ExpaDate Investor Pack - Seed Funding


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ExpaDate Investor Pack - Seed Funding

  1. 1. Investor Seed Funding Request
  2. 2. Agenda • Cover Page • Overview • Inception • Market • Team • Product • Revenue Model • Go To Market • Competition • Financials • Milestones • Summary
  3. 3. ExpaDate Pty. Ltd. • ExpaDate is on online dating site. • Its an internet startup with a team of 3. • We aim to be the leading promoter of Dating Diversity in Australia....on web and mobile. Noel McKeown Managing Director/ Founder services@expadate.com 0450 112 246
  4. 4. Company Overview • The company was registered on 3rd August 2011 as a proprietary limited company. • The company was originally Expatdating Australia but got rebranded to ExpaDate in April, 2014. • Australia business domain is registered: • Coding and development began in earnest and we went live in January 2014 on the web.
  5. 5. Investment • We are here today seeking investment for a 2 year period to fund advertising, SEO, hosting, App development and support of the ExpaDate site. • This equates to $15K for two years; a total of $30K. • In return for your investment: – We target to refund $60K end year 2 – 10% equity in the company – Appointment as a director
  6. 6. Inception • ExpaDate was established to meet the social and dating wants of expatriates and Australians. • My Australian journey began in 2008 when I arrived in Australia as a backpacker, soon after I got sponsored, became a resident and now a citizen of this fine country. • From working on large scale IT projects across the country, I came to realise that there was an incredibly varied mix of nationalities and cultures in Australia.
  7. 7. Inception • I wanted to build an online platform for foreign nationals and Australians to meet one another; find friends, romance, socialise and land a date. • A site that is not strictly either or, aussies can search for aussies, expat for expat or vice versa.
  8. 8. Market • There is no better market for diversity and ExpaDate aims to capitalise on this ... • Migrants make up a large component of the Australian population. • A quarter of Australia’s population was born overseas and a further fifth had at least one overseas-born parent.
  9. 9. Market • The ExpaDate site is a unique take on online dating in the market place. We will be an Australian only dating site. • Our initial target audience is Melbourne, a city of over 4 million, we will be concentrating all our advertising budget on web users in this region in the short term. • Melbourne is extremely cosmopolitan and with its high population of expats, its perfect for us to go live and grow the business. • There will be no restrictions on users joining from other parts of Australia, we expect this to happen through some organic growth.
  10. 10. Team • We are a team of 3 IT professionals with varied skills and expertise in design, development and delivery. • Noel McKeown  Managing Director and Founder  NMS/OSS consultant with over 9 years experience in the telco and enterprise space.  Worked globally on small engagements and large scale transformation projects.  http://www.noelmckeown.com
  11. 11. Team • Diego Palaez Gomez  Development Director.  Web and Flash designer and developer.  9 years experience in web and multimedia.  http://www.diegopego.com/ • Michael Dornan  Business Director.  16+ Years in the IT Industry with over 12 years in Management and Executive positions in both the Public and Private Sectors.  CEO of an IT Consultancy and Digital Marketing Business in Australia and Hong Kong.  http://dornanconsultancy.com/
  12. 12. Product • Our product has been designed for the Australian market; this an Australian concept, we have created a unique look and feel throughout. • This product can be exported to other markets and is a good fit for any country with large expat communities. • Our site is housed at the state of the art SISGroup data centre in Sydney. • The site was developed using the LAMP stack i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. • We also use java script, ajax and smarties.
  13. 13. User Features • Mobile Browser Version • Completeness Bar • Mailbox • Photo Upload • Matchmaking • Shoutbox • Facebook Connect • Facebook Friends Inviter • Google+ Inviter • Social Media Integration • Profile Guestbook • Friends Networking • Invite a Friend • Chat • Groups • Photo Albums • Events • Profile Search • Who viewed my profile • Virtual teases • Profile Builder • Customizable Profile Status • Tags • Profile Notes • Blocklist • Send profile to a friend • Online users map • Drag-And-Drop
  14. 14. Site Features • Google Maps Integration • Drag-And-Drop • Google Sitemap • Custom Pages • Site Security • Newsfeed • Advanced “Who is Online’ list • Navigations • Background Rotation • Hash & Salt User Passwords • Mass Mailing • Google Analytics • Photo Verification • Activity Scheduler • Photo Verification • Membership Management • Payment Providers • Badwords • Smilies • Captcha
  15. 15. Home Page
  16. 16. Home Backgrounds
  17. 17. Quick Search Options
  18. 18. About
  19. 19. Preview
  20. 20. Preview
  21. 21. User Home Page
  22. 22. User Profile
  23. 23. User Photo’s
  24. 24. Browse Members
  25. 25. Facebook Style Chat
  26. 26. Mobile • We provide a completely free and fully featured mobile platform for members to interact on the go and at their convenience. • The apps deliver the key functions of the desktop site and gives expat daters the mobile experience. • The mobile app is a fast, fun and a simple. • App features: – Australian only dating – Postcode proximity searches – Search – View profiles – View photos – View members – Mail and chat to members – View newsfeed – Flirt with members • We have a range of options to get mobile – iPhone, iPad, Android and Mobile.
  27. 27. Mobile – Android – V1 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.expatdating
  28. 28. Revenue Model • Online dating is a multi-million dollar industry in Australia and only growing. • Our potential customers are every Australian resident over the age of 18 with a special focus on expatriates. • The Database is a key component, without a database of daters people will not remain on the site. With that in mind, the site will start free so that we may begin to build the database. • We will send very few notifications so that people ‘forget’ they registered and do not delete there profile, we will remain this way until we hit 2000 users. • At 2000 users we will turn on notifications and emails, this will bring old users back to the system, remind them they registered and have them begin to actively search the site for dates, this is where things begin, worth noting we may also loose a number of members as they have found a partner or still cannot find what they want on the site. • ExpaDate will use the freemium model to generate revenue.
  29. 29. Go To Market • Users will be brought to the site through Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Advertising techniques, where possible free listings in classifieds sites and free publicity on PR and News Sites will be carried out. • Building the database is time consuming, we need to get a base set of users so that people feel they are finding or have the potential to find what they are looking for, as that happens we begin to start the growth cycle, that being, the more people sign-up and think they may find what they are looking for the more the system actually delivers.
  30. 30. Go To Market • We also intend to target other cities in Australia once revenue comes in. • Domains have been registered for other regions and will look to expand into these territories once Australia is up and running: – North America (expadate.com) – New Zealand (expadate.co.nz) – Ireland (expadate.ie) – United Kingdom (expadate.co.uk)
  31. 31. Go To Market – Social Media Facebook: Twitter: Google+:
  32. 32. Competition • There are a number of global and local players operating in the Australian. The following are the main brands that are well known. • Global: – Zoosk – Eharmony – Plenty of Fish (POF) • Local: – RSVP • The scope of their audience is broad and are all relatively high priced; $30/$60 per month. • There is also free sites we need to compete with but again are either not the polished product, not localised or are international sites that rely on advertising.
  33. 33. Competitive Advantage • Most dating sites in Australia are international sites, only a handful of local sites exist. • We will be an ‘Australian only’ dating site, we’ll have the edge with a localised product. From our analysis, this is a big advantage • We will maximise our online presence with a .com.au domain address. • We will match our competitors on all key functionality. • Price, we will be 100% free until we reach our DB goals. • No ads, banners, junk on the site. • Slick design for desktop and mobile.
  34. 34. Financials • Year 1 - Target August 2015 - 5000 users - We will begin to charge all NEW users $50 per annum after August 2014, very competitive pricing, we will also charge all existing users $20 per annum for the first year as a thanks/discount to entice them to sign-up, the offer will last 30 days so they have a clear window to make a decision. Expect only 1000 users to accept the deal resulting in first year revenue of $20,000, 4000 will remain on the site but with limited functionality, we will continue to entice them to sign-up (Possible further deals..) • Year 2 - Target August 2016 - 5000 Paying Users @ $50 per annum, total revenue $250,000 • Year 3 - Expected Growth from August 2016 is 250 – 500 new users per month with 100 per month paid resulting in 8000 paying users minimum, stretch target 10000, revenue against stretch target $500,000 • Years 2 and 3 will be littered with special offers and other revenue making ideas such as advertising, partnerships, database and email marketing opportunities, all in a controlled and professional manor so as not to impact the brand. • Future Strategy (Likely to be revised) August 2017 is to move to monthly invoicing at $10 per month or annual at $110 (discounted), at 10000 users x $110 = $1.1m, expect minimum 15,000 users paying – $1.65m – possible slippage to be managed as monthly users discontinue less than the 12 months. • Costs to join the site are very competitive/cheap and remain that way so that we can continue to get market share, we have very low overheads compared to many of our competitors as we want to be a challenger in the market.
  35. 35. Investment • Year 1 - August 2014 – August 2015 - $15,650 Digital Advertising (digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO) – $1,200 PCM - $14,500PA (Cost) Annual Development and Hosting – $500 Annual Software Maintenance - $750 Investment Return Year 1 - Zero • Year 2 - August 2015 – August 2016 - $15,650 Digital Advertising (digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO) – $1,200 PCM - $14,500PA (Cost) Annual Development and Hosting – $500 Annual Software Maintenance - $750 Investment Return Year 2 - $60,000 • Year 3 – Self Sustained, including salaries, marketing, development and infrastructure.
  36. 36. Milestones • The site has been self funded to date. • Website went live, January 2014. • Android app available on play. • iPhone app has been submitted to store. • Seeking 30K by August 2014 to cover operation and advertising costs to successfully launch the site. • We target 24 months to profitability.
  37. 37. Summary • ExpaDate will be the leading site for online dating and diversity in Australia. • A locally conceived product for the Australian market. • We have a dynamic, experienced and savvy team to steer the company in the right direction. • As an investor, you will have your say in the companies direction and be part of an energetic internet business.