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  • “Swarm Coops” are groups that come together for mutual learning and problem solving. Examples include free schools, unconferences, hackathons, hack days, bar camps and stakeholder workshops. There will be talks from practitioners, plenty of time to learn, teach, think and brainstorm together, and time to produce some tangible output to share with everybody. We’re going to evolve the medium forward to create better events. We’ll also use what we learn in the upcoming five Big Picture Days.http://www.euroalter.com/2013/swarming-to-collaboration/http://www.euroalter.com/2013/dont-get-stuck-on-your-solution-focus-on-your-mission/Some people are taking forward the #outcomefest by organising activities using their skills to help scholars, both in a personal way, like Nate with mentoring and Coral with the podcasting scholars' journeys, or in a collective way, like the unconference we organised or the meetupMuhammed is organising tomorrow on playful problem solving. Others want to help build the community, like Pamela with continuing conversations and Marc & Richard, on developing a public service innovation networkOthers have pledged to help develop specific projects either already set up, like the virtual befriending service, skills network or a tool to help people measure social value or rethink parks, or co-created on the day, like Hack the Job Centre. Others are connecting entrepreneurs into their organisations, like bringing real time democratic feedback into their council. Others want a space to share what works and learning from others on particular issues and on how to work across sectors & cultures.
  • Show http://imgur.com/zoA6vBC?tags on if you don’t understand. Show http://giphy.com/gifs/KR4kbouPdkF0c to describe how day will feel like http://giphy.com/gifs/KR4kbouPdkF0c.
  • (Alison ?) to announce coffee break and what people can be thinking / talking about
  • #outcomefest

    1. 1. #outcomefest
    2. 2. what you want to get out of the day Share insights and experiences Listen to what others need and offer skills Look for surprising examples from unexpected places Brainstorm and prototype solutions to issues Get to know other scholars better Take forward the outcomes after today
    3. 3. what people pledged after the day Help build a public service innovation network Help develop other people’s projects Help people develop on a 1:1 basis Host activities to work together using creative methods Take forward projects co-created together on the day Continue conversations to explore what people want to do
    4. 4. Be generous: Offer your ideas & opinions and value other people’s Follow your passion: If you don’t feel you’re learning, find a group where you can Divide and conquer: If your group is too big, split up into smaller groups Go with the flow: Don’t be upset if only one person turns up to your session, they’re the people you want Ask for help: If you’re confused or need help, come and find us Share your thoughts: Tweet or instagram your thoughts using #outcomefest Respect people’s views: Don’t attribute comments to people when tweeting! Break the rules: Just because it has been done that way before is no reason to continue to do it that way in the future.
    5. 5. Introduction to the day Develop social impact & value Coffee Develop theories of change unPitch Lunch
    6. 6. Introduction to unConference unConference first half Tweet back Coffee unConference second half Tweet back unPledge
    7. 7. Develop social impact & value
    8. 8. Coffee Break Think about whether there is an area covered this morning you’d like to run a session on? Test ideas you may have for sessions with others See what others have pitched so far on the Sessions Wall See what others need and offer on the Skill Share Wall Come find us if you’re confused or have a great idea!
    9. 9. Develop theories of change
    10. 10. unPitch
    11. 11. Lunch Re-energise and taste our delicious food See what others have pitched so far on the Sessions Wall See what others need and offer on the Skill Share Wall Come find us if you’re confused or have a great idea!
    12. 12. 13.30 Introduction to unConference 13.45 unConference first half 14.45 Half time 15.00 unConference second half 16.00 Pledge your change
    13. 13. Coffee Break Check out the other sessions on the Sessions Wall See what others need and offer on the Skill Share Wall Come find us if you’re confused or have a great idea!
    14. 14. Tweet back Share the sessions outcomes of your Put your personal tweet backs on the pledge wall Stay for drinks? Rate the event on your way out