Social Media Strategy for Mozilla Drumbeat


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a "so called" strategy for Mozilla Drumbeat social media presence.
Work proposal draft 0.1

authors: Carlo Frinolli @ nois3lab, Lorenzo Cassulo @ 15multimedia

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Social Media Strategy for Mozilla Drumbeat

  1. 1. Mozilla Drumbeat Social Media Plan tools, instruments, strategies and people to get a social Drumbeat Carlo Frinolli, Lorenzo Cassulo version 0.1 [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  2. 2. We, the web. The web in 2010 is made by people. Zillion of contents uploaded every hour in bunches of different platforms. The web talks about you. The web is you. [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  3. 3. Mozilla mission Mozilla is a worldwide Open Foundation since 1998. Its main goal is to encourage participation to build, guard, promote and protect a better internet. “Get more people involved in building a better, more open internet.” safeguard promote protect [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  4. 4. Ok, so what is Drumbeat? According to Mozilla mission, Mozilla Drumbeat is focused on participation. It’s about connecting experiences and sharing knowledge, and exchanging ideas to get hands on projects. As the web is you, your participation is needed to get the project real. Mozilla Drumbeat at his simplest is about participation and connections becoming real projects. [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  5. 5. In a nutshell... “We must use the generativity of the net to create a constituency that will protect and nurture it.” (J.Zittrain) Mozilla Drumbeat is about people with an attitude to the OPEN WEB. it helps people like us sharing ideas and projects. it helps projects with that approach to become real it is a community of communities and people who are focused on OPEN WEB it spreads the OPEN WEB [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  6. 6. Setup, build, spread IMPROVING THE DRUMBEAT BUZZWORD [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  7. 7. Drumbeat Social Media Strategy Goals and objectives As Drumbeat’s main goal is to gather participation to stimulate and nurture Internet generativity, we need to take care of Social Media. In 2009 social media activities took over all the rest of Internet activities. “Places” like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (...) are containers of audiences we want to get in touch with. At the same time, we want to promote open alternatives to such platforms. [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  8. 8. A so called “strategy” Drumbeat doesn’t reinvent the wheel. People, ideas, projects and communities about the open web it’s not our invention, they already exist. Thus Drumbeat has to connect with them, and gather topics, build relationships and add value to the global conversation. We plan a three steps strategy: Setup Build Spread [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  9. 9. The steps Setup Setup properly Drumbeat Social Media presence Link different accounts between each others Build Connect with active people in open web topics Aggregate and create interesting contents for Drumbeat network (this goes through selecting feeds and websites that make sense in terms of topics we’d love to speak about) Spread Share, reshare and comment interesting contents that we want in the loop Link Drumbeat activity to Social Media (web, events, community) [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  10. 10. Engage and promote Spreading Mozilla Drumbeat word is our primary scope. Thus using closed and “proprietary” tools like Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Doing so we can use those “places” as huge mirrors to promote and diffuse the open alternatives to them. Some people may find those alternatives more interesting than the closed ones and will move towards. [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  11. 11. Setup As the social media already swarm of people involved into OPEN WEB, the first step is to setup an effective social media presence for Mozilla Drumbeat. website RSS feed YouTube, Vimeo... news, comments and activities for teasers and video: let’s go viral! Facebook FriendFeed fan page and group account and group (and Flickr, Picasa w/ twitter account and lists Pictures from us and the web LinkedIn Delicious group and discussions Social bookmarking of valuable links Google Buzz, Reader Slideshare status updates, aggregation and feeds sharing presentations and documents OpenID distributed sign-in [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  12. 12. Linking social profiles RSS google reader valuable sources Twitter, At the very beginning we will have microblogging and lists or groups 3 main platforms on which we’re twitterfeed going to promote Drumbeat. Website/RSS autoshare Videos, screencasts teasers, and howtos autoshare Facebook twitterfeed autoshare autoshare Delicious valuable links autoshare LinkedIn Our main goal is to link all this Group and autoshare profile and add value to the discussions conversation outside the website. autoshare Then we can ignite conversations autoshare directly from the website itself. Facebook Flickr, Picasa fan page and group Pictures from us and from events [www] FriendFeed [@] profile and group [ph.] +390695557019
  13. 13. Build, visually third step SPREAD THE ATTITUDE! second step interested in open web, involved into related topics some Drumbeat attitude first step interested in open web actively promoting it lot of Drumbeat attitude [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  14. 14. Build First step connecting with people interested into OpenWeb, very active in promoting it, with a lot of Drumbeat attitude the “trend” setters Second step connecting with people somehow interested in OpenWeb, somehow involved into related topics, with some Drumbeat attitude the “infected” Third step SPREAD THE DRUMBEAT ATTITUDE the “target” [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  15. 15. Spreading the word The most delicate part of all the “strategy”. As soon as we get the critical mass built we can add value exporting topics and conversations actually happening into Drumbeat to social media. And, building this network outside Drumbeat, we can engage and bring more people to Drumbeat. Plus Drumbeat is not a unique entity. It’s much more of a meta entity. [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  16. 16. From crowdsourcing to crowdcasting Drumbeat is somehow a metacommunity of Projects, people and ideas. Each project will have a community growing around itself, gathering people and ideas. This is the basic for crowdsourcing projects like Drumbeat. But the global conversation taking place on social media can help the projects’ communities growing as well. Hence this strategy is a key to transform crowdsourcing in crowdcasting about a projects, people and ideas. [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  17. 17. Crowdcasting: how to start? Project submission is the birth of project in Drumbeat. Here the project initiator will have the chance to link or create social media accounts - + + that matter to us. project submission i.e. account and an fieldname check to ... FORM TITLE fieldname check to ... - “RDX Wall Art: The Making Of” FORM SUBTITLE iand new short documentary Default Text iand new short isa new short group where all the fieldname Field Text - isa new short documentary menu Black Text - highlighting iand new sho fieldname documentary Field Text - some of the pioneers updates will be posted and then fieldname menu highlighting iand new sho more ... fieldname menu - “RDX Wall Art: The Making Of” iand new short spread allover the status- fieldname documentary iand new short isa new short fieldname - isa new short documentary - highlighting iand new sho sphere. documentary fieldname - some of the pioneers highlighting iand new sho fieldname more ... fieldname SMALL MEDIUM LARGE EDIT ADD DELETE... check to confirm delete [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  18. 18. Spread Share, reshare and comment As we selected sources which are helpful in Drumbeat’s mission, we need to get the infection started. Hence what has to be done is to retweet, reblog and comment the content, giving follow-ups to people who participate and helping the conversation growing. Link Drumbeat activity to Social Media As our goal is to bring people and engagement in order to get ideas flowing and hands ready to hack on Drumbeat, what is crucial is to talk about all of the activities that are related to Drumbeat. publish Slides, videos and drafts of the Projects. promote, report and talk about Drumbeat events, in a nice and informal way promote, review and report about other open initiatives and start cooperation with follow ups. [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  19. 19. Tracking, tracking, tracking! [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  20. 20. Once spread have to track! Once you get the spreading done and going, it’s important to understand how the engagement work with users. Thus a small best practice list: write in a non-ambiguous way so that people are encouraged to engage read and undestand website stats use just one URl shortener to track results (i.e. [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  21. 21. Future possibilities WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA WILL BE TO DRUMBEAT SOON [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  22. 22. What’s then? Once the website is in a beta release, we can make some thinking on how we can integrate these social flows inside it. 1. Data portability whenever this is possible we need to avoid duplication for data, and need to port them where they are needed (i.e. CV Resume imported from LinkedIn) 2. Single Sign on (SSO) Using this open standard (or the open stack - openid, OAuth, etc) we get webwide authentications for federated services 3. Open Mash up for data If all of these conditions will be available what Drumbeat can be, is a huge mashup of online social and nonsocial services. [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019
  23. 23. Contacts nois3lab s.n.c. Carlo Frinolli Puzzilli 15multimedia Lorenzo Cassulo [www] [@] [ph.] +390695557019