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Is the world child friendly in Celbridge by Caoimhe and Nicole


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Published in: Education
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Is the world child friendly in Celbridge by Caoimhe and Nicole

  1. 1. Is Celbridge child friendly? By Caoimhe Mc Closkey and Nicole Keegan.
  2. 2. Facilities in Celbridge The mill There is a building in the middle of Celbridge which is known as The Mill. There are plenty of facilities in The Mill for children, there is also lessons for children such as ballet, soccer, karate, speech and drama,irish dancing, hip hop, badminton, tennis, basketball,boxing and many more for children to enjoy. The mill is also a place for teenagers to go as there is a youth club there with a pool table and also somewhere for them to relax with their friends.
  3. 3. Celbridge Playground There is also a playground in Celbridge. Although it is old, and has been vandalised over the past few years there is now great security and there are also cameras and a set time for the playground gates to close. This means that teenagers can’t vandalise the area anymore which has helped greatly.
  4. 4. Playzone Another place where parents can bring there children during the winter times when its too cold and wet to bring to the playground is Playzone in Celbridge which is located beside apple green garage. Playzone is a play centre where kids can also have their birthday parties there.
  5. 5. Schools in Celbridge There is a total of 7 schools in Celbridge: •Scoil Naomh Brid – Primary girl school •Scoil Na Mainistreach- Primary boy school •Scoil Mochua- Mixed primary school •Primrose Hill School-Mixed primary school •North Kildare Educate Together- Mixed primary school •Salesian College- Boy secondary school •St Wolstan’s Community School: Girl secondary school
  6. 6. From doing this project, we have decided that Celbridge is child friendly. Children in Celbridge have: •Medical Care •A roof over their heads •Facilities for them to enjoy •Education •Food and water