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Big Data

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Bigvs slideshare-130828102955-phpapp02

  1. 1. " <2? , I f: [ j, ty_ ^ . ” hu: _hdim_ : i L, (JAN i i , _ IJ_ x ' i . , i i FIN' ItI"'! IT” 'i 1 J" in in IW bitit? Öftltlfiliti*”lä* *iiwäiii'itiilâilt* chili' EIVJÃli= Pi Hu th: antagning; .munkar ut tigt iDIQIKQLN, nina: “I! tv"“ . vazanäta ÖliWå-*Ömâlii tåzaai. »numret ite *Ätásiáiiihxái th: ttsiuiáxw an? iattaxaaiiaittám ivlálliöliliul in. ömt »ättgntatl rwmitát i THE Ex| $T| NG v5 Big data has brought both great opportunity and change to the technology industry. Data scientists traditiona| |y look at the existing Vs that have c| assica| |y been used to understand key variables ot any data set.
  2. 2. v, l. 'har Every mouse click, like, phone call, text message, web search and purchase transcrction on cr social network is catalogued and stored in the cloud of big data. j Å Å 2,5oo,00o,0oo, oooooo, ooo BYTES ARE Ä ; ”ZIW CREATED IN THE DIGFTALUNIVERSE ataäsârüa 2012 2015 2020 gris gråt, zElêrBêtEs ' The primary goal of this large volume of big data is to make it useful to companies, as well as ' Consumers, to optimize future results.
  3. 3. , . - _n| .' rt. In today's multi-faceted Internet culture, the great volumes of data are also extremely varied in form. So many variables can be thrown at a company that the true value of this information is often lost in the sea of data. : lir ä ”I PURCHASE WEBSITE REWARDS QUARTERLY TRANSACTIONS TRAFFIC PROGRAMS BUSINESS REPORTS E f Fm TVf/ IEETER FACEQOK BLOG . CSENTENT
  4. 4. Information is being created at a faster pace than ever before. The varied channels of big data are each clay increasing their output of content. I 9030 EI% ti _ _ 4= i e 41" T; i USERS GENERATE 2.7 Q e g, vi ' ' BILUON LIKES ON FACE- 'E' *i - BOOK PER DAY HHHE EHEH 90%ofthedataintheworld today has been created in the last two years alone *få* i 40% l ' NEW rweers ARE l, th' ' ' CREATED BY ACTIVE - ' " ' . USERS EACH DAY ____ --T- 40%oftweetsarerelatedto television and are beginning to be used in TV ratings l5x l OF VIDEO IS UPLOADED ° TO YOUTUBE EVERY MINUTE In 7 years, I 5x the amount of data that exists tod will be created every sing e year
  5. 5. THE M|33|NGV This new influx of data requires a re-examination and addition to the classic 3 Vs concept. '. :|' 't'il'. It is necessary to filter through this information and carefully select the attributes and factors most likely to predict outcomes, and matter most to businesses. The secret to success is uncovering the latent, hidden relationships among these variables. / /// /// /// /// /// /// /// // QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER e fi* . 'ä' »i -34 ___. -e What affect does time of day How do age, family size, credit How do geo-location, product Does a surge in Twitter or or day of week have on limit and vehicle type converge availability and purchasing Facebook ment' presage an buying behavior? to predict a oonsumefs propensity history predict a consumefs increase or rease in b propensity to consumer purchases?
  6. 6. // /// /// /// /// /// /// /// THE NECESSARY sTEps Test and Conclude u Establish a method to assess the Establish a method that is quick a Confinn a variables relevcance viability of infonnation, regardless and cost-effective. before investing in the of field type or size of data. creation of a fully formed model. VALUABLE DATA
  7. 7. LBABLE After confirming the viability of beneficial variables, it is important I l BIG to make prescriptive, needle-moving actions that change behaviors and enhance the value of your company. ' i' “' 1 MAKES 2 IMPROVES 3 ALLOWS infomtation transparent the ability to predict for improved decision making. and usable at a higher outcomes. frequency. i i i i 4 COLLECTS 5 PROVIDES I l more accurate intemal a more accurate depiction of transactional data that aan be” aistomers for marketing and properly analyzed to boost designing tailored performance. products and services. l Many data scientists believe that perfecting as few as 5% of the relevant variables will result in a business - achieving 95% of the sales benefits. The trick is identifying that viable 5% and e›dracting the most value from it.
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