10 step marketing plan punta fuego


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10 step marketing plan punta fuego

  1. 1. 1 10 STEP Marketing Plan for Club Punta Fuego Noel G. Escalo November 2009
  2. 2. About Club Punta Fuego  In 1995, ROXACO Land Corporation and Landco Pacific Corporation forged a vision for the Philippines’ first residential resort at par with the best in the world. Inspired by the Fisher Island in Miami, development began with the 88- hectare flame-shaped Peninsula de Punta Fuego (point of fire), one of only three land masses jutting out of the coastline of Nasugbu into the South China Sea blessed with twelve (12) beach coves.  In 2006, the Punta Fuego Yacht Club was completed within the peninsula to address the Members’ growing demands for marina services.  Operated by Fuego Hotels and Properties, world-class standards and expertise are shared with the following partner properties.
  3. 3. Primary Target Market and Positioning 1. Corporations, organizations and high-net worth individuals 2. Membership Club for corporate venues, leisure or vacations for high end individuals 3. Competitors: Pico de Loro, Tagaytay Highlands, Canyon Woods, Philippine Yatch Club 4. Amenities not offered by other leisure clubs, (marina and golf course) 5. Landscape for leisure club is very competitive 6. Leisure Club is a P900M peso a year market with Club Punta Fuego owning about 5% of the market share
  4. 4. Marketing Mix & Strategy Transformation to events venue Increase dues with increase in membership Newsletters, advertisements in business and lifestyle magazines and newpapers Events held is with in the location of Punta Fuego Aggressive Differentiation Strategy
  5. 5. Primary Target  Demographics – Corporation and high net worth individuals (age 30 to 60 years), Class A  Lifestyle – Luxurious  Behaviour – Each member club uses at least once a year
  6. 6. Needs, Wants and Expectations Self Actualization, Esteem Needs, Social Needs People will choose Club Punta Fuego because it is different You cannot experience the excitement anywhere else.
  7. 7. Competitors  Tagaytay Highlands, Canyon Woods, Philippine Yatch Clubs, and Golf Courses  Beach Resorts and other tourist destinations in an outside the country  Proximity to Manila, Attractiveness of promotions and amenities
  8. 8. Position Map 1. Exclusivity vs Nonexclusivity 2. Proximity to Manila vs Proximity to countryside 3. Luxurious amenities vs Cost consideration 4. Price
  9. 9. Position Map Tagaytay Higlands Canyon Woods Pico De Loro Club Punta Fuego Philippine Yatch Club Exclusivity High Low Medium High High Price High Low Medium Medium High Proximity to Manila Medium Medium Low Low High Amenities Medium Low Medium High Low
  10. 10. Club Punta Fuego can increase market share Club Punta Fuego’s Position  High in providing first class amenities  Exclusivity  Competitive Price Strategy
  11. 11. Needs, Wants and Expectations not being addressed Addressing proximity problems by through creative solutions, such as helicopters and yatchs for rent Price is sometime a measure of elegance and style. The Company should consider raising prices
  12. 12. Estimate the market size using company data The leisure club industry is a competitive environment where no one leisure club dominates or has more that 30% of the P900 million a year market. Club Punta Fuego owns almost 5% of the market share with less that 300 members
  13. 13. 13 The Marketing Mix Strategy
  14. 14. Photo of product category
  15. 15. Product Description Membership Shares entitles the club holder exclusive privileges on the use of Club’s facilities and amenitites
  16. 16. 7. Price  P150,000 per share  4,000 monthly Club Dues
  17. 17. Aggressive Advertisement in Lifestyle and Business Magazines Exclusive Newsletters to Members Events Venues, such as Operas, Golf Course Tournaments, Fashion shows among others Promo
  18. 18. 9. Place  Where is your product available?  Brgy Balaytigue, Nasugbu, Batangas
  19. 19. Generic Winning Strategy  Exclusivity  High Amenities  Informed Members through aggressive marketing, advertising and promotion