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Rose Nolen
Houston, Texas Cell & Text: 713-417-1347
Selected Accompl...
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Recruited at college & career fairs and universities
Spoke at professional, industry, university panels,...
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 Created requisitions, utilized Brassring and posted on many online sites.
 Presented screened candida...
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Rose Nolen Resume


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Rose Nolen Resume

  1. 1. Rose Nolen Houston, Texas Cell & Text: 713-417-1347 Selected Accomplishments  Recognized for dual expertise in Talent Management and Talent Acquisition with a broad perspective as a subject matter expert specialist and HR Generalist impacting organization development, leadership development, culture and human capital retention.  International rapport building skills encompass digital social media, corporate branding, cultural change, HR marketing, networking within the industries and community which increased candidate response by an additional 300 candidates.  Resourceful in utilizing global digital sourcing, research, ATS, social and online recruitment and which resulted in an increase of 35% quality hires globally.  Created and managed training cost budget of $972,000 and approvals, to include maintaining YTD metrics, resulting in less than 1% adjustment to the budget due to unforeseen circumstances.  Strong communicator in implementing start-up operations processes, procedures, policies and training for the joint venture centralized corporate recruitment - Alliance Companies: Equiva Services, Equilon, Motiva and Equiva Trading. This reduced retention transition issues by 35%. Employment History UrbanRose Recruitment 4/2017-present Recruitment & Freelancer Recruiter, Talent Management, Researcher, Marketing and Social Media. Freelancing Consultant for non- profits recruiting volunteers, fundraising, event planning, volunteer management, productions. University of Phoenix Adjunct Faculty 4/2009-present Certified Adjunct Faculty to deliver on Campus and facilitate undergraduate and graduate business courses: Organizational Ethics & Social Responsibility, Management, Human Capital Management, Organizational Behavior and Strategic Business Management.  Create syllabus, assignments, monitor learning team assignment and activities  Grade presentations and electronic assignments and input grades into System  2017 Online Certification obtained to teach business courses PROS Human Resources Talent Acquisition 10/2011-12/2016  Global full cycle recruitment, sourcing, research, social and digital recruiting, cold calling, Boolean searches companywide for CRM, ERP, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud, UX/UI, Sales, Marketing, Professional Services, IT, Product Management, Administration, Data Scientist, Software Engineers, Architects, Sales, Strategic Consultants, Legal, Procurement, Solutions, Supply Chain, Communications  Implemented, managed social media sites, branding, HR marketing and networking  Created and management of social media sites, utilizing innovative technique resulting in savings  Grass roots startup: implementation, strategy, budgets, branding, metrics and project management for the Community Outreach Program and Blaze: The Women’s Network @ PROS.  Created, coordinated Google+ Hangouts and managed content on PROS Google+ page  Composed website content for PROS HR Twitter, Yammer, Salesforce /Chatter, 1PROS, SharePoint  Managed & designed HR content for LinkedIn and Glassdoor websites  Managed liaison for Genesys Works. Cristo Rey interns
  2. 2. Rose Nolen Page 2 Recruited at college & career fairs and universities Spoke at professional, industry, university panels, community organizations  Established and developed business relationships  Managed project, process, coordinators, volunteers and branding for community events Global digital recruitment, marketing, onboarding, metrics Human Resources and Talent Acquisition initiatives, deliverables including vendor contracts administration, negotiations, licensing, renewals, SLA. Implementation team member for ATS-Success Factors, VIAM  Other HR and TA projects, New Employee Orientation, community, employee events  Recognitions: Community Outreach Program, High Performer, 1PROS Website Content, Blaze: The Women’s Network @PROS.  Culture Ambassador  2012 All-Star - reached LinkedIn Recruiter, Sourcer Contributor levels  LinkedIn Mention: Parker Barrile, Sr Director of Product Talent Connect Barri Financial Group, Inc. Human Resources Director 8/2009-4/2010 Directed multi-site two state operations of all HR systems, services, strategy and activities to include the development and roll out of policies and procedures. Reported directly to CEO Advised senior leadership regarding workforce planning, job restructuring, recruitment and placement, compensation, performance management, benefits and employee relations.  Designed, developed and implemented leadership, employee and technical training Developed and facilitated HR compliance training: harassment, bullying, employment laws  Coached executives, managers, supervisors, HR staff concerning their development initiatives Implemented succession planning  Revamped performance management process, job analysis and restructured compensation  Managed, coached and trained Hiring Managers, HR staff, recruiters, E-Verify, reference checks Reduced turnover rates and improved retention by 95% Developed of community external partnerships and relationships.  Developed of policies, procedures and employee handbook  Conducted due diligence audits to streamline and reduce corporate spending.  Managed and supervised the administration of compensation, benefits and payroll  Reorganization for initiating promotions, reductions and transitioning  Created and delivered bilingual corporate communications  Implemented cultural change management for conversion from Spanish to English  Initiated community partnerships  Developed compliant recruitment process and legal procedures  Employee and labor relations investigations; as well as. terminations  Improved EEOC compliance, OFCCP employment regulations, FMLA, LOA  Provided guidance to employees on employment policies and procedures  Represented company in immigration audits, lawsuits, federal investigations  Engaged in unemployment claims, social security administration and IRS hearings  Implemented and delivered ADP Modules: ezLabor –time and attendance, IPay Direct Energy Talent Acquisition / HR Consultant (Contract) 7/2008-11/2008  Managed full cycle high volume recruitment, staffing process and onboarding for southern US corporate, power plants – professionals, engineering, plant managers, technical, technicians, support staff, supply chain, communications, legal, IT, procurement and skilled craft trades.  Educated hiring managers and implemented US compliance and audit process Responsible for immigration visa processing process and documentations for inpatriates  Provided training and coaching for managers for meeting OFCCP requirements Presented screened candidates to hiring managers throughout Texas
  3. 3. Rose Nolen Page 3  Created requisitions, utilized Brassring and posted on many online sites.  Presented screened candidates to hiring managers, negotiated offers.  Assisted with the SAP HR implementation process and management training Coached and offered support in cultural change management  Conducted the on-boarding process for the integration of the new employees Duke Energy 9/2001-12/2007 Organizational Leadership Development Program Manager / Talent Management 9/2004-12/2007  Responsibilities included, but are not exhaustive to: management development, talent management, organizational design, succession and resource planning, senior management appointments.  Demonstrated record of substantially impacting performance through strategic learning and development programs designed to maximize performance, productivity and profitability.  Acclaimed for delivering classroom training at all levels with a 94% customer satisfaction.  Facilitated and delivered full range of management, leadership and personal development programs which drove excellence and improvement in corporate, plants and field locations. Collaborated with vendors, negotiated fees, contracts, courses availability increased 24% - 90%.  Subject matter expert and provided LMS leadership and training for peers in US and Latin America countries; documented steps and business processes  Provided strategic direction and managed program delivery of leadership programs Prepared and managed cost budget of 972K+ and approvals, maintained YTD metrics for team  Execution of domestic and international executive, leadership development and employee development training courses; (i.e.: facilitator led and online)  Established and maintained relationships with vendors, facilitators, executive coaches and SLA.  Created marketing plans to increase knowledge of portfolio content to stakeholders, C-Level. Led HR initiatives and partnered with leadership to ensure the strategic objectives were achieved  Project management for the Leadership Development Network’s executive panel presentation  Mentored 24 employees, assisted them with creating developmental plans  Drove the developmental strategies implementation for an all employee developmental curriculum.  Co-designed curriculum courses, evaluations, learning assessments, performance gap analysis  Coached and assisted leadership with development tools surrounding succession planning Assessed organizational leadership competencies via several multiple rater assessment tools  Instrumental in the startup build of the Houston Leadership Development Center and programs Subject Matter Expert for implementation of the Learning Management System Sum Total  Managed and scheduled internal consultants and external consultants for delivery  Developed and implemented learning of programs utilizing teaching methodologies  Incorporated best practices into leadership development programs and learning activities Served on Volunteer Council for Duke Energy Foundation  Executive Steering Committee United Way Fundraising  Chairman of Duke Energy's Global Service Event  Employee of the Year Award HR Consultant / Internal Employee Placement Coordinator 9/2001–8/2004 Education  Masters of Business Administration – Human Resources Management, Our Lady of the Lake University  Bachelor of Science – Social Rehabilitation, Sam Houston State University