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The accidental web designer - No Code Conf 2019 Workshop


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Jen Kramer, Lecturer, Harvard University Extension School

Published in: Technology
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The accidental web designer - No Code Conf 2019 Workshop

  1. 1. J E N K R A M E R H A R VA R D U N I V E R S I T Y E X T E N S I O N S C H O O L @ J E N 4 W E B
  2. 2. @ J E N 4 W E B Who is an Accidental Web Designer (AWD)? What are the Four Stages of Competence, and what is a mental model? How does that impact resources for AWD’s? What is the #1 resource AWD’s need more than any other?
  3. 3. @ J E N 4 W E B Accidental Web Designer: Someone who never intended to be in this business but is now part of it.
  4. 4. @ J E N 4 W E BC H E F, B Y M I C H E L A S I M O N C I N IP E R S O N A L F I N A N C E , B Y A L A N C L E AV E R
  5. 5. @ J E N 4 W E B How hard could it be to make a website?
  6. 6. @ J E N 4 W E B <script src=“js/hotstuff.min.js”></script> <script> alert('Hello, World!’); </script>
  7. 7. @ J E N 4 W E B A S I M P L E E X A M P L E const Util = { TRANSITION_END: 'bsTransitionEnd', getUID(prefix) { do { // eslint-disable-next-line no-bitwise prefix += ~~(Math.random() * MAX_UID) // "~~" acts like a faster Math.floor() here } while (document.getElementById(prefix)) return prefix }, getSelectorFromElement(element) { let selector = element.getAttribute('data-target') if (!selector) { selector = element.getAttribute('href') || '' selector = /^#[a-z]/i.test(selector) ? selector : null } return selector }, reflow(element) { return element.offsetHeight }, triggerTransitionEnd(element) { $(element).trigger(transition.end) }, supportsTransitionEnd() { return Boolean(transition) }, typeCheckConfig(componentName, config, configTypes) { for (const property in configTypes) { if (configTypes.hasOwnProperty(property)) { const expectedTypes = configTypes[property] const value = config[property] const valueType = value && isElement(value) ? 'element' : toType(value) if (!new RegExp(expectedTypes).test(valueType)) { throw new Error( `${componentName.toUpperCase()}: ` + `Option "${property}" provided type "${valueType}" ` + `but expected type "${expectedTypes}".`) } } }
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  9. 9. @ J E N 4 W E B How do you feel?
  10. 10. @ J E N 4 W E B This is going to be harder than I thought I have to concentrate but I can do this How hard could it be? This is easy and I’m good at it Conscious Unconscious Incompetence Competence
  11. 11. @ J E N 4 W E B Why did you think it was easy to make a website the first time you tried?
  12. 12. @ J E N 4 W E B – J A K O B N I E L S E N A mental model is what the user believes about the system at hand.
  13. 13. @ J E N 4 W E B
  14. 14. @ J E N 4 W E B – J A K O B N I E L S E N  Further, one of usability's big dilemmas is the common gap between designers' and users' mental models.
  15. 15. @ J E N 4 W E B
  16. 16. @ J E N 4 W E B What is the mental model for an accidental web designer, building a website for the first time?
  17. 17. @ J E N 4 W E B AT T R I B U T I O N
  18. 18. @ J E N 4 W E B M S W O R D T E M P L AT E
  19. 19. @ J E N 4 W E B NOVEMBER 15 FLU SHOT FEST Don't delay -- get your flu shot today! To get started right away, just tap any placeholder text (such as this) and start typing to replace it with your own. Want to insert a picture from your files or add a shape, text box, or table? You got it! On the Insert tab of the ribbon, just tap the option you need. FREE LOLLIPOPS! TAKES 5 MINUTES! A SEASON OF PROTECTION! $20 COPAY 9 AM - 5 PM OR UNTIL WE RUN OUT Or orOr YOUR COMPANY 6th floor, follow the signs P H O T O C R E D I T
  20. 20. @ J E N 4 W E B
  21. 21. @ J E N 4 W E B Choosing a theme is a crippling moment for many accidental web designers. In part, this is because they should not start with a theme.
  22. 22. @ J E N 4 W E B S T O RY T E L L I N G • Identification of hero, villain, and guide/helper • Writing clear and scannable content • Choosing the right medium for the message • Creating clear calls to action • This is the user experience (UX) phase of site building
  23. 23. @ J E N 4 W E B T E C H N O L O G Y • Technology supports the story • Fill-in-the-blank websites • Less jargon • Terminology should reflect user’s mental model I M A G E C R E D I T
  24. 24. @ J E N 4 W E B
  25. 25. @ J E N 4 W E B - M E R R I A M W E B S T E R Framework: a basic conceptual structure (as of ideas)
  26. 26. @ J E N 4 W E B D AV E R A M S E Y ’ S B A B Y S T E P S
  27. 27. @ J E N 4 W E B T H E E L E M E N T S O F U S E R E X P E R I E N C E J E S S E J A M E S G A R R E T T 1 S T E D 2 0 0 2 2 N D E D 2 0 1 0 R E A D C H A P T E R 2
  28. 28. @ J E N 4 W E B Strategy What do we want to get out of the site? What do our users want? What is the best way to serve site owner and users? How do we measure success?
  29. 29. @ J E N 4 W E B Scope What features and functionality do we need? What might we need in the future?
  30. 30. @ J E N 4 W E B Structure What pages will our site include? What written content do we have, and what do we need to generate? What photos and/or video will we include?
  31. 31. @ J E N 4 W E B I M A G E C R E D I T Skeleton Wireframe software: Balsamiq Moqups Invision Sketch Adobe XD
  32. 32. @ J E N 4 W E B I M A G E C R E D I T Draw in PowerPoint or Word or Google Docs
  33. 33. @ J E N 4 W E BI M A G E C R E D I T I M A G E C R E D I T Draw on paper or whiteboard
  34. 34. @ J E N 4 W E B Surface Now that you have a picture in your head and content defined… Now pick your theme.
  35. 35. @ J E N 4 W E B T H E E L E M E N T S O F U S E R E X P E R I E N C E J E S S E J A M E S G A R R E T T 1 S T E D 2 0 0 2 2 N D E D 2 0 1 0 R E A D C H A P T E R 2
  36. 36. @ J E N 4 W E B D O N A L D M I L L E R S T O RY B R A N D B R A N D S C R I P T
  37. 37. @ J E N 4 W E B • Villain • Hero • Guide/helper • What role does your organization play?
  38. 38. @ J E N 4 W E B Let’s talk about dog and cat food. What are discerning pet owners concerned about when buying food?
  39. 39. @ J E N 4 W E B • Compare two sites: • • • Which would you buy pet food from, based on the home page only? And why?
  40. 40. @ J E N 4 W E B W W W. C A S T O R P O L L U X P E T. C O M
  41. 41. @ J E N 4 W E B W W W. C A S T O R P O L L U X P E T. C O M
  42. 42. @ J E N 4 W E B W W W. K O H A P E T. C O M
  43. 43. @ J E N 4 W E B W W W. K O H A P E T. C O M
  44. 44. @ J E N 4 W E B W W W. K O H A P E T. C O M
  45. 45. @ J E N 4 W E B We’re just beginning to develop effective no-code tools. But great websites are more than code. We need more storytelling frameworks and education.
  46. 46. @ J E N 4 W E BS T O RY B R A N D
  47. 47. Jen Kramer Watertown, MA Phone: 802-257-2657 Twitter: @jen4web Facebook: S L I D E S AVA I L A B L E AT W W W. S L I D E S H A R E . N E T / J E N 4 W E B