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LRMG is a Performance Agency based in South Africa that empowers people to \'dream it ... believe it ... do it!\' through management consulting, skills development, people technology and e-learning.

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Lrmg Dream Book

  1. 1. Welcome to our Xperience ... LRMG  Performance Agency dream it ... believe it ... do it!
  2. 2. ContentsDream it ... believe it ... do it! ..................... 2 Learning Resource Xperiences ................11Our Xperience ................................................. 3 Technology Xperiences..............................13Our Performance ........................................... 4 Our Clients ..................................................... 15Management Consulting Xperiences ..... 5 Our Dream .................................................... 17Learning Xperiences .................................... 7 Our Empowerment Profile ...................... 18 The LRMG Xperience 1
  3. 3. Dream it ... believe it it!Nelson Mandela, Michelangelo and Dr Martin Luther King all had something magical incommon. They stood among the greatest of men, yet they towered above their peerswith their extraordinary vision and drive to realise their deepest aspirations. These menall shared something pivotal: they all had a dream, not just a plan. And beyond theirdream, they made it happen, they reached their greatest goals and overcame adversityto, quite simply, do it!We at LRMG also have a dream. We dream of empowering people and organisations torealise their greatest potential, and we believe our Xperience will propel all to reach theirgoals. We’re passionate about helping you give shape to your aspirations and providingyou with the tools to realise them.“There are those who work all day. Those who dream all day. And those who spend anhour dreaming before setting to work to fulfil those dreams. Go into the third categorybecause there’s virtually no competition.”Steven J. Ross The LRMG Xperience 2
  4. 4. Our XperienceDefinition of experience: “An event or occurrence which leaves an impression onsomeone. > Encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence).> Feel (an emotionor sensation).” Oxford English Dictionary“Experiences are a distinct economic offering that cannot be seen asinterchangeable with goods and services – experiences are different, theyare memorable and personal and they are revealed over time. The firstdimension of an experience is that it involves participation from the peopleinvolved – this can be active or passive. The second is that experiencescreate a connection, which creates either absorption or immersionof participants. Memorable experiences are themed, they harmoniseimpressions with positive cues, eliminate negative cues, mix in memorabiliaand engage all five senses.”(B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore. Welcome to the Experience Economy: HarvardBusiness Review. July - August 1998. Pp 97-105.)We are a Performance Agency that creates memorableXperiences in management consulting, learning, talent andpeople technology. We empower people to dream it ... believe it... do it! The LRMG Xperience 3
  5. 5. Our PerformanceA t this point we hope you’re wondering how we realise dreams and what we do to create Xperiences. It all begins with being different – we are the Performance Agency. Our ‘performance’ element comes from our management consultingand learning capability, which ensures that we empower organisations with the essentialtools to reach their performance dreams. Our ‘agency’ aspect relates to the creativity,‘blow-up-the-box’ thinking and unique flair that we thread through everything we do.And, quite simply, that’s what we are.We believe that there are two essential components to optimising people performance.Firstly, the work environment needs to be conducive to good performance. This meansthat the culture, processes, information and resources are all appropriately aligned withinthe organisation. The second component is a readiness to perform. Your people need tobe motivated, knowledgeable and skilled, and they need the appropriate capacity to dotheir job best. When these two components come together, great performance is notjust inevitable, it’s guaranteed.Now that you know what we are, you probably want to know what our PerformanceAgency Dream Team can do for you. We grow minds, fully engage employees,optimise performance, develop critical competencies, make learning accessible,provide edutainment and, most importantly, develop people, so that individuals andorganisations (like yours) reach their greatest performance potential and beyond.After many years in the business (we’ve been around since 1997!), we’ve discoveredhow to unlock the extraordinary in your people. The LRMG Xperience 4
  6. 6. Management Consulting Xperiences Our people partner with yours to gain an intimate understanding of your organisation. We assess where you are and we discover where you want to be. Then we carefully strategise an Xperience personalised to your unique requirements that is guaranteed to deliver performance results. The LRMG Xperience 5
  7. 7. Our consulting Xperiences include the Our retention Xperiences include theformulation and implementation of: formulation and implementation of:„ Organisation strategies. „ Talent management strategies.„ Culture alignment strategies. „ Succession planning strategies.„ Culture surveys. „ Reward and incentive scheme management.„ Change management strategies. Employee alignment and retention are vital in„ Employee engagement strategies. keeping your organisation successful. However,„ Employee engagement surveys. your focus cannot begin and end with just„ Performance management strategies. this group. To complete the bigger picture of your organisation’s effectiveness, you need„ Skills audits. to ensure that all stakeholders are engaged„ Assessment centres. with your vision and mission, have a thorough„ Job and competency profiling. understanding of where you’re going, and are on the journey with you every step of the way.Excellent people are valuable assets to allcompanies. Retaining your people with the Our stakeholder Xperiences include theessential skills, talent and know-how is the formulation and implementation of:final piece that completes your people puzzle.That’s why we put together people retention „ Stakeholder engagement strategies andstrategies to ensure that you keep the right education.people in the right seats, empowered to „ Stakeholder/Investor/Consumer education.perform. Over the past 13 years, we have successfully implemented our consulting solutions across more than 90 accounts. The fact that these clients keep coming back to work alongside us in moving their organisations to greater heights attests to the impact of our consulting Xperiences. The LRMG Xperience 6
  8. 8. Learning Xperiences To get the best out of your talented employees, you need to ensure that they are constantly growing and developing, and that they are being inspired. That’s why we deliver experiential learning that lasts. Our Xperiences are crafted to address your real organisational challenges and enable you to achieve positive, measurable results from your learning spend. We use our finely tuned services and world-class learning products to stage transformational learningXperiences that leave an indelible mark on both your people and your organisation’s performance. Our Xperiences range from learning strategy formulation and the technology required to inform and enable your learning strategy, to the modular content and learning Xperiences necessary to drive just-in-time, personalised learning. The LRMG Xperience 7
  9. 9. Our SolutionsLearning Consulting Xperiences Facilitated Learning XperiencesWe offer the following expert solutions: Our facilitated learning Xperiences are short, sharp and powerful. They engage and energise„ Learning strategy design: We work closely people and allow them to practise and refine with you to understand your organisation’s their skills, leaving them feeling enabled and strategic direction. Then we create an empowered. We encourage the generation aligned people development strategy, of new ideas, and discover how to apply this geared at enabling you to realise optimal thinking in the context of their day-to-day people performance. work.„ Learning academy design: Our „ Types of Xperiences: consultants will work hand-in-hand with you as you shape and mould strategy ƒ Pure Xperiences: Learning content to more effectively implement learning that is universally relevant to learners through an academy model. in any organisation or industry.„ BBBEE scorecard: Our specialists will ƒ Real Xperiences: Learning content assist you in ‘demystifying’ the skills that is tailored to include organisation- development element of the DTI specific scenarios, systems, scorecard, and will help you find the procedures and target audiences. most effective learning solutions to ƒ Certified Xperiences: Learning develop your black talent. content that is aligned with unit standards and accredited.Learning Xperiences ƒ Business simulation Xperiences:Our learning Xperiences are themed and Learning through world-classbranded to excite and engage your people business simulation packages thatfrom beginning to end (that’s why we call this are contextualised to your businessedutainment). They combine self-directed, learning with the power of We currently stage a broad spectrum of uniquepersonal interaction and collaboration to both learning Xperiences for a variety of clients, fromeducate and empower participants along their government and blue-chip organisations rightlearning journey. We thread sensory stimulants through to small and medium enterprises.through our learning experiences to ensure thatthe one thing people won’t be, is unaffected. The LRMG Xperience 8
  10. 10. eLearning Xperiences ƒ GlobalEnglish: Web service that delivers personalised instructionSelf-directed learning is a fantastic way for your to develop business English andpeople to be in control of their development communication skills.progress while enhancing their performance.They can access their Xperience anytimefrom anywhere, so that they are completely Collaborative Learning Xperiencesempowered through the process. This type oflearning is cost-effective and produces great Many people learn best from, and with, others,results. so that more and more people are turning to one another to learn. We have adopted a new and„ Self-directed learning options: exciting method of learning, the collaborative ƒ Formal learning: Learners are directed learning Xperience, which encourages dialogue via a structured mix of eLearning, self- between participants after learning. study, reference material learning, reflection exercises and video learning. Our collaborative learning platforms provide This solution allows your people your people with the opportunity to engage to learn at their own pace towards in knowledge sharing and social learning. Our reaching their set goals, while the platform allows them to exchange factual, Xperience unfolds through their meaningful and relevant information. The result interaction with the material. is that they keep the Xperience alive and create new impactful learning. ƒ On-demand learning: This learning allows your people to search for Our learning Xperiences incorporate several what they want, when they want it – settings for collaborative learning: ensuring that they have the tools they „ Structured conversations: Talking about need at their fingertips in order to common goals and shared problems in perform in the workplace. order to create collective learning synergy.To ensure that our self-directed learning „ Communities of practice: People work with,Xperiences contend with the best in the world, learn from, and help one another to achievewe offer exclusive distribution and have the organisational goals.most extensive selection of eLearning materialavailable internationally. „ Coaching and mentoring: Workplace guides initiate conversations and provide„ Our content partners include industry wisdom and advice. leaders: „ Social learning: Wikis, blogs and ƒ Skillsoft: End-user, IT skills, soft and collaborative online platforms that keep business skills. participants ‘connected’ and enable ƒ Harvard Business Publishing: knowledge sharing. Leadership and management skills. ƒ Books 24x7: The world’s leading online books solution. ƒ Coastal: Medical and SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental) competencies. The LRMG Xperience 9
  11. 11. Accreditation Xperiences Our Xperience can be delivered in the following formats:In order to ensure that the overall quality oflearning and assessment in South Africa is „ eLearning: Deployed via CDs/intranet /maintained at a consistently high level, the Internet/mobile devices.South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) „ Paper-based:recommends that all corporate learning ƒ Facilitator, learner and assessmentdepartments be accredited by the relevant guides.Education & Training Quality Assurance Bodies(ETQA). ƒ Visual aids. ƒ Quick reference guides.Our team of accreditation consultants will workwith you to obtain your accreditation insignia „ Performance support tools.and to make it work for your organisation. You’llbe able to maximise both your BBBEE scorecard To create our unique Xperiences, we use thepoints and skills development grants, while following tools:offering learning that is nationally recognised. „ Worldwide Instructional Design System (WIDS).Our offerings: „ Adobe Flash.„ Provider accreditation. „ Adobe Dreamweaver.„ Programme approval. „ Adobe Presenter.„ Assessor and moderator training. „ Adobe Captivate.„ Accredited content development. „ Adobe Photoshop.„ BBBEE consulting for skills development. „ Adobe Illustrator. „ Adobe InDesign. „ Epiplex.Customised Courseware Xperiences „ Articulate.We know that one size doesn’t necessarily fit We align the Xperience with your existingall – your organisation has a unique shape and technology platform, and have worked withspecific growth goals. That’s why, when it comes Saba, SumTotal, Moodle, EKP, Oracle andto learning material, we understand that you need Cornerstone, among others.something special. We personalise and mould yourorganisational knowledge into material to suit yourunique needs and your brand identity.We offer customised Xperiences to improveyour people’s individual performance:„ Induction/On-boarding/Orientation programmes.„ Process training programmes.„ Product training programmes.„ System training programmes.„ Role-based training suites. The LRMG Xperience 10
  12. 12. Learning Resource Xperiences We’re the world’s largest provider of video/DVD content, and hold exclusive relationships with leading international video/DVD producers. The LRMG Xperience 11
  13. 13. Visual Xperiences The following digital file formats can be provided: Windows Media, Flash,Our visual Xperiences include inspirational and QuickTime, VCD and MPEG.motivational stories, documentaries, dramatisedtales and case studies that are accompanied by „ Playback via the Internet: This mediumcomprehensive facilitator and learner guides – is available for organisations that wantadding the magic of visuals, audio and personal individuals to view the content in theirexperience to your learning. own time from any computer. Employees can watch training material at their own pace, pausing and resuming at theirOur visuals division specialises in experiential convenience.‘off-the-shelf’ training resources from ourvast library. We cover subject matter for: Academic Xperiences„ Human Resource Development (soft skills).„ Safety, Health, Environment, Risk & Quality Our people Xperiences go beyond public and (SHERQ). private sector organisations - they extend into„ Education (tertiary institutions, libraries, the academic arena, equipping professionals schools). of the future for their careers. We have access to world-class library material that we shapeOur subject matter will: to suit your students’ needs, allowing them to„ Energise and engage your staff. enjoy an excellent learning Xperience.„ Enhance leadership potential.„ Increase communication skills and team Our learning content is: effectiveness. „ Generic.„ Keep you compliant with government „ Customisable. mandates. „ NQF-aligned.„ Save time and money through improved „ Vendor-approved. efficiency. We cover the following subject matter:„ Demonstrate best practices. „ Desktop applications (e.g. Microsoft Office,„ Motivate people. operating systems, etc.)„ Coach people. „ IT and certification (e.g. CompTIA, Microsoft,„ Keep new learning alive. C++, etc.)„ Keep up with organisational trends and „ Organisation and professional thinking. development (e.g. communication, finance and accounting, basic businessOur delivery options include: skills, etc.) „ Crisp (e.g. decision making, change„ Standard DVD: This delivery approach fits management, etc.) neatly with existing infrastructure and therefore remains a preferred medium Our excellent learning resources empower you that fits seamlessly into your training to enhance your employee knowledge and programme. wisdom. Through great learning, your people will remain effective and engaged, ensuring„ Streaming: Alternate digital file formats your organisation reaches great heights. for organisations that wish to deliver visual content via their own intranet. The LRMG Xperience 12
  14. 14. Technology Xperiences We know that technology platforms are thefuture of effective talent management. That’s why we supply world-class systems that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your talent management practices. The LRMG Xperience 13
  15. 15. Talent and Learning Management Virtual ClassroomSystems „ We also provide a virtual classroom„ We are the leading providers and solution, Saba Centra. Centra is a web- implementers of world-class Talent and based solution that enables online Learning Management Systems (LMS). learning that combines interactive virtual Our technology solutions cover the full training classrooms, online meetings and spectrum of talent management practices webinar platforms. Our clients use Saba – learning, talent, performance and reward Centra for a broad range of organisation- management. critical initiatives, including:„ We are the proud exclusive partners of three ƒ Enterprise software rollouts. Gartner-recognised people management ƒ Compliance training. technologies: ƒ Sales training. ƒ SumTotal Enterprise Suite. ƒ Product training. ƒ Saba Systems. ƒ Collaboration. ƒ Enterprise Knowledge Platform (EKP). ƒ Informational web seminars for„ We have an exciting hosted offering in the prospects. form of Talent 2.0, which is a software-as-a- service product provided by SumTotal. ƒ Ad hoc meetings for troubleshooting and problem solving.„ We have successfully implemented over 40 learning management systems for Our learning and technology Xperiences have large and medium organisations in Africa. proved to be successful across our large and growing client base.Authoring Tools ITManiaX„ We also provide clients with authoring tools and capability to develop their own „ We create memorable learning Xperiences content through the leading rapid content in Information Technology. ITManiaX development technologies: improves performance so that people who wish to advance in the IT field are ƒ Epiplex: A generation 3 simulation empowered to ‘dream IT ... believe IT .. do building technology. IT! ƒ Toolbook: A content authoring tool „ This innovative solution is an end-to-end (also part of SumTotal technology). service assessor, is skills-based, develops a ƒ Saba Publisher: A content authoring suitable course plan, and ensures support tool (also part of Saba technology). and resources throughout the process towards certification. The LRMG Xperience 14
  16. 16. Our ClientsWe’ve been meeting and „ ABSA Bank „ Mr Price „ Airports Company of „ Murray & Roberts exceeding our clients’ South Africa (ACSA) „ Nelson Mandela „ Auditor-General Metropolitan University dreams since 1997. „ Barclays Africa „ Nedbank „ British Petroleum (BP) „ NMMU Business School But you don’t have to „ Bytes Technology Group „ Old Mutual take our word for it „ Capitec Bank „ PriceWaterhouse Coopers „ Chevron „ Rio Tinto when it comes to our „ Coca-Cola „ Safcor Panalpina guarantee - here are „ Comair „ Sanlam „ Dimension Data „ Sasfin (just a handful of) our „ Discovery „ Sasolclients that keep coming „ Engen „ SA Sugar Association „ Exxaro „ South African Social back for more: Services Agency (SASSA) „ Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) „ State Information Technology Agency (SITA) „ Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) „ Telkom „ Independent Directorial „ The City of Cape Town Commission (IDC) „ The Department of Education „ Independent „ Tshwane University of Development Trust (IDT) Technology „ JD Group „ University of Johannesburg „ Kumba Iron Ore „ University of South Africa „ Medscheme (UNISA) „ Metropolitan „ University of the Free State „ MTN (SA & Africa) „ Vodacom „ MultiChoice „ Volkswagen SA The LRMG Xperience 15
  17. 17. Our Clients’ XperiencesGoverment: Enver Daniels Wits Enterprise: Dr Johan Swanepoel(Chief State Law Advisor) (Short Course Manager)“We were considering the fundamental overhauling “I hold LRMG in high regard due to theirof the way in which the Government of the Republic professionalism and service.”of South Africa is provided with high quality, reliableand professional legal services, so we turned to Auto Trader: Ronelle JamesLRMG for assistance. We were impressed with their (HR Manager)professionalism and ability to discern problems and “The expectation was met by LRMG. The Returnto identify solutions. I still consult LRMG’s reports on Expectation capability was exceptional.”and find the conclusions reached then to be asrelevant today.” MTN South Africa: Cornell Amorium (Learning and Development Consultant)SITA: Mavuso Msimang (Former CEO) “The LRMG team added lots of value. They“In working with LRMG, their professionalism was gave extra ideas, resources and generalevident in their innovative strategies, and in their recommendations. They go over and abovedeft execution. The delivery of the consultants’ normal expectations.”intervention received the overwhelmingendorsement of my staff. We were left with the ABSA: Dolly Sathekgeabiding memory of a focused and engaging (Divisional HR Business Partner)professional company, passionate about their “The LRMG team is highly competent andbusiness and ours.” professional. Unlike other providers they ensure their services are aligned to clients’ needs andMTNSP: Jacqui Kromberg continually access client satisfaction.”(Senior Manager: Learning SolutionsManagement) Sasfin Bank Limited: Naseema Fakir“Thank you so much for completing the project (Group HR Manager)I described to you last minute, in record time “LRMG has been a true partner is assisting Sasfinand with no mistakes. I really appreciate your to pilot their exciting new mentorship programme.attention to customer service and the quality of Their ready assistance, depth of experience, andthe work, as well as the urgency you and your ability to understand our organisation and itsstaff exhibited. It’s been a pleasure working with needs , has proved invaluable in making theyou and I look forward to many more happy programme a success. I have found them to becustomer service experiences.” professional and accessible: to my HR team, mentors and mentees alike. Most importantly,Volkswagen South Africa: Lisa Wilmot there has been positive feedback from participants(Production Academy Manager) regarding their ability to relate to the individuals“LRMG helped us with our strategy and has helped on the programme. I would recommend theirVW to become the benchmark in the industry.” services unreservedly.” The LRMG Xperience 16
  18. 18. Our Dream To positively shape the future of people and organisations. The LRMG Xperience 17
  19. 19. Our EmpowermentProfileLRMG is dedicated to empowerment and we are 51% black-owned. We have a certifiedAAA Empowerdex rating, and are a Level 2 contributor to BBBEE as per the DTI’s gazettedCodes of Good Practice.LRMG is also dedicated to empowering women in the workplace, and was nominatedas a finalist in the ‘Top Women Awards 2010’ for excellence in business and industry.Our shareholding 51% 49% 51% Black-owned 49% Other The LRMG Xperience 18
  20. 20. LRMG001/21/03/2011Did you know?In the spirit of living the dream, this document was put togetherby our in-house Design Studio and Marketing Department. Major contributors: Joanne Sharpe, Marketing and Brand Manager Joanne was involved in reworking our brand messaging and carefully crafted all the copy. She threaded her love for language and passion for words through each page that you have turned along the journey. For any further marketing information, contact her at: 87 941 5764. Carica Cox, Graphic Designer Carica wove her creativity, talent and keen eye for detail through every page that you’ve travelled along this journey. She’s a sensitive and sensational designer who adds a touch of magic to every layout that crosses her path. As Carica continues to blend learning material and art with her unique style, she yearns for more challenges. So why not add your Xperience to ours and allow her to bring out your greatest creativity.For more information, contact:Joanne Sharpe (Marketing and Brand Manager) East Africa, Kenya:Tel: +27 87 941 5764 ; E-mail: Tel: +254 20 367 3612Cell: +27 83 347 3667 Fax: +254 20 367 3230/1 Wilson Business Park, 2nd Floor – BlockJohannesburg: Bravo, Off Langata Road.Tel: +27 87 941 5764 PO Box 856-00606, Nairobi, KenyaFax: +27 87 942 2098/9International callers: +27 10 590 5764 LRMG has a certified AAA3rd Floor, 34 Whiteley Road, Empowerdex rating and is a Level 2Melrose Arch, 2196 contributor to BBBEE as per the DTI’sPO Box 98, The Woodlands, 2080   gazetted Codes of Good Practice.Cape Town: Visit our website: LRMG Performance AgencyTel:+27 21 200 5764 dream it ... believe it ... do it!Fax: +27 21 448 6377Park Building, Black River Park, 1 Fir Street,Observatory, 7925PO Box 13095, Mowbray, 7705The LR Management Group (Pty) Ltd. Company Registration Number: 1997/005978/07 | VAT Number: 4390166686