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What's That Paint Smell


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After a freshly painted room, the lingering smell of paint can be a bit unsettling. The good news is you can decide how long you’ll have to live with it. If you are tired of smelling toxic fumes while waiting for paint to dry, here are some of the best ways to help eliminate paint odor.

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What's That Paint Smell

  1. 1. VENTILATION Perhaps the simplest way to get rid of the paint smell in a freshly painted room is by making sure all windows are open and a fan is there to circulate the air. WATER A bucket of 1 to 3 gallons of water in the middle of the room can absorb solvent vapors and eliminate the smell almost overnight. However, be sure not to use the water for anything else afterward, as it will be contaminated. CHARCOAL Placing a basket containing wood charcoal in the room will help draw in and contain the paint fumes quickly. WHITE VINEGAR Fill a few bowls with white vinegar and place them in each corner of the room. The vinegar will help counteract the paint smell in a relatively short time. ONIONS Slicing an onion into quarters and putting them around the room can be effective for absorbing paint odor. SCENTED CANDLES If you light some scented candles and leave them in the room for a while, it may overwhelm the smell of paint. COFFEE Freshly ground coffee beans divided among a few small bowls and placed around the room will help eliminate the scent of paint faster than if you left the room alone. VANILLA EXTRACT Before painting the room, add a few drops of vanilla extract to the paint and mix it thoroughly. The result will be a more pleasant aroma while the paint dries. LEMON Adding lemon juice and salt to a bowl of water is another effective means of removing paint fumes from a room. BAKING SODA Open a few boxes of baking soda and leave them around the room for a day or so. What works well for removing funky odors in your fridge will do the same for your freshly painted room. AIR FRESHENER Spraying an air freshener into the room or using a plug-in air freshener can make a difference in a smaller room. VENTILATOR/MASK Wearing a face mask or ventilator will make it easier for you to work in a room with wet paint. The smell of fresh paint can be a major annoyance. Here are some simple tips to get rid of it faster. WHAT’S THAT PAINT SMELL