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The Home Rule Crisis and World War One in Ireland


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The Home Rule Crisis and World War One in Ireland

  1. 1. John Redmond and Home Rule  John Redmond was leader of the Home Rule Party  Wanted “Semi-independence” from Britain  In 1910 he convinced Prime Minister Herbert Asquith to grant home rule to Ireland. Due to start in 1914… Asquith
  2. 2. 1911 – The Parliament Act King George V decided that the Veto of the House of Lords was Undemocratic. He forced the House of Lords to pass the Act which weakened their power – now they could only delay laws for 2 Years.
  3. 3. 1912 – Home Rule at last 1912 – Asquith (Liberal Prime Minister) gets home rule approved by the House of Commons. Set to come into effect by 1914 as House of Lords can no longer block it.
  4. 4. The Unionist Response  Unionists hated the idea of Home Rule – felt that Protestants would be discriminated by Catholics under Home Rule  Slogan – “Home Rule is Rome Rule” – this referred to the Roman Catholic Church and the power it could have under Home Rule  Two Leaders – Sir Edward Carson (L) and Sir James Craig (R)
  5. 5. Unionist Response  Carson and Craig organised a campaign against Home Rule  Mass Protests held and ½ a million people signed the “Ulster Covenant” – highlighting their opposition to Home Rule  Also set up armed groups to fight the proposed introduction of Home Rule – The Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF, still in existence today)  Imported guns into Larne, Co. Antrim to ensure they were ready to fight  After that Nationalists had to respond too…
  6. 6. Signing the Ulster Covenant
  7. 7. UVF in Training - 1912
  8. 8. Nationalist Response  Nationalists responded by setting up their own armed force – The Irish National Volunteers – and importing arms into Howth  It now looked likely that War was going to break out in Ireland between Unionists and Nationalists.  Asquith wanted the two sides to agree to split Ireland in two – this was known as Partition. Neither side could agree on where the border would be.  But suddenly in July 1914, World War 1 broke out – this meant that the whole idea of Partition/Home Rule was put to one side while the war was on!
  9. 9. Guns smuggled into Howth
  10. 10. Irish Volunteers
  11. 11. World War One
  12. 12. Ireland and World War 1  Most Irish People opposed Germany in World War One  A majority of both Unionists and Nationalists supported Ireland being involved in the War and many Nationalists as well as Unionists joined the British Army  Redmond appeared on posters urging nationalists to do their part in the war  206,000 Irishmen fought  30,000 Irishmen died  Home Rule POSTPONED until end of war