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Live chat task management – make the most of your live chat software


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Every online business does not leverage the same benefits of live chat software. Those who make the most of it, arrange their live chat tasks properly.

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Live chat task management – make the most of your live chat software

  1. 1. Live Chat Task Management – Make the Most of Your Live Chat Software Every online business does not leverage the same benefits of live chat software. Those who make the most of it, arrange their live chat tasks properly. Thus, proper management helps execute a quality online customer service, which in-turn increases their online conversion rate as well as revenues. Additionally, this also cuts down the high operating costs and increases the productivity to a considerable extent. For its remarkable features, live chat has now become the part and parcel of almost every ecommerce website. Online business merchants are now greatly relying on this web-based chat application to deliver a quality customer service. Serving as an excellent customer service tool, live chat not only brings moretraffic on your website but it also increases your online conversion rate. Not all the vendors reap the same business benefits fromlive chat software. Some are making the most of this chat application, some are getting the average benefits; whereas others are getting the reverse results. Why the ratio of online support benefits varies from business to business? There could be plenty of factors behind these varying results; but the one common and widely accepted cause behind these wavering live chat benefits is ‘Task Management’. The businesses getting maximum advantages use proper planning and techniques to organize their live chat tasks. Following are the two primary factors which should be kept in mind while managing your tasks. Assigning Right Task to Right Agents You can’t just randomly assign tasks to your agents. First you need to check the skills, expertise and capabilities of your operators and then assign them tasks accordingly. Assigning relevant tasks will enable you to maintain the quality of your service. Provide Proper Training Once the tasks are assigned, provide proper training to your agents. Train them on how to use canned messages properly, how to escalate the chats? How to reduce complaints and handle international customers? Following is the detail on how vendors manage their live support tasks to balance the workload and to provide a quality customer service. Define a limit of maximum chat requests that a particular agent can take on, to prevent customers from waiting long in the queues for their turns.
  2. 2. Line up chats for the least busy agents. The purpose of this is to balance the tasks among all operators and to cut down on the response times to the minimum. Ask your operators to give customers an estimated wait time when dealing with the bulk of traffic in the rush hours or in the holiday season. Get back to your customers on the time you provided them to hold on. Try to provide minimum wait time because waiting long can turn your customer away. Train your agents on escalating the chats to a right customer service representative if a question is beyond their expertise. Define proper time duration to start proactive chat greetings. All of your agents should strictly follow this time limit. However, you can try with different timings at different times and see which gives you the best results. Thus, by managing your live chat tasks properly, you can meet the high demands of your modern-day internet savvy customers in a better way. You can enhance the quality of your online customer service by reducing the customers’ wait time. By organizing your chat tasks, you don’t need to redirect your customers through different selection menus; rather they can get an instant assistance anytime during their site journey. This in-turn would create an enhanced image of your company as well as services. By taking the edge of multitasking feature of live supportsoftware,you cannot only increase your productivity but can also cut down your operating costs; because your single chat operator can take on more than three chats simultaneously. Any online business can savor live chat’s benefits if it knows how to manage the tasks in a proper manner.