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The Great Truffle Shuffle UX Kerfuffle | Digital Gaggle October 2016 Conference


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These are the slides from Pat Wood's talk at the October 2016 Digital Gaggle Conference. Pat is the Founder and MD of TruffleShuffle, an online retailer of retro t-shirts, gifts and accessories.

Talk Summary: Flashback 12 years and the website is a far cry from the version you’ll see today. Originally written in HTML (in Notepad!) after a drunken night out, Pat Wood’s e-commerce site has gone through four redesigns in 12 years and been A/B tested more times than you’ve had hot dinners. With a non-responsive website and most of his traffic coming from mobile, Pat knew he needed to improve the UX for his growing customer base. In his talk, Pat will take us on the TruffleShuffle journey and explain how, with the help of a Bristol-based Agency, he quickly became a UX convert.

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The Great Truffle Shuffle UX Kerfuffle | Digital Gaggle October 2016 Conference

  1. 1. Conversion Rate Average Basket Revenue Per Visit 1.64%  2.56% +56% £27.68  £25.04 -10% £0.45  £0.64 +42% 2.24%  2.70% +21% £29.07  £30.80 +6% £0.71  £0.89 +26% 2.90%  2.85% -2% £30.81  £31.78 +3% £0.89  £0.90 +1%
  2. 2. +£10,701 +£90,298 +£215,410 +£316,40
  3. 3. • Analyse poor value pages WHY ARE THEY SHIT? • Analyse poorly converting products WHY AREN’T THEY SHIFTING? • Know your customer and what they want from you IS YOUR BRAND AND WEBSITE NURTURING THE CUSTOMER, ARE THEY GETTING WHAT THEY NEED? • Know what your team can do to improve things DON’T PAY FOR SOMEONE TO DO A JOB YOU GUYS CAN DO BETTER, YOU’LL ONLY BE DISAPPOINTED! • Identify areas where outside help will add value
  4. 4. That’s it! . Prove me right, prove me wrong? 25% discount code valid TODAY ONLY Enter discount code GAGGLE in your basket 