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Nokia Asha idea to app - games for kids

If you have an idea for an Asha game for kids, join this webinar and learn about technical details that will help your project succeed. We will introduce and demonstrate Asha APIs for 2D and 3D graphics, sensors, music, sound, asset management and storage. We’ll also discuss game design, menu structures and how to tailor your UI for the age group you’re addressing.

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Nokia Asha idea to app - games for kids

  1. 1. NOKIA ASHA IDEA TO APP Games for Kids Michael Samarin Director, Developer Training and Evangelism Futurice @MichaelSamarin
  2. 2. BEFORE WE BEGIN… • • • This webinar is for beginner Asha game developers All information you need in order to start making games is available in Nokia Asha SDK 1.1: • IDE and Asha 50x Emulator • Complete 2D and 3D game examples • Extensive offline Help system with documentation on Java APIs and step-bystep developer guides We encourage you to download SDK and start experimenting:
  3. 3. ASHA GAMES FOR KIDS • • • • • • • It’s only about your Ideas … Understand your target age Understand Store Content Guidelines APIs for sound and music APIs for user input – touch and sensors APIs for persistence APIs for 2D and 3D graphics
  4. 4. MENU AND GAME CONTROLS • Avoid complex hierarchical menu structures • Remember about “Angry Birds” generation – in many cases text is not required in game menus • For Asha 500 series do not use concept of soft keys – design separately for keyboard based Asha • Do not invent complex in-game controls – use direct touch and accelerometer • Sound and music are as important as graphics – don’t make them annoying and too simple
  5. 5. MEDIA PLAYBACK • Following JSRs allow developers incorporating and controlling sound / music playback on Asha: • Mobile Media API (MM API) (JSR-135) • Advanced Multimedia Supplements API for J2ME (AMMS API) (JSR-234) • Both JSRs are available on all Asha devices, but with different capabilities
  6. 6. TOUCH • Single touch, part of MIDP • Only tracks 1st touch point • Multipoint Touch (Nokia API) • Tracks multiple touch points • Call-back for touch changes, but status available any time • Gestures recognition (Nokia API) • Tap, Long Press, Drag, Drop, Flick, Pinch
  7. 7. SENSORS • JSR 256 Sensor API • Optional Generic API: designed for battery, network status, also for temperature, blood pressure, etc. • Acceleration: –2g .. +2g, x / y / z axis • Double Tap: 1 .. 63, phone sides • Orientation: 0 .. 6, phone orientation
  8. 8. PERSISTENT STORAGE • Keeping data between game sessions • Extending game’s data or graphical assets (not code) beyond JAR file size limit • FileConnection API • Optional JSR-75, but available on all Series 40 devices • RecordStore (also known as RMS) • Part of MIDP specification • Both APIs operates on file system level, but with different abstraction layers. There are no performance benefits of using one vs. another, they are equally fast (or slow) – you should choose, according to your game needs
  9. 9. ASHA APIS FOR 2D AND 3D GRAPHICS • 2D Game Development • Game API, part of the MIDP 2.0 standard, java package: • LWUIT, available as SDK Plug-In, suitable especially for Puzzle games • 3D Game Development • Mobile 3D Graphics API, optional JSR184 also known as M3G
  10. 10. 2D GAME API • • • • • • Game API Package (MIDP): GameCanvas • Double buffered • Convenient for minimizing code of game loop • Methods for querying status of keys Layer • Abstract class, any visual game element LayerManager • Combines layers together, provides viewport Sprite • Animated game object TiledLayer • Game areas, backgrounds
  11. 11. LWUIT • • • • Comprehensive UI library • Use the rich set of easily customizable UI components, such as Table, Calendar, and HTML. Transitions and animations • Add animations to UI components and transitions between Forms using Animation Framework. UI and theme design • Use Asha themes or create custom themes. Create UIs and themes with Resource Editor. Layout management • Define Layouts, such as grid, table, and flow in code editor or using Resource Editor.
  12. 12. MOBILE 3D GRAPHICS API JSR-184 OR M3G • • • • • • • Object-Oriented 3D and Scene Graph based Very compact API with fast development Optimized for small memory and budget CPU Immediate mode • Similar to OpenGL ideology Retained mode • Scene Graph based Entire Scene Graph can be restored from file • Well defined M3G format Modes can be freely mixed
  13. 13. THANK YOU!