LWUIT for Nokia Asha app development


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This webinar presentation introduces the version of the Lightweight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT) optimised for Series 40. LWUIT makes it very easy to create compelling UIs for Nokia Series 40 phones, using a programming paradigm similar to Swing. If you don’t know what Swing means, don’t worry. Java expert Michael Samarin walks you through LWUIT features including transitions, animations, comprehensive UI components, layout management and Series 40 Themes support. In coding demons he shows you how to use the LWUIT Resource Editor and steps you through development tasks associated with making LWUIT-based Java apps for Series 40 phones.

Join the sessions:

* 17 April - 3pm UTC (8 a.m. San Francisco; 10 a.m. Mexico City; 4 p.m. London) http://forumnokia.adobeconnect.com/lwuit-asha-ssn2/event/event_info.html

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LWUIT for Nokia Asha app development

  1. 1. LWUIT for Nokia Asha AppDevelopmentMichael SamarinDirector,Developer Training and EvangelismFuturice
  2. 2. What is LWUIT• Lightweight UI Toolkit - as read in LWUIT Developer Guide: “widget library inspired by Swing but designed for constrained devices such as mobile phones and set-top boxes”.• Originally created by Chen Fishbein as internal project at Sun Microsystems, became open source at 2008. Shai Almog and Chen Fishbein for many years were the main driving force in LWUIT development, both currently at CodeNameOne.• LWUIT official home at Oracle, original source code:• http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javame/javamobile/dow nload/lwuit/index.html
  3. 3. LWUIT• Comprehensive UI library • Use the rich set of easily customizable UI components, such as Table, Calendar, and HTML.• Transitions and animations • Add animations to UI components and transitions between Forms using Animation Framework.• UI and theme design • Use Series 40 themes or create custom themes. Create UIs and themes with Resource Editor.• Layout management • Define Layouts, such as grid, table, and flow in code editor or using Resource Editor.
  4. 4. LWUIT for Series 40• Java ME version, highly optimized and customized for Nokia Series 40 platforms – memory, UI, new APIs.• Supported all form factors - Asha Full Touch, Touch-And-Type, non-Touch.• One of the most active and most downloaded Series 40 projects at Nokia Developer web site.• Included into Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java as plugin with comprehensive examples, latest version available through SDK Update.
  5. 5. LWUIT for Series 40 Links at Nokia Developer• LWUIT for Series 40 Project Home:• https://projects.developer.nokia.com/LWUIT_for_Series_40• LWUIT Developer Library and UX Guide:• http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Library/LWUIT/• Short demonstration video at Nokia Developer Channel on YouTube:• http://youtu.be/xu0UNJJPdYU
  6. 6. Examples included with Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java
  7. 7. HANDS-ON DEMOLWUIT Examples with Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java
  8. 8. Thank You!Want to learn more?www.developer.nokia.com Michael Samarin, Director of Developer Training and Evangelism, Futurice