Localising apps for new Nokia Asha phones


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This webinar explores how to approach localisation systematically, from both business and technical perspectives. Nokia’s Jure Sustersic and Get Localization’s , Jari Herrgård demonstrate how to efficiently localise your apps. They focus on apps for the new Nokia Asha phones, but also touch on how to use the same services and resources to localise your apps for Nokia Lumia phones. The Get Localization service, the Get Localization Sync plug-in for Nokia Asha SDK 1.0, and how to localise your apps by using your people, your community, and paid translators are covered.

Join the next live session on 25 Sep 2013, 3pm UTC, 8 a.m. San Francisco; 10 a.m. Mexico City; 4 p.m. London: http://forumnokia.adobeconnect.com/localise-ssn2/event/registration.html

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Localising apps for new Nokia Asha phones

  1. 1. LOCALIZING APPS FOR NEW NOKIA ASHA PHONES Jure Sustersic, Nokia Developer Jari Herrgård, Get Localization
  2. 2. CONTENTS Localization – why and how? Internationalization pointers Localization dos and don’ts Get Localization web interface Get Localization plugin for Asha SDK
  3. 3. SPEAKING LOCAL LANGUAGE PAYS OFF Case study: Developer’s App sales in Russia surge after localized version is launched Most of country downloads come from ”app exports” Case Study: Tripled downloads after localized content is introduced
  4. 4. APPROACH 1. Gather market insights and data (Store data, User feedback, external reports) 2. Define internationalization approach (single localized app, localized versions, english only, local content only) 3. Implementation of localization enablers (locale mgmt, metadata, strings & media separation) 4. Resource & Content translation 5. Launch 6. Results gathering and planning next cycle
  5. 5. ASHA LOCALIZATION CAPABILITIES Mobile Internationalization API – JSR 238 – App descriptor loc support Locale API – Detect user locale Localization auto-enable/template – Easily add internationalization enablers to a new/existing project – XML editor for localizing resources ResourceMaker - Localization data utility – XML-2-res converter for localizable resources
  6. 6. GET LOCALIZATION Smartest way to translate your app Integrate localization into your development process and manage translations efficiently. www.getlocalization.com
  7. 7. INTERNATIONALIZATION POINTERS Separate code from content Make images, date formats etc. also localizable Check your source content Have flexibility in the layout
  8. 8. LOCALIZATION DOS AND DON’TS Find the right translators Translate everything Help your translators Test
  9. 9. RESOURCES Nokia Developer Wiki: Localizing a Java app on the Asha software platform http://developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/Localizing_a_Java_app_on_the_Asha_software_platform Nokia Java Developer Library: Localization http://developer.nokia.com/Resources/Library/Java/#!developers-guides/localisation.html Get Localization: Localizing Asha & Series 40 apps using Get Localization http://blog.getlocalization.com/2013/03/11/localizing-nokia-java-series-40-asha-apps/
  10. 10. THANK YOU