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Icons – an aid to prayer


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Published in: Education
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Icons – an aid to prayer

  1. 1. Icons – an aid to prayer
  2. 2. Blessed Trinity iconIcon – a sacred imageof Jesus, Mary or thesaints used as an aidto worship, mainly inthe orthodoxChurches.See page 216/217 and324 for moreinformation on Icons
  3. 3. • Icons are symbols that bring people closerto God, through contemplation of the icon.The icon allows you to open the door andenter a new world – the world of Christand the saints.• Iconographers live a holy life, they prayand fast for inspiration and God guidestheir hands as they paint.
  4. 4. Contemplation• Contemplation comes from Greektemnein: to cut or divide, and means toseparate something from its environment,and to enclose it in a sector.• In a religious sense it is a type of prayer ormeditation.• Contemplation - Deep prayer of the heart.A sense of being quiet and still in thepresence of God.