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RegistrationShop - An Interactive 3D Medical Volume Registration System


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Slides for the RegistrationShop talk I gave at the EG Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine (VCBM) 2014 conference in Vienna.
Demo video:

Abstract: In medical imaging, registration is used to combine images containing information from different modalities or to track treatment effects over time in individual patients. Most registration software packages do not provide an easy-to-use interface that facilitates the use of registration. 2D visualization techniques are often used for visualizing 3D datasets.
RegistrationShop was developed to improve and ease the process of volume registration using 3D visualizations and intuitive interactive tools. It supports several basic visualizations of 3D volumetric data. Interactive rigid and non-rigid transformation tools can be used to manipulate the volumes and immediate visual feedback for all rigid transformation tools allows the user to examine the current result in real-time. In this context, we introduce 3D comparative visualization techniques, as well as a way of placing landmarks in 3D volumes. Finally, we evaluated our approach with domain experts, who underlined the potential and usefulness of RegistrationShop.

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RegistrationShop - An Interactive 3D Medical Volume Registration System

  1. 1. RegistrationShop: An Interactive 3D Medical Volume Registration System Noeska N. Smit1, Berend Klein Haneveld1, Marius Staring2, Elmar Eisemann1, Charl P. Botha3 and Anna Vilanova1 1 Computer Graphics and Visualization group, Intelligent Systems, TU Delft, The Netherlands 2 Division of Image Processing, Department of Radiology, LUMC, The Netherlands 3 vxlabs, South Africa RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  2. 2. Pre- and post treatment RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  3. 3. Multiple modalities RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  4. 4. Atlas-based Segmentation RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  5. 5. Registration RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  6. 6. Registration Functionality • AMIDE • AMILab • FusionSync • Ezys • Elastix • MITK • Mirada Medical • PMOD • Slicer • VolView • Voreen • … RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  7. 7. Slicer RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  8. 8. Elastix RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  9. 9. Comparison • Typically only 2D visualizations of the registration result or missing required transformation tools • Not always suitable for non-image processing experts RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  10. 10. What if… • simple interaction techniques • + real-time 3D visual feedback • = simplified registration process for novice users? RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  11. 11. Landmark placement Corresponding landmark pairs: – Method 1: surface picker RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  12. 12. Landmark placement Corresponding landmark pairs: – Method 1: surface picker – Method 2: two-step picker RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  13. 13. Simple visualization techniques Direct volume rendering: Double thresholds MIP RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  14. 14. Multi-volume rendering Real-time visual feedback on the current registration result: THR/THR MIP/THR MIP/MIP RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  15. 15. RegistrationShop RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  16. 16. Implementation • Source code freely available via GitHub: • • Installable builds coming soon! RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  17. 17. RegistrationShop RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  18. 18. Evaluation • Four domain experts: – Medical radiation therapist – Radiologist – Medical imaging researcher: + registration frequency – Medical imaging researcher: - registration frequency • Two use-cases: – CT lung – Full body MRI RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  19. 19. Evaluation Setup 1. Prior experience interview 2. Live demo: artificial dataset 3. Performing registration of clinical datasets 4. Survey RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  20. 20. Evaluation Results • 3D visualizations • Transformation tools • Conclusion: – RegistrationShop: a promising volume registration tool with the potential to make registration more accessible to clinicians and researchers in the future. RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  21. 21. Future Work • Visualizing registration quality • Visualizing non-rigid registration deformation field • Experimenting with compositing operations and transfer function definitions • Examining clinical potential in larger follow-up user study RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  22. 22. Conclusion • RegistrationShop: medical volume registration system • Simple transformation techniques: – manual and landmark transformations • Instant visual feedback: – 2D/3D inspection of current registration result RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  23. 23. Acknowledgements • This work is supported by the Technology Foundation STW via project 10903: “High-definition Atlas-based surgical planning for Pelvic Surgery” • CT lung datasets shown in this presentation are available from the Elastix test suite • We would like to thank our collaborators and domain experts for their participation in the user study RegistrationShop Noeska Smit
  24. 24. Thank you! @_Noeska_ , @berendkleinhane @medvisorg RegistrationShop Noeska Smit