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Section A Visual Verbal Squares


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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Section A Visual Verbal Squares

  1. 1. Picture Definition AAssociated words Sentence
  2. 2. Definition A community is a set of people with some shared element — in particular a group of people who live in the same area is a community. communityAssociated words• School Sentence• Neighbourhood• Religious• Family• Class
  3. 3. Definition the process of working together towards the same end, or, assistance or willingness to assist cooperation• Associated words Sentence• Working together• Sharing• helping
  4. 4. Definition divide or apportion equally, to use or benefit from something jointly with others sharing• Associated words Sentence• Equal parts• Divide equally• Join with another
  5. 5. Definition the act, by one or more persons, of sending and receiving messages, these messages occur within a context have some effect, and provide some opportunity for feedback communication• Associated wordstalk Sentence• Exchange information• Share knowledge• To transmit
  6. 6. Definition a patterned sequence of feelings, words and actions, or a set of behaviours associated with a position role• Associated words Sentence• Job• Play a part• function
  7. 7. Definition a collapse or disintegration of a community. The members of that community lose the sense of identity and belonging that defines being a member of a community Community breakdown• Associated words Sentence• Cease function• Become ineffective• Crush• destroy
  8. 8. Definition a promise or engaging (of oneself) to a particular cause, action, or attitude; it implies an obligation, promise, etc. that defines one’s actions and may restrict one’s choices commitment• Associated words Sentence• Promise• Obligation• pledge
  9. 9. Definition Work done for others which may be the person’s response to a commitment undertaken by them. Active devotion to God, as through good works or prayer service• Associated words Sentence• An act of help• Assistance• Provide for
  10. 10. Definition the ability to perceive what may happen and plan accordingly. Vision is a very important element of leadership vision• Associated words Sentence• Perceive• Great perception• Mental image
  11. 11. Definition a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. leadership• Associated words Sentence• Inspiring others• Rule• Show the way
  12. 12. Definition someone who founds or is instrumental in setting up an institution/group. This person usually has a charismatic style of leadership that attracts followers founder• Associated words Sentence• Bring into being• establisher
  13. 13. Definition to fill someone with a feeling of confidence/encouragement that stimulates them into action. The vision of life or of God that inspires a person or group. Inspiring vision• Associated words Sentence• Encourage• To fill with confidence• Leading light
  14. 14. Definition The disclosure or communication of truths which would not otherwise be known revelation• Associated words Sentence• Disclose secret• Visionary diclosure
  15. 15. Definition the text or texts that a community of faith believe to be divinely inspired and that acts as a guiding force for the community Sacred text• Associated words Sentence• Divine words• Religious book
  16. 16. Definition good news; the life and teachings of Jesus in written form. gospel• Associated words Sentence• Good news• Truth• Word• doctrine
  17. 17. Definition Faith is a decision to put your trust in God or gods or in a way of salvation proposed by a religion. Belief is generally understood to refer to the content of a persons faith - what they understand about something, Faith/belief• Associated words Sentence• Trust in god• Confidence in God
  18. 18. Definition the individual characteristics by which a person or group can be identified. identity• Associated words Sentence• Unique characteristics• Individual
  19. 19. Definition a belief in or the worship of a god/gods. religions• Associated words Sentence• Belief in god• Worship• different
  20. 20. Definition any of the many branches of Christians with their own doctrines, style of organisation and worship; the whole Christian establishment. church• Associated words Sentence• Building• Community• Organisation• religion
  21. 21. Definition a religious group within a major religion which has its own particular beliefs, organization and practices. denomination• Associated words Sentence• Religious groups• Organisations• faith
  22. 22. Definition dedicating oneself to a cause from a sense of conviction; to promise or engage oneself for some undertaking that has a religious purpose Religious commitment• Associated words Sentence• Dedication to God• Undertaking• nuns
  23. 23. Definition -"to call." a call to a particular way of life or to a particular service of God’s people. a feeling of being specially suited for a particular type of work vocation• Associated words Sentence• A calling• Service to God• religious
  24. 24. Definition to advise or advocate something, to speak fervently about a religious topic. preaching• Associated words Sentence• Telling• Spreading good news
  25. 25. Definition - “sending”. sense of obligation in all religions to share their faith and practice with others missionary• Associated words Sentence• Nuns• Priests• Sharing faith with others
  26. 26. Definition The bringing together of different branches of the Christian church in an attempt to promote mutual respect and understanding and work towards its unity on fundamental issues of belief and worship. ecumenism• Associated words Sentence• Bring together• Respect• Understanding
  27. 27. Definition the dialogue or exchange of ideas and opinions, especially between Christian and non- Christian religions with a view to resolving conflict or achieving agreement Interfaith dialogue• Associated words Sentence• Talking• Exchanging ideas• Resolving conflict• agreement
  28. 28. Definition attitudes, actions, and beliefs involving religion, and typically involves a negative mixing of religion and politics and is expressed in destructive actions sectarianism• Associated words Sentence• Negative actions• Narrow minded• Intolerant• N Ireland
  29. 29. Definition a clash between different religious aims, interests, ideas or principles Religious conflict• Associated words Sentence• Clash of faith• Different• Intolerance• Israel
  30. 30. Definition the ability to be fair towards and accepting of other people’s religious or political beliefs or opinions, and accept their right to follow their beliefs freely. tolerance• Associated words Sentence• Being fair towards• Accepting others
  31. 31. Definition the power or right to lead, control or judge others or to have the final say in something. An accepted source of expert information or advice authority• Associated words Sentence• Power• Control• Expert knowledge
  32. 32. Definition Work carried out for or on behalf of others that may be the person’s response to a commitment undertaken by them. service• Associated words Sentence• To do for others• undertake
  33. 33. Definition to serve or attend to someone; a particular kind of church action which includes service as well as preaching and is modelled on the image of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. ministry• Associated words Sentence• Serve and preach• Lead
  34. 34. DefinitionLeadership style Sentence
  35. 35. DefinitionCommunity of faith Sentence
  36. 36. Definitionhierarchy Sentence