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So or such


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difference between so and such

Published in: Education
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So or such

  1. 1.  We use them to make an adjective, adverb or noun more emphatic: She’s such a good friend! The weather’s so nice!  We use them to express a consequence: The book was so exciting (that) I couldn’t put it down. He’s such a great actor (that) I try to see all his films.
  2. 2.  SO + adjective / adverb The film was so good (that) we went to see it again  SO MUCH / MANY + noun There was so much traffic (that) we nearly missed our flight
  3. 3.  SUCH A + (adjective) + singular countable noun It was such a good film (that) we went to see it again  SUCH + (adjective ) + uncountable noun / plural countable noun They played such awful music (that) nobody wanted to dance