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How to increase the worth of your live chat’s canned messages


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Live chat canned messages are meant to provide immediate and accurate responses to customers’ commonly asked questions.

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How to increase the worth of your live chat’s canned messages

  1. 1. How to Increase the Worth of Your Live Chat’s Canned Messages? Live chat canned messages are meant to provide immediate and accurate responses to customers’ commonly asked questions. However, the companies that do not pay much attention towards their canned messages get high bounce rate on their websites. Therefore, to serve the real purpose of live chat, you need to keep the data of your canned messages, precise, clear, short and context based. Moreover, you also need to keep refreshing these messages with reference to any change in your policies or ahead of a special occasion. A common mistake that most of the online entrepreneurs make is that they do not pay much attention towards live chat’s predesigned messages. These scripted live chat messages have much to do with the usefulness of your overall live chat session. Using these messages, you can provide immediate responses to your visitors especially, during the busy hours. Canned messages are designed keeping company’s customer service policies in view. These also show coherence in the live chat strategies of a particular online business. However, if you overlook this essential part of your live support service, it can give negative results, ultimately failing the purpose of your online support service. For instance, it can turn your visitors by giving a robotic look to your e-commerce website. If you want to savor the benefits of live chat software, you need to devise proper strategies on how to keep up the usefulness of your canned responses. Design Canned Messages as Per Your Business Needs Although, canned messages carry responses of simple or commonly asked questions but still a business needs to design context based pre-defined responses according to its requirements. For instance, canned messages of a real estate agency would differ from that of an airline agency. These messages are usually used to provide definite responses; for example, if you are to reply in numbers, or yes or no or any other similar form, you will use these short pre-defined messages. Therefore, you should keep their data defined, accurate as well as short and meaningful. The language used in the canned messages should be clear and easy to understand for every user. Keep Refreshing Your Live Chat Canned Messages This is not just for the first time that you produce canned messages and then forget about it. You need to keep on working on how to retain the value of your pre-designed messages. You need to keep refreshing it, as you do with the other live chat tools and techniques. Entrepreneurs usually ask that why to refresh live chat content occasionally? The answer is that your policies and customer service strategies keep changing in different situations; therefore, you need to customize your chat responses accordingly so that you can maintain the usefulness
  2. 2. of your chat sessions. In the similar way, you need to change the context of your canned responses slightly, as a special occasion approaches. It will help you provide immediate and useful responses during the rush hours. Appropriate Usage The worth of a canned message increases when your chat operators are well trained on how and when to use them. Sometimes, using too many pre-designed messages can give a robotic touch to your website. This takes away the feel of real online support service from your ecommerce website, resulting in decreased number of web-visitors. Also check the relevancy before sending a canned response or query; because irrelevant questions or responses will not be entertained by your visitors. Noticing the time span and location of a visitor on your website will help you sending most appropriate canned responses. Thus, improving the worth of your canned responses, you can maintain the essence of your online support service that pays you off in-terms of increased conversion rate and huge revenues.