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Liturgical year


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Liturgical year

  1. 1. Liturgical Year
  2. 2. Sunday• The liturgical year is based on the Sundays of the year.• Sunday – original Christian feast day – the day that Jesus rose from the dead.• Holy day of Obligation – must attend mass• Is the first day of the week
  3. 3. Liturgical year• Annual journey through religious rituals in which Christians recall the events of the life of Jesus Christ and the beginnings of the Christian religion.• It is also a celebration of Christ in the church today and an invitation to grow closer to him in worship.
  4. 4. 4 seasons1. Advent2. Christmas3. Lent4. Easter5. Ordinary time
  5. 5. Advent – ‘the coming’• Begins the year• 4 weeks before Christmas• We reflect on the coming of Jesus Christ• Demonstrate love through generosity and forgiveness
  6. 6. Christmas – ‘the Mass of Christ’• Holy day of obligation• Begins with vigil mass on Christmas Eve• Includes feast of Epiphany – 6th January – worship of the Magi• Ends on Sunday after Ephiphany
  7. 7. Ordinary Time• 2 periods throughout the year – Between Christmas and Lent – Between Easter and Advent
  8. 8. Lent• 40 days• Recalls time Jesus spent in desert• Ash Wednesday begins Lent – day of fasting and abstinence• Time of preparation for Easter – Be creative and positive – Fasting, prayer and good work• Holy Week – last week of Lent – Palm Sunday – Holy Thursday – Good Friday (day of fasting and abstinence) – Holy Saturday
  9. 9. Easter• Most important part of the year.• Easter Sunday is a moveable feast – not always on the same date• Begins with Easter Triduum – Mass on Holy Thursday – mass on Easter Sunday
  10. 10. Easter Season• Begins on Easter Sunday• Ascension – 40 days after Easter Sunday – Jesus returned to heaven• Pentecost Sunday – 10 days after Ascension – birthday of the Christian religion – Recalls Holy Spirit descending on Apostles – courage to publicly preach Jesus’ message