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Nokia In App Payment is designed from the ground up to encourage users to spend more on your digital goods, let you keep more of what your users spend, and reach the broadest possible market around the world. In-App Payment, also referred to as the “Freemium” or “Free to Play” business model, helps you build apps with higher and recurring revenue compared to the “Pay to download” model. You can to attract a large user base with a free baseline experience and then extend the experience by offering digital content for sale. You can create and sell durable goods (for example new game levels) or consumable goods (for example weapons that expire or digital currency.) Join this webinar to learn how to integrate In-App Payments into your apps for Nokia X with the help of Nokia X SDK plug-in and Nokia Publish.

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In-App payments for Nokia X software platform

  1. 1. Nokia In-App Payment
  2. 2. NOKIA X IN APP PAYMENT Benefits • Familiar, safe & localized purchasing experience • Easy to port to, integrate and maintain • Single click payment using Operator billing • 70/30 gross split • Advanced transaction analytics integrated into your Nokia Store Dashboard Available now: operators-for-nokia-x-software-platform.html Guide for publishing in China:
  3. 3. • Nokia In-App Payment offers simple, seamless integration of a payment event into an app published on Nokia Store. • The key features of Nokia In-App Payment are: • Requesting details of purchasable products. • Initiating the purchase flow. • Marking products as consumed from the app. • Requesting details of already purchased products. NOKIA IN-APP PAYMENT API
  4. 4. • Nokia In-App Payment interface (INokiaIAPService.aidl) handles the communication between your apps and the Nokia In-App Payment Enabler. • The Nokia In-App Payment Enabler is responsible for the payment processing and interaction with Nokia Store. It also implements all UIs for payment transactions. • Nokia Store provides the repository with product details and the mechanism for making the payment through operator billing. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION
  5. 5. 1. App sends isBillingSupported request to INokiaIAPService to determine whether the billing is supported on the device. 2. App checks Nokia Store for details on which products are available for purchase from the app. 3. If there are products which are not already owned by the user, then the App can initiate In-App Payment for them. 4. Consume the product, if the product is meant to be consumable – for example, in-game currency. 5. Once the process has completed, it is the app's responsibility to unlock or download, persistently store, and protect the purchased product. PROCESS FLOW EXAMPLE
  7. 7. For testing, you can use special test IDs which are not causing real payments, but enable full interaction with the Nokia Store server NOKIA X TESTING NIAP Test Product id Title Description Outcome 1023608 nPay Level 1 NPayDemoLevel_1 success 1023609 nPay Level 2 NPayDemoLevel_2 success 1023610 nPay Level 3 NPayDemoLevel_3 success 1023611 - 20 nPay Level 4-13 NPayDemoLevel_4 .. _13 success 1023621 nPay Level 14 NPayDemoLevel_14 success 1023622 nPay Level 15 NPayDemoLevel_15 success 1023623 nPay Level 16 NPayDemoRestorable restore 1023624 nPay Level 17 NPayDemoRestorationDeviceLimitExceeded fail 1023625 nPay Level 18 NPayDemoUnknownProduct fail 1023626 nPay Level 19 NPayDemoFail fail
  8. 8. PORTING TO NOKIA IN-APP PAYMENT Existing applications can be easily ported from Google In-App Billing to Nokia In-App Payment. The interaction with Nokia In-App Payment enabler component is done through the AIDL interface, which offers a similar development approach to Google In-App Billing API. The differences between method signatures and returned data are covered in this document. The terminology Nokia In-App Payment uses is different compared to the one used by Google In-App Billing. While Google uses the term SKU, Nokia In-App Payment simply uses the terms Product and product id, to refer to goods at Nokia Store. Porting a Google In-App Billing application so that it uses Nokia In-App Payment requires that you: • Create products to Nokia Store's backend as described in the Getting started guide. • Replace the Google In App Billing AIDL file with the Nokia In-App Payment AIDL file. • Refactor the application's source code to match Nokia In-App Payment API. • Test the application with Nokia-In App payment Test IDs.
  9. 9. Nokia X In-App Payment Guides: Code samples Capture the Flag game is a Nokia example application demonstrating the use of Nokia services on Nokia X software platform: HERE Maps, Nokia Notifications and Nokia In-App Payment. How to port an app from Google Play In-App Billing to Nokia In-App Payments DEVELOPER RESOURCES
  10. 10. Thanks!