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Business Intelligence with Xentio


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A short description about business intelligence (BI), how Xentio approaches BI, and some small customer samples.

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Business Intelligence with Xentio

  1. 1. Xentio = Business Intelligence (BI) (But … what does that mean?)
  2. 2. Let us tell you a BI story (It’ll just take a few minutes, sit back… relax!)
  3. 3. Imagine you have operations all over the world
  4. 4. (Or even in just a handful of countries or locations)
  5. 5. And each operation has: • Different data, • Different ERP, operational, & reporting systems, and… • Unique business processes & language!
  6. 6. You have a problem:
  7. 7. You’re only seeing part of your picture!
  8. 8. Even though you’re 1 company… You don’t have 1 global, unified view!
  9. 9. Xentio to the rescue!
  10. 10. Xentio helps you: 1. Collect all of your corporate data in one spot; 2. Create meaning by organizing, defining & interpreting that data smartly; 3. Communicate that information to the people who need it; and ultimately… 4. Do better at whatever it is you’re trying to get done.
  11. 11. Let’s whiteboard to re-cap:
  12. 12. Presto!! But wait… Is this a one-trick show? Or has Xentio done this (successfully) for other companies?
  13. 13. Glad you asked! Here’s a sample of companies (big & small) that Xentio has worked with to create BI solutions: DHL (Deutche Post World Net) • Transportation. 55 Billion EUR/Yr Revenue. 457,000 employees. 220 countries. • Over 12 BI projects completed for their global BI solution in the past 2 years.
  14. 14. Agility Logistics • Transportation. 9 Billion EUR/Yr. Revenue. 45,000 employees. 158 countries. • Provided BI consulting, design, and architecture. Currently in the development phase for their global BI solution.
  15. 15. Mobilkom Austria Group • Telecommunications - Carrier. 5.1 Billion EUR/Yr. Revenue. 17 Million customers. 58 countries. • Provided BI consulting, design, and architecture for their Teradata BI system. Currently in the RFP process for development.
  16. 16. Awarepoint Corporation • Healthcare - RFID. VC startup funded by Cardinal, Venrock, and Avalon. • Provided consulting, and now ongoing development, using open-source BI tools, for their enterprise BI solution.
  17. 17. eTelecare • Telecommunications – Call Centre. 600M USD/Yr Revenue. 16,000 Employees. 4 Countries. • Provided complete end-to-end solution for their global BI solution (Consulting, design, development, implementation, training). Continuing ongoing development of advanced features.
  18. 18. SeeSaw Networks • Advertising – Digital Media. VC Startup funded by Sutter Hill and Golden Gate Capital. • Developing BI solution using open- source technologies for USA and China based country-wide digital advertising network.
  19. 19. Happily Ever After… Xentio’s BI solutions help companies turn their corporate-wide data into wisdom: Centralized, actionable, & relevant information which helps you do whatever it is you do – better.