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Meet Nomadic Learning. We create and deliver next generation mobile, social learning for next generation leaders.

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Nomadic learning introduction 042013

  1. 1. Next Generation Learningfor Next Generation Leaders
  2. 2. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013The Hyper-Connected EconomyA seamlessly connected, high-speed global economy is changingthe rules of competition and valuecreation.THREE BIG DISRUPTIONS IN LEADERSHIPCBusiness BookPublishingThe Great RetirementThe retirement of the BabyBoomers is the largest demographicshift in decades, causing a massivetalent gap that will impact allaspects of leadership.The Mobile/Social RevolutionThe rise of social media and themobile web are the mostimportant shift in technologysince the advent of the PC,revolutionizing the way we work.
  3. 3. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013THE HYPER-CONNECTED GLOBAL ECONOMYC$30 billion40%60%Increasingly global60% of big companies willsource, produce & sell more inforeign markets than they do athome by 2020.SHRM / The Economist Intelligence Unit, Global Firms in2020, 9/2010Business BookPublishingLess StableChanges in competitiveposition are occurring twice asfrequently.Innosight, Creative Destruction Whips throughCorporate America, 11/2012Only the Agile SurviveThe Average lifespan of S&P500 companies has droppedfrom 75 years to 15 years.European Business Review, Jumping the S-Curve: How toreach the top – and stay there, 6/2011Industry Position +2.3x1960 201075 years15Avg. lifespan of S&P 500 Cos1930s2000s
  4. 4. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013THE HYPER-CONNECTED ORGANIZATIONC‣ Increased focus on speed, agility, andinnovation.‣ Flatter organizations with decision-rights distributed across organization.‣ Increased demand for autonomous,effective leadership at all levels.‣ Continuous learning as corecompetitive advantage.How are organizations adapting to the Hyper-Connected Economy?Adapted from: BCG.Perspectives “Winning Practices of Adaptive Leadership ‘Teams”APRIL 03, 2012 by Roselinde Torres and Nneka Rimmer20th Century 21st Century
  5. 5. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013THE GREAT RETIREMENT = MASSIVETALENT GAPCBusiness BookPublishingOnlineUniversities79mTalent Gap80mMillennials/Gen Y69mGeneration XBaby BoomersSource: Gronbach Kenneth “Generation Y:The New Workforce !” December 201210,000 Baby Boomers will retire every daybetween now and 2030Millennials will be thrust into leadership rolesearlier in their careers to fill the talent gap.
  6. 6. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013Organizations face experience/wisdom drainand increasingly severe succession gaps asBoomers retire.Millennials are seeing accelerated career paths,with more mission critical responsibility earlier.The result is fierce competition to discover,retain, and develop next generation talentTHETALENT GAP @ ORGANIZATIONSCHow are organizations impacted by the Great Retirement?Source: Gronbach Kenneth “Generation Y:The New Workforce !” December 2012
  7. 7. Number of times the averageInternet user checks the webeach day. Up from 5 times inthe pre-smartphone era.THE SOCIAL/MOBILE REVOLUTION = ENGAGEMENT CRISISCorporateLearningCOnlineUniversities27 83% 120mPercentage of Millennials thatsleep with their smartphone.Number of tablet computerssold in 2012. Compared to 17min 2010Pew Research Report. “Millenials: A Portrait ofGeneration Next” February 2010Joe Kraus. Google Ventures. “We’re Creating aCulture of Distraction” February 2012Gartner.. “Media Tablet Sales” Press Release.April 2012.Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013
  8. 8. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013IN A SOCIAL/MOBILEWORLD...TALENT ISTHE NEW CUSTOMERCContinuity: Users demanding seamlessintegration across all devices/platforms.Community: Engagement demands full socialintegration and continuous updates.Impatience: Enterprise user experiences mustmatch or exceed consumer user experiences.How is the social/mobile revolution changing digital habits?Adapted from: Google. “The New Multi-Screen World” August 2012?ENTERPRISELEARNING
  9. 9. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING FOR L&DCHowContinuousSocial/Mobile NativeModular/ShortReal-Time FeedbackWhat21st Century CompetenciesConstantly Evolving CurriculumPersonalized and RelevantPeer network drivenThese 3 Disruptions are radically changing both how emerging leaders learn andwhat they need to learn to stay ahead:&
  10. 10. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013As curators of the 50 Lessonslibrary we have heard from 100sof CEOs about the challengestheir organizations face.As the founders and leaders ofbusinesses in China, the US, andUK, we have lived the challenges of21st Century leadership.INTRODUCING NOMADIC LEARNINGAs teachers and curriculumdevelopers we know first handwhat it takes to create effectivelearning experiences .
  11. 11. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013Learning experiences that meet the highexpectations of the digitally native, mediasaturated, constantly connected generation.Scalable, cohort-based learning that preparesyour emerging leaders and high potential talent forthe challenges of 21st century leadership.NEXT GENERATION LEARNING FOR NEXT GENERATION LEADERSConnecting future leaders through the deviceswhere they spend all their time, from whereverthey are in your global organization.
  12. 12. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013BASED ON RIGOROUS, COMPREHENSIVE RESEARCHBased on multi-year research into the essential competencies for 21st Century Leadership. Wesynthesized the results of over 200 studies into 21st century leadership. We used studies from:HR advisorsMercer, Hay Group, DDI, CEB, Bersin by DeloitteLeadership consultantsPearson/EDA, Right/ManpowerNon-profitsWorld Economic Forum, The Conference Board, SHRM,Bertelsmann Stiftung, Graduate Management AdmissionCouncilBusiness schoolsDuke Corporate Ed, Ashridge B-school,Executive recruitersHeidrick & Struggles, Korn/Ferry, Egon Zehnder, QSManagement consultantsMcKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, IBM, Ernst& Young
  13. 13. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013NOMADIC LEADERSHIP FRAMEWORKThe result is the Nomadic LeadershipFramework; a flexible, evolving guide towhat future leaders need to thrive in anincreasingly complex and interconnectedwork.The Nomadic Framework is open-endedand designed to be rapidly mapped toclient competency frameworks.1. Vision2. Resources3. Execution4. Adaptation5. ValuesProblemsContextStrategy- Thinking critically/systematically- Understanding competitive context- Identifying/Pursuing opportunitiesInfluenceFundingOrganization- Cultivating social capital- Securing financial capital- Recruiting/Organizing human capitalProductsCustomersPartners- Designing innovative offerings- Identifying/Reaching customers- Managing partner ecosystemsCompetitorsAnalyticsChange- Out-maneuvering the competition- Making sense of information- Managing innovation and disruptionJudgementCharacterResponsibility- Acclimating to ambiguity- Working with integrity- Balancing interests
  14. 14. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013THE NOMADIC LEARNING SYSTEM: DASHBOARDInstant access to learner’s“Field Manuals,”Nomadic’s re-imagining ofthe online courseGame dynamics keeplearners engaged. Daily,weekly and all timeleaders.Activity feed keepslearners constantlyupdated on what’shappening and increasespeer collaboration &discoveryTrending topics helplearners discover themost active and popularcontentEasy access to learnersfavorite content
  15. 15. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013THE NOMADIC LEARNING SYSTEM: FORMATConsistent, 5-page formatensures high-impactinstructional design, enhancedlearning effectiveness.Self-contained design enablesnon-linear, highly personalized,yet systematic learning.Short, modular learning:Segments can be completedin as short as 10-15 minutes.A “Field Manual” is Nomadic’s re-imagining of the online course for the social/mobile age.Field Manuals are self-contained units of learning featuring 5 standard pages:
  16. 16. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013THE NOMADIC LEARNING SYSTEM: CONTENTEngaging,multimediacontent grabslearners attentionAlternatingbetween text,video, andinteractionsupports differentlearning styles andholds attention forlongerActivities designedto increasecollaboration.Points awarded formost valuablecontributionsReal-life stories andexamples aidretention ofknowledge anddeepen engagement
  17. 17. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013THE NOMADIC LEARNING SYSTEM: ACCESSIdentical user experience on any device with a browser.Continuous, multi-device learning, wherever your leaders are.
  18. 18. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013THE NOMADIC LEARNING SYSTEM: MEASUREMENTInfluenceSocial learning tools open up new methods ofassessment based on peer influence and socialcapital.EngagementDetailed and robust analytics monitor usage,participation, and intensity of engagement.UnderstandingCarefully designed quizzes, social assessments,and action learning challenges give a full picture ofexpertise and improvement.
  19. 19. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013CURRENT FIELD MANUALSOur first Field Manuals focus on leadership challenges around Problems Solving........
  20. 20. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013FLEXIBLE DELIVERY OPTIONSBlended LearningIntegrated “teacher’s editions” and a range of serviceshelp clients integrate Field Manuals with existingclassroom-based or on-the-job learning.Web AppsImmediate access through Nomadic’s web app on anydevice with a browser (Including IE8 or newer, Chrome,Safari and Android native browser).Native Mobile AppsAlso available as native apps for iPhone, iPad, Androidand Windows Mobile for mobile learning offline.
  21. 21. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013EFFORTLESS INTEGRATIONTechnologyReadily integrated with Learning ManagementSystems and enterprise social networks; Jive &Yammer.LearningField Manuals can be mapped to your organization’scompetency frameworks and existing leadershipdevelopment programs.
  22. 22. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013POWERFUL CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONSTailoredUsing our proprietary CMS, any piece of text, anyimage, any video and any quiz can be instantlyadjusted according to your requirements.CustomCustom case studies, short films, and curricula forand about your organization or industry. Our teamincludes award-winning writers, graphic designers,data visualization experts, illustrators,independent film makers, and curriculumdesigners.
  23. 23. Nomadic Learning Limited © 2013SEEKING FORWARDTHINKING PARTNERSSafe and highly supported environment to testsocial, mobile learning for next generation leaderswithin your existing framework, with detailedanalytics on effectiveness and efficacy.Cohorts of 25-50 in an existing program.90 day program period.Proof of concept: full cohort debriefing andinternal scorecard on effectiveness and efficacyof mobile, social learning.