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Zen & Good Design


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The basic teachings of Zen can be seen in well designed products and services. A deep thought that would last with you beyond this presentation.

Published in: Spiritual, Education, Design
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Zen & Good Design

  1. 1. Zen & Good Design by No Formulae
  2. 2. Actors What do they Clothes GOOD have in Plans common? Leaders
  3. 3. Their necessary yet unapparent qualities
  4. 4. A Good Actor makes it difficult to spot the acting
  5. 5. Comfortable Clothes You don’t even realise you’re wearing something
  6. 6. A Good Plan Works so smoothly and effortlessly that it doesn’t feel like a plan at all
  7. 7. A Good Leader Doesn’t act like a leader but like a friend
  8. 8. But why am I talking about all this?
  9. 9. When you don’t try to keep your mind thoughtless, when you are not aware of your mind being thoughtless, is when your mind is absolutely thoughtless. Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind - Shunryu Suzuki
  10. 10. Good Design Is when something creates such an experience that it doesn’t feel like it has been designed. Good design creates an experience which surpasses the “design” itself.
  11. 11. Good Design It is when the experience overrides the thought about design itself.
  12. 12. Thank you! No Formulae