Know your customers through live online chat


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Running an online business you lack a face-to-face contact with your customers during a purchase process.

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Know your customers through live online chat

  1. 1. Know Your Customers through Live Online Chat Running an online business you lack a face-to-face contact with your customers during a purchase process. Absence of a face-to-face interaction somehow creates a communication gap between you and your customers. Thus, you can’t get information on ‘who your customers are, what they want to purchase, or ifthey are willing to make a repeat purchase etc. But the question is why isknowing your customer is important in online business? Gathering some important information about your customers is vital in many ways; as it lets you find their needs and concerns so that you could deliver exactly what they expect. It also tells you about your customers buying behavior. Knowing your customer, you can deliver him/her a more personalized experience and getappreciation. Moreover, a retailer’s familiarity with his customer helps building a friendly relationship between both. The more you know your customer the more effective customer service you are likely to deliver. However, the main concern in an online business is how to know your customer in the virtual business world.Although, conducting a market survey will let you know your customers but this will cause you to invest a lot more money, time as well as energy. Implementing live online chaton your e-commerce website, you can know much about your customers justby putting in little efforts. The biggest difference which live chat makes in knowing your customers is that, it allows you to know each of the customer personally so that you could deliver exactly what he/she wants; whereas a market survey lets you know about an overall customer behavior. Getting personalized assistance always comes as a good experience for most of the customers. Using live support software, on their e-commerce website, the chat agents can have one-on-one contact with their customers. Customers have to fill a pre-chat form before starting a text based conversation with the online chat agents. Pre-chat forms give basic and useful information to chat agents so that they could ask relevant questions from their customers or could provide them more accurate answers of their queries. When a chat session ends, live online chatoffers a post-chat survey to the customers, where they can add their comments, views and complaints. Collecting this data will not only allow you to judge the level of service you provided but will also help you know about your customers’ buying behavior. The tracking feature of live support softwareenables chat reps to locate visitors on their website and even they can know what they are looking for and for how long have they been
  2. 2. here. Gathering this information, the chat agents can catch customers proactively right at the moment they are in dire need of help. This timely approach will increase your sales. The mostcrucial stage in the online buying process is ‘checkout’ stage where customers are likely to abandon a shopping cart. However, keeping a track of your customers’ activities you can catch them at the checkout stage and can entice them to continue purchase process. Additionally, using keywords search, referral URLs you can know what items your potential customer is looking for and what geographical location he belongs to. Undoubtedly, implementing live online chat, it has become quite convenient for online retailers to gather useful information about their customers.