Nokia in app payments for Asha developers


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Nokia In App Payment is designed from the ground up to encourage users to spend more on your digital goods, let you keep more of what your users spend, and reach the broadest possible market around the world. In-App Payment, also referred to as “Freemium” or “Free to Play” business model, helps you build apps with higher and recurring revenue compared to the “Pay to download” model. You can to attract a large user base with a free baseline experience and then extend the experience by offering digital content for sale. You can create and sell durable goods (for example new game levels) or consumable goods (for example weapons that expire or digital currency.) In this webinar you'll learn how to integrate In-App Payments into your apps with the help of Asha SDK and Nokia Publish.

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Nokia in app payments for Asha developers

  1. 1. NOKIA IN-APP PAYMENTS For Asha Developers (Public Beta) Michael Samarin Director, Developer Training and Evangelism Futurice @MichaelSamarin
  2. 2. ASHA IN-APP PAYMENTS SUMMARY • • • • • • Current Public Beta is available from Jan 24th, 2014 Functionality is a combination of the new Java Nokia In-App Payment Library and Nokia Store infrastructure Supports several Asha and Series 40 Platforms Supports both Durables and Consumables Supports testing in Emulator or real device without network connection This webinar is a summary of the developer guide at:
  3. 3. SUPPORTED PLATFORMS • All currently supported Nokia Java platforms: • • • • • • • Nokia Asha software platform 1.1 (i.e. Asha 503) Nokia Asha software platform 1.0 (i.e. Asha 501) Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (i.e. Asha 309) Series 40 Developer Platform 1.1 (i.e. Asha 210) Series 40 Developer Platform 1.0 (i.e. Asha 205 ) Series 40 6th Edition, Feature Pack 1 (i.e. Nokia 301) Series 40 6th Edition (i.e. Nokia C3-00)
  4. 4. BILLING • • • • • Consumers will be billed for their in-app payments through operator billing. Consumers do not need a Nokia account to make inapp payments. Nokia In-App Payment provides unparalleled access to 61 countries through 163 operator-billing relationships. Nokia In-App Payment supports billing using prepaid SIM cards where the operator allows it. Nokia In-App Payment does not support credit card billing.
  5. 5. ALLOWED CONTENT TYPES • • You can sell two types of digital content to consumers: • Durables (for example, a new level in a game) • Consumables (for example, virtual currency) You may not sell the following types of goods using Nokia In-App Payment: • Tickets to real-world events • Physical goods, such as food, clothing, or sports equipment • Physical merchandise in online auctions
  6. 6. SYSTEM COMPONENTS • Nokia In-App Payment Library, which is delivered as a JAR that you include in your apps. The library handles the communication between your apps and the Nokia In-App Payment Enabler. • The Nokia In-App Payment Enabler is a common component enabling inapp payments for all apps in the phone. It’s responsible for the payment processing and interaction with Nokia Store, and presents the user interface for payment transactions. It’s downloaded and installed using the Nokia InApp Payment Library. • Nokia Store provides the repository for product details and the mechanism for making payments through operator billing.
  7. 7. PROCESS FLOW (I) • Your app checks from Nokia In-App payment Library, if the Nokia In-App Payment Enabler is installed by calling isNPayAvailable. • Your app initiates a payment by calling the Nokia In-App Payment Library to obtain details of the available products and their price points. • The Nokia In-App Payment Library queries the app’s JAD for product and price point details and returns them to your app. • Your app then displays details of the items the consumer can purchase. The user selects the single item they wish to purchase. Your app then initiates the purchase, by passing the product Id to Nokia In-App Payment Library which in turn starts the In-App Payment Enabler.
  8. 8. PROCESS FLOW (II) • The In-App Payment Enabler now stops your app and handles the payment and verification process in conjunction with Nokia Store. If the purchase is for a restorable item purchased previously from this phone no payment request is initiated, otherwise a payment request is initiated and processed. • Once the purchase process has been completed by the Nokia Store server the Nokia In-App Payment Enabler receives status information on the payment, restarts your application and triggers a callback. The callback returns an object containing information about the purchase result. In case of a successful purchase, additional product data is included with the callback.
  9. 9. HANDS-ON DEMO Nokia In-App Payment (beta) – – – – Code Examples Nokia Publish Testing Purchases on Emulator Testing Purchases on Devices
  10. 10. THANK YOU!