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If only explanation


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expressing regrets and advice

Published in: Education
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If only explanation

  1. 1. Expressing REGRETS IN THE PAST • I wish I + past perfect – I wish I had studied harder • If only I + past perfect – If only I had studied harder • If I had done X, I would(n’t) be doing Y – If I had studied harder, I wouldn’t be unemployed • I shouldn’t + infinitive perfect – I shouldn’t have left my studies
  2. 2. Expressing ADVICE • You should + infinitive – You should go back to school • It’s a good idea to + infinitive – It’s a good idea to go bach to school • If I were you, I would + infinitive – If I were you, I’d go back to school • You’d better + infinitive – You’d better go back to school • How/What about + ing? Why don’t you + infinitive? – How about going back to school? – Why don’t you go back to school? • Try + ing – Try going back to school