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Water & peace a challenge to rotarians


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Rotary Conference at UNESCO 2012
Session on Water and Peace
Rotary & Water by Ron Denham, chairman of the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group

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Water & peace a challenge to rotarians

  1. 1. Water & Peace:A challenge toRotarians Ron Denham, Chair Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action GroupJim Goodrich, President, Rotary Club of Groveland, CA March 2012
  2. 2. How can there be Peace with suchdisparity? • 900 million people (one in six) are denied access to safe water • 2.5 billion have no safe sanitation • We who have water, pollute and waste indiscriminately
  3. 3. Or, when lack of safe water andsanitation leads to:• 8,000 people dying every day• 250 children dying every hour• 50% of African hospital beds being filled with water-related cases
  4. 4. Or, when:• African women spend 40 billion hours annually collecting and hauling water.• Women and children (usually girls) spend up to six hours per day fetching water.• Families spend up to 25% of their income to purchase water.• Slum dwellers pay ten times more for their water than the upper classes!!!
  5. 5. What can be expected, when in:• Sub-Saharan Africa 47%• East Asia 29%• South Asia 28%• Middle-East 18%• Latin America 18%are denied access to these essentialsof life?
  6. 6. “Many of today’s conflicts around theworld are being fuelled by watershortages… Increasingly, fights areerupting over such basic human needs aswater and arable land. Ban Ki-moon, February, 2008
  7. 7. For example:• 300,000 farmers in Orissa demonstrate against water allocation.• Israel and Palestine dispute over aquifers.• Coca-Cola v. the people (Kerala)• Riots over water allocation in Tamil Nadu• International disputes within watersheds• Egypt v. Sudan vs. Ethiopia over the Nile
  8. 8. Rotarians’ WASH projects are bringingpeace to many communities: Country Projects India 212 Indonesia 35 Philippines 50 Thailand 38 Other 90 Country ProjectsCountry Projects Burkina Faso 5Bolivia 12 Cameroun 9Dom. Rep. 17 Ghana 25Ecuador 32 Kenya 55Guatemala 25 Malawi 10Haiti 27 Nigeria 21Honduras 51 South Africa 27Mexico 55 Tanzania 15Nicaragua 11 Uganda 58Peru 18 Zambia 29Other 57 Other 100
  9. 9. They are responding to every imaginable need: Bore holesDug wells
  10. 10. Rainwater harvesting Household filters and purification
  11. 11. SODIS(Solar Water Disinfection)
  12. 12. Building earth andconcrete dams Installing pipelines/ distribution systems
  13. 13. ksToilet bloc Latrines
  14. 14. In Togo Rotarians brought peace wherepreviously there was hostility:• Insufficient water had led to conflict.• With Rotarian guidance, local people dug wells.• Women shared in the inauguration with libations and thanks to ancestors and to God.• Availability of sufficient water eliminated conflicts; peace prevailed
  15. 15. A Rotarian-created oasis in Haiti enabled thecommunity to resist guerrillas:• Land was flooded to make way for a power plant.• Farmers were forced up the mountain where they starved.• Rotarians helped install a hydraulic pump system.• Community became self-sufficient – able to resist Haitian guerrillas• The area has experienced sustained growth, other areas have floundered.
  16. 16. Quality of life for Indian villagers dramaticallyimproved by a Rotary water project:• A community eked out a bare existence growing rice, taking advantage of the monsoon rains.• The Rotary club of Mumbai built check dams, stopped the water and recharged the wells.• Villagers now grow three high-value cash crops.• This prosperity enabled the community to open a clinic and launch micro-businesses – the community is at peace.
  17. 17. A Rotary water-based development program inKenya brought peace to the community: • The women of Nakuru trekked miles for water each day. • The local Rotary club helped the community to launch a rainwater harvesting program. • Obliged to share resources and work together, the villagers cooperated to install the systems. • Harmony replaced hostility; communities are at peace.
  18. 18. Rotary irrigation project in AndhraPradesh brought peace to the village:• 5000 villagers in perpetual conflict over shortage of resources.• Rotarians met with community leaders and agreed on the real needs.• Result: an $80,000 irrigation scheme bringing water to 300 acres and benefitting 100 families.• Peace came with Rotary intervention in a community water project.
  19. 19. Rotarians bring peace to communitiesbecause they take a “bottom-up,holistic approach:• Focus on helping the community, not just supplying water and sanitation.• Understand and build on local culture.• Involve ALL stakeholders – especially women.• Empower the community• Ensure sustainability
  20. 20. You can help to bring peace to theworld: Click on: www.wasrag.orgJoin thousands of Rotarians improvinglife and livelihood through theprovision of safe water andsanitation!!!