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Ask The Expert: Games for Series 40


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In this Ask the Expert session, expert developer Michael Samarin of Futurice answers your questions about game development for Series 40 phones from Nokia. He covers 2D vs. 3D game development; graphics; audio techniques; game performance; character and level design; and more.

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Ask The Expert: Games for Series 40

  1. 1. ASK THE EXPERT:GAMES FOR SERIES 40 PHONESMichael SamarinDirector,Developer Training and EvangelismFuturice
  2. 2. INTERACTIVE SESSION• This is special webinar “Ask the Expert” on all things related to building games for Series 40• It is interactive, and your questions are driving discussion• You can ask questions right now in the chat window, or for future sessions send your questions in advance to• Today, we will go first through questions we have received and F.A.Q. and then will switch to interactive mode
  3. 3. MULTI-DEVICE STRATEGY• Question:• How to deal with deployment to multiple devices with different screen sizes and different user input? Multiple builds or single universal build?
  4. 4. GRAPHICAL APIS• Question:• What are the actual graphical APIs developers should use for 2D and 3D game development?
  5. 5. SOUND APIS AND MUSIC• Question:• What are the APIs for playing music and sounds in games? What are the audio formats supported?
  6. 6. PERFORMANCE• Question:• What kind of gaming performance (FPS) we can expect from various Series 40 devices?
  7. 7. EXAMPLES• Question:• Where do we get gaming examples for most recent Series 40 devices, especially Full Touch Asha?
  8. 8. THANK YOU!Want to learn more? Michael Samarin, Director of Developer Training and Evangelism, Futurice