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[en] nois3lab resume

  1. 1. who | what | where | why VISUAL STYLEGUIDE
  2. 2. WHO
  3. 3. nois3lab was born seven years ago, when its founders decided to share their experience in the fields of communication and web-related issues. Thus, they included in one structure all the professional skills and means needed in order to develop products which are highly effective, creative and, most of all, always innovative, with a special focus on the world of Free Software, seen as an opportunity and as a strategic choice, anticipating its city institutional trends. Thus it was prized by City of Rome for its Open Source and Free Software nature. Thanks to that in 2009 nois3lab has been officially invited to join Mozilla Communities and becomes Drupal Member. presentation | who 3
  4. 4. WHAT
  5. 5. For us at nois3lab, communication is not a one-way process, but a way of stimulating the senses of those we are addressing, with whom we build a world of meanings generated by continuous interaction. Ideas become methods. And the wish to unveil and to know becomes a thirst for knowledge. nois3lab achieves all this by placing its All Media Agency nature at the heart of its activity, and by replacing the widespread passive attitude towards the market with an active attitude based on an immediate and perfectly unmistakable identifiability of its work. presentation | what 5
  6. 6. WHERE
  7. 7. Everywhere! In every human drive, in each communicative nerve centre. In radios and televisions. Online and offline. In all services available in the Web. By treating the spreading digital schizophrenia. By optimizing and saving. By updating customers’ identity and making it long-lived. By capturing our target, and by focusing on an analysis which is aimed at offering a consistent and accurate communication strategy. Forever. presentation | where 7
  8. 8. WHY
  9. 9. Knowledge is thoroughness, progress and sharing. The effect is an improvement in the efficacy and stability of one’s image, ideas and products. nois3lab thus becomes an ideal partner for those who wish to develop their business and feedback by investing in new information technologies, and by creating together with us an original, creative and cutting edge product. By applying your needs to our suggestions, we always grant high-level customization. presentation | why 9
  10. 10. HOW (1/2)
  11. 11. Advertising Development of concepts, design and implementation of advertising campaigns by means of tools such as: · Above The Line · Below The Line · Marketing » Social » Viral » Guerrilla · Proximity marketing (Direct communication services using alternative media potentialities by means of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies) · Tv and Radio Commercial (concept and implementation of commercials) · Direct Marketing · Social communication (concept and implementation of public service announcements launched by public or private agencies) · Positioning (positioning of relevant products in the most adequate media contexts) presentation | how 11
  12. 12. HOW (2/2)
  13. 13. Corporate identity Concept, design and implementation of striking, recognizable and unique graphic identities for our customers. · Brand identity · Graphic Design · Offline materials Interactive design Concept, design and implementation of advanced and interactive applications and platforms such as: · Blogs · Web applications · Mashups with different 2.0 services (e.g. Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr) presentation | how 13
  14. 14. SOME CLIENTS (1/3)
  15. 15. Mozilla Drumbeat 2010 projecting, designing and usability consultancy www.mozilla.org/drumbeat 15multimedia 2010 corporate identity, webdesign and offline materials www.15multimedia.it Mozilla Firefox 2009 light guerrilla marketing www.flickr.com/photos/nois3lab GOOM Radio 2009 UI implementation lead www,goomradio.com Casa editrice Ediesse 2009 graphic identity, IA design, web design and e-commerce www.ediesseonline.it presentation | clienti 15
  16. 16. SOME CLIENTS (2/3)
  17. 17. ABIT COOP 2008 Project and web identity, offline materials Borghi di Lerca 2008 Project and web identity, offline materials www.borghidilerca.com fio.PSD 2008 Project and web identity www.fiopsd.com EGOAGOSYS s.r.l. 2008 Corporate identity Diciannove soc. coop. 2007-2009 Project and web identity Comune di Roma 2007 Restyling for Autopromozionesociale.it and implementation www.autopromozionesociale.it presentazione | clienti 17
  18. 18. SOME CLIENTS (3/3)
  19. 19. Kiklos by The Gate 2007 Project and web identity, offline materials www.kgrecia.it Tekfestival 2005-2007 Project and web identity Critical Book&Wine 2005 Project and web identity, offline materials The Gate 2005 Project and web identity, offline materials DeriveApprodi 2004 Project and web identity, e-commerce www.deriveapprodi.org Gianluca Garofalo 2003 Project and web identity presentazione | clienti 19
  20. 20. [www] http://nois3lab.it [@] info@nois3lab.it [address] via Mario Cingolani 18 - 00155 Roma [phone#] +390695557019 [fanpage] http://facebook.com/nois3lab.n3 [tweets] http://twitter.com/nois3lab presentazione | contacts
  21. 21. disclaimer This presentation is © nois3lab. nois3lab then release it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Italy. presentazione | disclaimer 21