How live chat software gives a boost to mobile shopping


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You would have seen a tremendous shift from traditional shopping to online shopping over the past few years.

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How live chat software gives a boost to mobile shopping

  1. 1. How Live Chat SoftwareGives a Boost to Mobile Shopping? You would have seen a tremendous shift from traditional shopping to online shopping over the past few years. This is all due to ongoing developments in the world of information technology. Now more and more people are shifting to mobile shopping because live chat software mobile app has made created an enhanced online shopping experience. Given in the article, you can find a detailed description on the role of live chat software mobile app in giving a boost to mobile shopping. The way people connect, engage and shop with brands, are changing at a tremendous rate in the wake of the latest developments in technology. Two main factors that are pushing people towards increased use of technology include convenience and speed. You would surely have noticed a considerable transition from traditional shopping to online shopping, especially over the past few years. Online shopping not only saves customers’ precious time but it also facilitates them to make a purchase at their convenience. The biggest factor, for which a tremendous shift towards online shopping has been seen in the last years, is the arrival of live chat software. The inception of this chat application hasdouble folded the worth of e-commerce websites. Now, the trend of online shopping is taking a new turn that is through ‘mobile shopping’. With ever-increasing technological developments in smartphones and mobile devices, mobile web browsing has increased to a greater extent. This is the reason that most of the online retailers are now planning to provide their live chat software for Smartphones. See how live chat has played a role increasing mobile shopping. Get Connected to Real Sales Person Anywhere Keeping a laptop or tablet in hands or pockets all the time, is not possible. However, when it comes to a smart-phone or mobile, customers love to carry it in their hands as it does not just fulfill their needs but also helps them maintain a style statement. What can be a better option if your handy gadget lets you shop from anywhere anytime? Providing live chat option, you enable your customers to get connected with real support persons. Whether a customer is inthe office, at home, on a tour or any other place, live chat enables him to reach out live chat personal equally from all the locations. Deliver an EnhancedMobile Customer Experience More and more customers are turning to mobile shopping, especially during the holidays; therefore, an online business cannot take the risk of creating a poor customer experience. How chat support software mobile appcan be helpful in delivering an enhanced customer
  2. 2. experience? The app allows customers to feel the same online shopping experience as they feel on their laptops. Customers can click chat button to start a real-time conversation with real sales persons. They can also receive sound notifications as chat personal provides them a response. This way, your customers can easily make a purchase while doing other works. Such level of convenience entices customers to shop through their smart phones. According to Mary Meeker’s recent State of the Internet Report, the mobile net surfing will exceed the desktop web usage by 2015. Round the Clock online Assistance is in Customers Hand What if a customer plans to shop late at night or any other time when most of the online shops are off? Do not need to worry about! Because live chat 24/7 availability feature has helped online vendors to expand their service hours round the clock. All that a customer needs is smartphone and fast internet connectivity. Now he can approach you whenever he feels easy. This feature of live chat is especially useful during the holiday shopping when customers are more likely to approach you anytime of the day. E-marketer’s predictions have also revealed that 16% of all U.S online sales of holiday season are likely to come from mobile shoppers. Therefore, more a business delivers a better mobile shopping experience through live chat; the more likely it is to spearhead the online business world.