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In-app биллинг


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Презентация Орли Цесис с Nokia Developer Days 2012

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In-app биллинг

  1. 1. Orly TsesisDeveloper Account Manager | Nokia Internal Use Only
  2. 2. What’s the Difference Between Ad Solutions? Nokia Internal Use Only
  3. 3. Terminology• Ad Server : – Designed for publishers to run their own campaigns or self sold / direct campaigns from brands and agencies . The publisher becomes it’s own network• Ad Network – Utilize external server to service campaigns on publishers inventory Nokia Internal Use Only
  4. 4. Terminology 2• Mediation – Solution for a publisher to manage direct relations with multiple ad networks• Optimization – Solution for publishers to optimize based on performance [fill rate & CPM ] and engagement by CTR ad networks through the optimizer (SP) own relationship with the ad sources (as networks) Nokia Internal Use Only
  5. 5. Terminology 3• Direct – Brands: Collaboration with global brands to increase brand awareness and conversions through agencies – Publishers: Utilizing inneractive’s wide network to increase downloads and exposure for publishers. Nokia Internal Use Only
  6. 6. In-App Advertising 101• eCPM (Effective CPM) - Cost per 1000 impressions. From a publishers perspective, CPM is a useful way to compare revenue across different channels and advertising programs. eCPM=(Revenues/Impressions)X1,000• Ad Request - Each time a user open an app, he requests information from an ad server.• Impression - Number of audience exposed to a media schedule. Nokia Internal Use Only
  7. 7. In-App Advertising 102• Fill Rate - Percentage of customer or consumption orders satisfied from stock at hand. It is a measure of an inventorys ability to meet demand. Also called demand satisfaction rate.• CTR (Click Through Rate) - Percentage of a websites users (or visitors) who click on an advertisement to go to the advertisers site. Advertisers rate a website on the basis of its CTR which typically ranges from 1 to 3 percent. Also called ad click rate. Nokia Internal Use Only
  8. 8. App MonetizationEvolution Rich Virtual Hyper Display Search Local Media Currency Global Coverage | eCPM | Fill Rate | Resolution | Discovery | Integration | Signing| ORMMA | MRAID | Analytics | QA | SDKs | Local Targeting | OS | Nokia Internal Use Only
  9. 9. Inneractive App MonetizationExchange Search Display Virtual Currency Rich Media Hyper Local Nokia Internal Use Only
  10. 10. inneractive Global Inventory 22% 3% 21% EURASIA EUROPE N.AMERICA 25% ASIA PACIFIC 3% 17 AFRICA 1% S.AMERICA OCEANIA %* Percentage of Global Ad requests Nokia Internal Use Only
  11. 11. inneractive Global Inventory 18% 36% 25% EUR ASIA EUROPE N.AMERICA 18% ASIA 2% AFRICA 1% OCEANIA* Percentage of Global Ad requests Nokia Internal Use Only
  12. 12. inneractive Europe statsCountry Fill Rate CTR eCPMUK 93% 2.05% $1.98Germany 86% 1.25% $3.74France 95% 1.27% $1.26Italy 82% 1.84% $1.36Switzerland 100% 1.02% $2.65Russia 99% 2.33% $1.00Ukraine 77% 2.49% $0.85Turkey 100% 1.96% $0.54 Nokia Internal Use Only
  13. 13. inneractive European Based Ad Partners*selected partner Nokia Internal Use Only
  14. 14. Brands We Promote Nokia Internal Use Only
  15. 15. Success Study Pico Brothers“ Free apps with inneractive ads generate more revenues than paid apps. Leveraging this with Ovi Store we have a winner “ { Niklas Karlström, Pico Brothers } Ad Requests Impressions Fill Rate eCPM 49,109,816 40,469,224 83% $1.2 Nokia Internal Use Only
  16. 16. Case Study Handygames“ Since integrating the inneractive SDK, which was literally a few minute process, we are very pleased with our overall revenue, which we would have otherwise never seen as we work with inneractive on our free apps. in addition to the revenue, we are thrilled with the emphasis that inneractive places on the importance of user experience and our users “ have enjoyed the well targeted ads they encounter in our apps. {Christopher iKassulkes} Ad Requests Impressions Fill Rate % eCPM Net $ 27,202,523 20,334,737 75% $1.3 $25,941 Nokia Internal Use Only
  17. 17. Success Study Migital“ Since working with inneractive’s cross-platform and especially on OVI, we have been witnessing ongoing & growing figures with several of our applications. The fill rate and eCPM performance is makes us very happy to recommend inneractive to all developers around. Make Money on your Free Apps with Ads powered by Inneractive! “ {Manish Mahajan , Founder & CEO}Ad Requests Impressions Fill Rate CTR eCPM Net76,885,951 59,597,673 78% 7.4% $1.10 $65,834.57 All figures are Monthly Ave. Nokia Internal Use Only
  18. 18. Let’s StartMaking Money… Nokia Internal Use Only