London Work Programme


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London Work Programme

  1. 1. ThemesMake Your Festival
  2. 2. What’s going to happen now?Time Activity Outcomes6.30 Introduction to planning of Festival We can all understand the process!6.45 Brainstorm issues on each theme you We can put forward issues want covered in the Festival we would like covered7.00 Draw connections between issues We can see which issues bring out the best connections7.10 Discuss & agree in groups which is the Each group agrees one issue/keyword you want covered for issue/keyword to be covered each theme in the Festival on their theme7.20 Break! Everyone still happy!
  3. 3. Time Activity Outcomes7.30 Brainstorm activities you’d like We can put forward activities developed on the issues agreed we would like developed7.45 Draw connections between activities We can see which activities bring out the best connections8.00 Discuss & agree which top 2-3 activities Each group agrees 2-3 you want developed on each issue activities to be covered in the Festival on their issue8.15 Next Steps & Presentation of new roles People understand next steps and enthusiastic about volunteering for roles!8.30 The End Everyone still happy!
  4. 4. What’s happened so far?Network put forward & voted ontop three themes for Festival 1. Migration & integration 2. New forms of democratic participation 3. Precariousness & economic alternativesNetwork agreed process to developissues and activities for Festival
  5. 5. What will happen next?Each Citygroup will propose theactivities they’ve agreed on theissues they’ve selectedCitygroups will discuss and agreetogether how to develop theissues and activities togetherCitygroups will research theissues, develop activities, designcontent & identify partners
  6. 6. Brainstorm issues on each theme you want covered in the Festival
  7. 7. Agree one issue on each theme you want covered in the Festival
  8. 8. Brainstorm activities you’d likedeveloped on the issues agreed
  9. 9. Draw connections between activities
  10. 10. Agree 2-3 activities you’d likedeveloped on the issues agreed
  11. 11. How can you get involved?• Research ideas and issues on the themes• Develop & organise local activities• Promote & spread the word• Build & grow your city groups• Fundraise & identify partners
  12. 12. Research Fellows Research ideas and issuesDevelop workshops Research the Design research themes methods Engage with your Develop community Visualise the community mapping research
  13. 13. Who’s responsible? By 17 November By 9 DecemberMembers of the Nominate a Research Support your newCitygroup Coordinator for your Research Coordinator! Citygroup Attend events/debates Identify experts/groups centred on research issues with whom your of interest on the Themes Citygroup could cooperate on researchYour Citygroup’s Work out with your city group Start a potential what are the most relevant collaboration with relevantResearch & issues on the three themes organizations on one of theDevelopment themesCoordinator Identify who would be Liaise with the Research interested in carrying out Coordinators from other research in the city group & Citygroups to explore joint
  14. 14. Pop Up Activists Develop & organise local activities Lectures Discussions Workshops Installations StorytellingVernissage Performance Theatre Music Ball/Party
  15. 15. Who’s responsible? By 17 November By 9 DecemberMembers of your Brainstorm ideas for local Help organise theCitygroup activities on the Themes activity! from the Research workEvents & Activity Use “Plan your Activity” Organise a local activity!Coordinators presentation to help you develop your local activities Liaise with Events & with your members Activity Coordinators to develop a local event Share your activity posters which will happen in each with other Citygroups of the cities by MarchCitygroup Look at the similarities Agree transnationalCoordinators between local activities to activities to be developed identify opportunities for between now and March transnational activities!
  16. 16. Creative Disruptors Promote & spread the wordCreate flyers and Create video Interview experts posters documentaries and activistsBlog the activities Present your Get articles into work the media
  17. 17. Who’s responsible? By 17 November By 9 DecemberMembers of your Nominate a Support your newCitygroup Communications Communications & Coordinator for your Marketing Coordinator! Citygroup Participate in events and projects from organisations you want to work withYour Citygroup’s new Develop a communications Work with the Cooperative plan for your citygroup to create a welcome packCommunications & for new membersMarketing 1. Identify which audiences you want to targetCoordinator 2. Identify what marketing Adapt EA template to tools you should use create a flyer for your 3. Identify media partners Citygroup
  18. 18. Community Connectors Build & grow the network Find out what Attract new members Get groups you’remembers want to do involved in on board Organise local Share skills with activities other members
  19. 19. Who’s responsible? By 17 November By 9 DecemberMembers of your Nominate a Membership Get in touch with localCitygroup Coordinator for your groups if you happen to Citygroup be travelling through one of the cities. This way the Share with the Membership local group can organise Coordinator contacts you an informal meetup may have in Europe who around it could be invited to join the CitygroupsYour Citygroup’s new Research contacts within Organise informal meeting different university to introduce your cityMembership & departments which would be group with anotherOrganisation interested in our work organisationCoordinator Research similar minded organisations, attend some of their events and present EA, or invite them for an informal
  20. 20. FundraisersFind funding & partners Identify partners & Organise fundraising funders activities Work with partners Write calls for to use their expertise proposals
  21. 21. Who’s responsible? By 17 November By 9 DecemberMembers of your Nominate a Treasurer for Support your newCitygroup your Citygroup Treasurer!Your Citygroup’s new Identify partners (companies Share any call for proposals and grants) to get funding submitted by yourTreasurer (Fundraising from Citygroup to Cooperative& Partnerships Treasurer Apply for Youth in Action funding for 1 November deadline
  22. 22. Themes Any questions?See Contact Tweet #transeuropa