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Caravan Methods Guide


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Methods we're using on our Transeuropa Caravans. See

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Caravan Methods Guide

  1. 1. Give people a platform to share their story Get under the skin of the people and places we visit Discover what’s unique about what people are creating Focus on what we can learn from people and what we can share Connect people with stories from other communities we visit OUR PRINCIPLES
  2. 2. Briefing What do we have planned today? How are we feeling? What do we want to achieve? What do we do if things don’t go to plan? How will we support each other?
  3. 3. Debriefing What did we have planned today? What did we achieve? What went well? What didn’t go so well? How are we feeling? What do we want to improve?
  4. 4. CARAVAN CUPCAKES Select a cake with no words on it Write on it what issue you feel passionately about Choose a cake with an issue you don’t care so much about What are you waiting for? Eat it! Write down how that cake makes you feel?
  5. 5. HIDDEN FORTUNES Put your hands in the box We’ve hidden stuff from the places we’ve visited Try and guess what you’re touching If you get it right, you can take it home! Now it’s your turn to put something in
  6. 6. Message in a bottle Think about what you’d like to share with the next community we meet Write them a message Add your email if you want them to contact you We’ll give them your message Imagine they read the message and get in touch with you!
  7. 7. Around the World in 80 Observe the world around you as if you had never seen it before Put onto paper the first thing that comes into your head Don’t be afraid to come up with unusual ideas Combine and remix existing ideas to create new ones Create your solution in ways that make people curious about it
  8. 8. making a living Select a character that you identify with What do you identify with in this scenario? What challenges does this person have? What opportunities does this person face? What advice would you give this person?
  9. 9. Select a character that you identify with Imagine they were in…2025 Describe how they would spend a day trying to make a living Describe how they would act, react, feel, think & interact We will share your imaginary character with people we meet A DAY IN THE LIFE OF…
  10. 10. THE WORLD AROUND US Describe what impact you want to have on your friends & family Describe what impact you want to have on your community Describe what impact you want to have on the world Look at what other people have written Draw a line to connect your impact to someone else’s
  11. 11. Select one of the sunglasses you’d like to repurpose Stick different materials onto the sunglasses Try them on! Refine the sunglasses until you can see the world differently Describe what you see differently and how that makes you feel DISCOVER THE UNSEEN
  12. 12. Imagine we created a poem written by everyone we meet? Have a look at the poem we’ve started Continue the poem by writing two lines (even better if they rhyme!) You can scribble it down however it comes to you The next people we meet will write their contribution! ONCE UPON A TIME…
  13. 13. PASSPORT TO your future Passports have got information about us like our age, place of birth and expiry date Imagine you could add information on your passport that really defines who you are Use the materials to create your own passport adding what you’d like to do in the future You can take it home and look back at it to see if you’ve achieved your dreams! Or you can leave it with us and we’ll exhibit it so people can be inspired by your dreams
  14. 14. WHAT’s YOUr CUrrENCY? Currencies were invented to represent the exchange of value and trust They haven’t always been used as coins or notes, grains were originally used Nowadays, currency can be found in all kinds of forms – physical and virtual Think about what value you’d like to exchange and how you’d represent that Use the different materials to create your new currency