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Solo city booklet


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Solo city booklet

  2. 2. 44.1 km2 65 km (40 mi) northeast of Yogyakarta and 100 km (62 mi) southeast of Semarang GMT +7
  3. 3. Surakarta is also widely known by the name “Solo”. “Surakarta” is used in formal and official contexts. The variant spelling Soerakarta reflects the in use before the 1948 spelling reform. On June 16, the anniversary of the City Government of Surakarta. The de facto date of June 16, 1946 Local Government established the right Surakarta control and manage his own household, as well as remove the power and Mangkunegaran Kasunanan Kingdom.
  4. 4. the 22nd most populous of 93 autonomous cities and 5 administrative cities in Indonesia. The 8th most densely populated city And the 13th smallest city in Indonesia
  6. 6. The official language in Solo is Bahasa Indonesia but in daily life, people in Solo usually used Javanesse most.
  7. 7. • Air Solo has a large airport, Adi Sumarmo International Airport, which has daily flights traveling from most major cities throughout Indonesia. International flights also fly from here to Malaysia and Singapore. AirAisa flies from Kuala Lumpur to Solo and SilkAir from Singapore. Domestic airlines that fly in and out of Solo include Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, and Sriwijaya Air. Bandar Udara Internasional Adi Sumarmo (Adi Sumarmo International Airport) Jalan Bandara Adi Sumarmo Surakarta 57108, Indonesia (0271) 780715 • Train Surakarta has three train stations, Solo Balapan, Purwosari and Jebres. Solo Balapan is the largest station in Surakarta, and is the junction between Yogyakarta (westward), Semarang (northward), and Surabaya (eastward), while Purwosari is the junction located west of Solo Balapan, and has a connection to Wonogiri (southward). There are several direct lines to other cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Madiun, and Malang. For regional traffic, a special train connects Surakarta and Yogyakarta, the Prameks (Prambanan Ekspres) train.
  8. 8. Stasiun Solo Balapan (Solo Balapan Railway Station) Jl. Gajah Mada Solo Kota/Banjarsari (0271) 714039 Stasiun Purwosari(Purwosari Railway Station) Jl. Slamet Riyadi No.502 Solo (0271) 713673 Stasiun Jebres(Jebres Railway Station) Jl. Ledoksari No. 1. Kode pos, 57128. (0271) 646408 • Road Tirtonadi Terminal is the largest bus terminal in Surakarta. Night buses travel from Jakarta to Solo and take around 12 hours. Terminal Tirtonadi (Tirtonadi Bus Terminal) Jl. Letjen Suprapto, Sumber Solo Kota/Banjarsari (0271) 717297
  9. 9. Keraton Kasunanan Palace of the Pakubuwono Kings. In Keraton Surakarta can be found Art Gallery that holds a variety of historical objects that have historical value. Keraton Surakarta open to the public everyday at 8:30-14:00, and Sunday 8:30-13:00. Kraton closed on Friday.
  10. 10. Pura Mangkunegaran Palace of the Mangkunegara Princes. A beautiful palace built in 1757 with an awe-inspiring main audience hall. Facility: museum, art and cultural centre. Entry fee: Rp 15.000, photo fee Rp 3.500. Radya Pustaka Museum Radya Pustaka Museum has a variety of collections consisting of various statues, indigenous heritage, shadow puppets and ancient books. Radya Pustaka Museum is one of the old museum, even the oldest in Indonesia.
  11. 11. Sriwedari Park Javanese art and cultural centre with a wayang kulit puppet show and wayang wong Javanese dance at night, childrens playground, and a food court with traditional Javanese restaurants). Balekambang Park It was built in 1921 by King KGPAA Mangkunegara VII to the king's daughter, GRAy Partini Hussein Djayaningrat and GRAy Partinah Sukanta. Now, the statue of the king's daughters could be witnessed in the area of ​the park with an area of ​approximately 9.8 hectares.
  12. 12. Taru Jurug Animal Park A recreational park on Jl. Ir. Sutami located on the banks of Solo River. Visitors can relax under the trees while enjoying the beauty of Solo and watch animals that currently there are 60 species, including animals that have been drained named Kyai Anggoro. Sangiran Museum Sangiran is an archaeological site museum which said person is a complete website in Asia. This museum is one of the world's centers of human evolution, which depicts the story of human change for over a million years.
  13. 13. Ngarsopuro Night Market Ngarsopuro Night Market is a night market in the city of Solo, which can be visited on a Saturday night and Sunday night. The products marketed are various, ranging from food, various batik, miniature-miniature unique and assorted souvenirs. Cetho Temple Cetho Temple are the archeological remains of the Kingdom of Majapahit and the temple is believed to have supranatural powers within its exotic shape. Candi Cetho (Temple) is a Hindu fertility temple on the slopes of the mount Lawu.
  14. 14. Tawangmangu is the name of the area at the foot of Mount Lawu, Indonesia. Because its presence in the highlands, making this attraction is still fresh and cold temperatures, beautiful scenery, hills and fields of farmers who provide cool green color. Tawangmangu Waterfall (Grojogan Sewu) can be regarded as one of the icons of this type in Tawangmangu. While enjoying the natural beauty of the site we can relax while eating a rabbit satay dish (typical Tawangmangu area).
  15. 15. Windujenar Market As one of the Javanese culture centers, Solo has many treasures ranging from heirlooms to antiques. Triwindu Market (now named Windujenar Market) is one of the most famous antique markets in Java. From collections of batik fabrics, old bank notes and coins, batik stamps, old gramophones from Europe, puppets painted on old wood plates, bicycles from 1930s, to stuff claimed as the fossils from Sangiran can be found in here. Going here will make you feel like you are in the antique heaven.
  17. 17. Celebrations Sekaten in Surakarta is in commemoration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad. On that day King gave alms to the people in the form of traditional foods and crops were arranged in the form of a pair of mountains, the gunungan jaler (male) and gunungan estri (female). Since the previous 7 days in the ring gamelan called Gamelan Sekaten. The ceremony is a tradition Sekaten local cultural assets that are still celebrated by most people Surakarta.
  18. 18. that presents the music show ethnic music streams and the like. SIEM event also brings some invited guests who originated the famous musicians that exist in Indonesia and overseas. The Solo Batik Carnival is an annual celebration of Indonesian heritage. During the parade, models present elaborate, colorful costumes made from traditional batik cloth. Wearing the costumes, the presenters dance a traditional number in the streets while accompanied by music.
  19. 19. is an area-scale International cultural arts performances to the material in the form of performance art. While the show is the genre of art ranging from dance, music, theater and art to or did not rule extends to other areas of art.
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