enhancement. Rotorua is the heart of Maori culture in New Zealand and we have selected Whakarewarewa, The Living Thermal Village because it is a cultural, historic & environmental icon worth protecting and sustaining. Thank you for taking part and we hope you enjoy making a difference within our living thermal village!
  2. 2. Your package includes 2 Nights accommodation in Auckland which can be used when you arrive into New Zealand or just before you depart. Nomads Auckland will be able to arrange your transfers to Rotorua (which will be an additional cost). All participants will need to be in Rotorua by Monday evening ready to begin the programme on Tuesday morning.
  3. 3. PROGRAMME DAY ONE: (TUESDAY) 8.00am Breakfast – Kiwi Paka 8.30am Depart Kiwi Paka 9.00am Arrive at Whakarewarewa to meet your key contact person for the next four days. Here you will be briefed about what you will be doing and introduced to members of the team and village residents as part of your induction. You will be allocated a pair of boots and other gear that will be required for you to wear as well as be informed about the health & safety requirements. 10.00am Cultural Activity – Guided Tour Join the guided tour so that you learn about the village and its unique cultural way of living that continues today. See sites of historic importance and admire the natural resources. This is a great way to begin your Whakarewarewa adventure. 11.00am - Conservation Activity 3.00pm Meet your maintenance supervisor & see what project you will be assisting with over the next few days. Projects will differ depending on the weather, time of year resources available and situations that may arise unexpectedly within the village. Enjoy your packed lunch with the crew. 3.00pm Be picked up by Kiwi Paka and return to your accommodation 4.00pm Learn how to perform the world famous Haka! Learn the true meaning, purpose and history of the Haka. This is done at Kiwi Paka 6.00pm Own time
  4. 4. PROGRAMME DAY TWO: (WEDNESDAY) 8.00am Breakfast – Kiwi Paka 8.30am Depart Kiwi Paka 9.00am – 1.30pm Conservation Activity Arrive at Whakarewarewa to continue your conservation work. This will include having a packed lunch. 2.00pm Cultural Activity – Cultural Show & Participation Have time to clean up to then watch a 30minute cultural performance. Meet one of our guides who will teach you your own Maori song that you can perform back to your family and friends. 3.00pm Be picked up by Kiwi Paka and return to your accommodation TBA Be picked up by Tamaki Tours and taken out to experience a lively Maori cultural performance based on a true story, real characters and actual events, each coming together to create a state of the art indigenous re- enactment. The nightly Rotorua Maori cultural event features arts, craft, song, performing arts and traditional Maori feast.
  5. 5. PROGRAMME DAY THREE: (THURSDAY) 8.00am Breakfast – Kiwi Paka 8.30am Depart Kiwi Paka 9.00am – 1.00pm Community Development Arrive to Whakarewarewa and spend time participating in an activity that is part of village life. This may include the churches, the pre-school, a community event run by the village, the local craft stores or spending time with a village resident. This will include a packed lunch. 1.00pm – 3.00pm Conservation Activity This may involve doing something new of completing the work you started. 3.00pm Be picked up by Kiwi Paka and return to your accommodation Evening Own time
  6. 6. PROGRAMME DAY FOUR: (FRIDAY) 8.00am Breakfast – Kiwi Paka 8.30am Depart Kiwi Paka 9.00am – 2.30pm Conservation Activity Complete your conservation and or community work. This will include packed lunch. 2.30pm – 5.00pm Cultural Activity – Traditional Practices Meet one of the team to help prepare for your poroporoaki (farewell) with staff and village residents. This will include seeing the food placed into the steam box and hot pools and being pulled out once cooked 5.00pm – 8.00pm Community Activity - Hakari (informal time) Enjoy your hakai (meal) with the Whaka whanau. An opportunity to provide feedback and share what you have learnt during your time at Whakarewarewa. Receive a memento on behalf of the village as a token of appreciation. 8.00pm Be picked up by Kiwi Paka and return to your accommodation Evening Your own time
  7. 7. : Mad Requirements ople. • A minimum of two pe e. at least 18 years of ag • Participants must be day and is me beginning on a Tues • This is a 4 day program tmas Day. not available on Chris fety here to all health & sa • Participants must ad urs Team. instructions given by To faxed ents must be email or • Any sp ecial dietary requirem ts arrival. prior to the participan through at least 1 week in d appropriately to work • Particip ants should be dresse her conditions. fine, cold or wet weat Mad Inclusions: • 7 Nights Accommod ation (2 X Nomads Auck pre or post) and (5 X Ki land either wi Paka – Rotorua) • 7 X Continental Brea kfasts • A packed lunch will be provided each day the village (4 X lunche you are out at s) • Tamaki Tours – Hang i and Concert • Haka World – Learn to do the Haka • Hakari Dinner - may happen on the third da the last day. y rather than Mad Extra: Transfer from Auckland – Rotorua Mad Conditions: ramme due to unfore seen the right to cancel the 4 day prog e will be The Tours does have least 24 hours notic & safety reasons . At ge circumstances or heal th ing on weather or villa for each da y may change depend end of provided.The itinerary s at the beginning or advised of such change events. Participants will be y activities participants es not take an y responsibility for an r the each day. The Tours do ogramme , b) not unde outsid e the hours of this pr drugs is not engage in that are a) fluence of alcohol or s . Being under the in ed from the programm e. supervision of the Tour rticipants will be remov -5pm & pa accepted between 9am n. No refund will be give