The beginnings of faith D2a


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The beginnings of faith D2a

  1. 1. The Beginnings of Faith Section D 2
  2. 2. Reflection Leisure by H W Davies. TIME TO STAND AND STAREWhat is this life if, full of care,We have no time to stand and stare?No time to stand beneath the boughsAnd stare as long as sheep or cows.No time to see, when woods we pass,Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.No time to see, in broad daylight, What do you think the poet is trying toStreams full of stars, like skies at say about life? night.A poor life this if, full of care, The poet uses a lot of images fromWe have no time to stand and stare. nature. Why do you think this is so? Do you agree with the poets words: “A poor life this if, full of care we have no time to stand and stare”? Why / why not?
  3. 3. Asking questions – finding answersin reflection When we take time to reflect in life we get great benefits• e.g awareness of…• second chances…• opportunity to make improvements …• Can you complete the sentences?
  4. 4. Awe and Wonder Sometimes people are able to look back and recognise that a certain experience filled them with awe and wonder and made them ask questions about the mystery of life.
  5. 5. Learning to sail It had all been worth it. For four days I had struggled to get the hang of sailing. There had been days when I had spent more time in the water than on the boat and I had wondered if I would ever get to grips with this new sport. But, today it had all come together. Everything had fallen into place and I had been able to sail around the island without capsizing once. For the first time, as we sailed towards the quay I became aware of the beauty around me: of the evening sun bathing the mountains in a soft light, of the seagulls bobbing up and down on the gentle waves, of the elegance of the sailing boats around me as we sailed for home. All that beauty filled me with awe and wonder. As I looked around I began to reflect: Who creates this beauty? Is it nature or is it God? As I sailed for home I began to question where the beauty in our world came from.
  6. 6. • What did the author notice for notice for the first time as she sailed towards the quay?• How did the beauty of the evening affect her?• What questions did she reflect on?
  7. 7. Mystery of Life• People sometimes say Life Experiences: Life Experiences: that personal experiences Beauty of nature Sickness have made them wonder and reflect on the Reading a book Holidays mystery of life . Listening to music Learning a new• Have any of the hobby experiences listed below A Birth Being involved in a car accident made you reflect on A Death A friendship mystery in life? breaking up
  8. 8. ActivityDiscuss with your partner and describe how two of these experiences made you reflect on life. Life Experiences: Reflection on Experience:•Have you ever been filled with awe and wonder?•What questions did this experience cause you toask?
  9. 9. • Read Unit 13 Ch 1
  10. 10. Questioning - An EssentialHuman Characteristic• All living things have certain common characteristics. All living things, however, are not equal.• The column on the next slide contains a list of some of the characteristics of living organisms. Tick the ones that apply to the categories of Plant Life, Animal Life and Human Life
  11. 11. Plant Life Animal Life Human Life V V VGrowth VMovementReproductionRespirationExcretionCommunicationRelationshipsLearningQuestioningThinkingReflection -
  12. 12. • Is it safe to assume that the category with the most number of ticks is the most complex form of life? Justify your answer.• How many of the three categories show the characteristic of questioning?• How important is the characteristic of questioning to human beings? Explain your answer.
  13. 13. Asking Questions• Life can often appear strange and confusing. There are many things about it that we cannot understand. Often we are left with many questions.• Part of what makes us human is our ability to ask questions. We look at the world around us and we wonder whats holding it in place. Who created it...?• We listen to the news. We see sad things happening. We wonder why this had to happen.• When we ask questions it is a sign that we are becoming mature, we are beginning to look at life more deeply.
  14. 14. Questions people ask• Can you suggest some questions people ask?
  15. 15. Suggestions• Who am I?• Why is the wind invisible?• Why do people believ in God?• Who is going to town?• Why is there evil in the world?• Is it wrong to use animals for research?• How do I get to the post office?• Why are some people happier than others?• Why does the sun shine?• Are we there yet?
  16. 16. Questions humans ask atdifferent stages in their life.• All of us have questions about our life, even from the time that we are young children.• A few years ago you might have been asking Whats Santa going to bring me for Christmas? Now you might be asking I wonder how Ill do in my Junior Cert.?
  17. 17. Poem From a Three Year Old,Brendan KennellyAnd will the flowers die?And will the people die?And every day do you grow old, do IGrow old, no I’m not old, doFlowers grow old?Old things – do you throw them out?Do you throw old people out?And how do you know a flower that’s old?The petals fall, the petals fall from flowers,And do the petals fall from people too? How many questions are asked……… . by the three year old?……… What are these questions about?And who will bring new flowers?And who will bring new people?And will the new young flowers die? Which of these questions areAnd will the new young people die? about the meaning of life?And why? What questions of meaning do teenagers ask? What questions of meaning do adults ask?
  18. 18. • Many of the questions that people ask are about the meaning of life
  19. 19. The Search for Meaning