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OpenStack Central and Eastern European presentation on the CERN status.

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  • Over 1,600 magnets lowered down shafts and cooled to -271 C to become superconducting. Two beam pipes, vacuum 10 times less than the moon
  • The Worldwide LHC Computing grid is used to record and analyse this data. The grid currently runs over 2 million jobs/day, less than 10% of the work is done at CERN. There is an agreed set of protocols for running jobs, data distribution and accounting between all the sites which co-operate in order to support the physicists across the globe.
  • 20130529 openstack cee_day_v6

    1. 1. Tim Belltim.bell@cern.ch29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 2
    2. 2. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 3CERN was founded 1954: 12 European States“Science for Peace”Today: 20 Member StatesMember States: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the CzechRepublic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, theNetherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerlandandthe United KingdomCandidate for Accession: RomaniaAssociate Members in Pre-Stage to Membership: Israel, SerbiaApplicant States for Membership or Associate Membership:Brazil, Cyprus (awaiting ratification), Pakistan, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, UkraineObservers to Council: India, Japan, Russia, Turkey, United States of America;European Commission and UNESCO~ 2,300 staff~ 1,000 other paid personnel> 11,000 usersBudget (2013) ~1,000 MCHF
    3. 3. What are the Origins of Mass ?29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 4
    4. 4. Matter/Anti Matter Symmetric?29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 5
    5. 5. Where is 95% of the Universe?29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 6
    6. 6. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 7
    7. 7. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 8
    8. 8. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 9
    9. 9. Collisions29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 10
    10. 10. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 11July 4, 2012
    11. 11. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 12
    12. 12. OpenStack London December2012Tim Bell, CERN 13Tier-1 (11 centres):•Permanent storage•Re-processing•AnalysisTier-0 (CERN):•Data recording•Initial data reconstruction•Data distributionTier-2 (~200 centres):• Simulation• End-user analysis• Data is recorded at CERN and Tier-1s and analysed in the Worldwide LHCComputing Grid• In a normal day, the grid provides 100,000 CPU days executing over 2 million jobs
    13. 13. The CERN Meyrin Data Centre29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 14
    14. 14. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 15
    15. 15. A Big Data Challenge29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 16• Nearly 100PB storage today• LHC produces up to35PB/year today• Peaks of 25GB/second• Data rates double in 2015• Experiments will run for 20years and data needs to bepreserved• Exabytes of storage tomaintain….
    16. 16. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 17
    17. 17. New Data Centre Approved29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 18• Data centre in Geneva atthe limit of electrical andcooling capacity at 3.5MW• New centre chosen inBudapest, Hungary• Additional 2.7MW ofusable power• Local on-site support forhardware maintenanceand installations
    18. 18. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 19
    19. 19. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 20
    20. 20. Good News, Bad News• Additional data centre in Budapest now online• Increasing users of CERN’s facilities and highercomputing requirements as data rates increase• Staff numbers are fixed, no more people• Materials budget decreasing, no more money• Legacy tools are high maintenance and brittleHow do we maximise our computing resources withinthese constraints ?29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 21
    21. 21. Approach29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 22• Remodel IT services on Cloud layered models• IaaS, PaaS, SaaS• Move to commonly used open source tools• Focus on strong communities and momentum• Implement clouds at scale• Aim for 90% infrastructure virtualised• Exploit ecosystem solutions rather than writing fromscratch
    22. 22. 29/05/2013BambooKoji, MockAIMS/PXEForemanYum repoPulpPuppet-DBmcollective, yumJIRALemon /Hadoop /LogStash /KibanagitOpenStackNovaHardwaredatabasePuppetActive Directory /LDAP
    23. 23. Training for Newcomers29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 24Buy the book rather than guru mentoring
    24. 24. Job Opportunities29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 25
    25. 25. Service Models29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 26• Pets are given names like pussinboots.cern.ch• They are unique, lovingly hand raised and cared for• When they get ill, you nurse them back to health• Cattle are given numbers like vm0042.cern.ch• They are almost identical to other cattle• When they get ill, you get another one
    26. 26. CERN Status• IT OpenStack Cloud• Running Folsom around 500 hypervisors on KVM and Hyper-V• High availability components using load balancing• All Puppet managed to configure OpenStack• Over 100 users creating up to 300 new VMs/day• Cattle service level only• LHC experiment farms• CMS currently running 1,300 hypervisors with 50,000 cores• ATLAS starting to ramp up to a similar size• Other science grid sites moving to private cloud on OpenStack• Brookhaven, IN2P3, FutureGrid, NeCTAR, IHEP, …29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 27
    27. 27. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 28Microsoft ActiveDirectoryCERN DBon DemandCERN NetworkDatabaseAccount mgmtsystemHorizonKeystoneNetworkComputeGlanceSchedulerCinderNovaBlock StorageProvider
    28. 28. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 29http://www.eucalyptus.com/blog/2013/04/02/cy13-q1-community-analysis-%E2%80%94-openstack-vs-opennebula-vs-eucalyptus-vs-cloudstack
    29. 29. 29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 30
    30. 30. Preproduction Service29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 31
    31. 31. Outlook• Track stable Grizzly releases in RedHat EPEL• Up to date but not too close to the leading edge• Scaling• Expect 15,000 hypervisors, 150,000 VMs by 2015• Manageability• Metering, Orchestration with Heat, Bare Metal• Functionality• Load Balancing, High Availability Storage and Pets29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 32
    32. 32. High Energy Physics Clouds29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 33Long-term preservationof software and data ofHEP experimentsUtilize specialcomputing resourcesattached to thedetectorsSimplify the managementof heterogeneous in-house resourcesUse commercialclouds for exceptionalcomputing demandsDistributed cloudcomputing using HEPand non-HEP clouds
    33. 33. What have we learnt?• Automate everything from the beginning• Stackforge community projects are a great help• Distributions and appliances make getting started much easier• Constant rate of change requires a different approach• Focus on core technologies and keep up to date• Track new projects but don’t adopt too early unless strategic• Many of our users are cloud aware• Culture changes for legacy application coding and IT services• Communities are major motivators• Staff approach needs to change to adapt rather than re-invent29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 34
    34. 34. Conclusions• CERN IT is re-engineering to deliveradditional capacity to 11,000 physicistswithin fixed resources• Clouds models can simplify current largescale computing infrastructure• OpenStack and its ecosystem allows us tomeet this challenge and help others throughopen source29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 35
    35. 35. Questions ?29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 36
    36. 36. Linux Security Incident29/05/2013 CERN OpenStack CEE Day 37New operational procedures being developed with cloud flexibility