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Creative Portfolio


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Creative Portfolio

  1. 1. Benjamin Flaherty Filmmaker | Designer +4917626142141 |
  2. 2. lou reed’s Berlin For Lou Reed’s performance of his 1973 concept album Berlin, I directed a series of short films based on the main character of the album, Caroline, played by french actress Emmanuelle Seigner. These films were projected on- stage during the live performances.
  3. 3. lou reed’s Berlin I assisted Julian Schnabel in directing the live performances of Berlin which entailed 30 musicians on stage, including an orchestra and youth choir. 5 performances in Brooklyn were captured on film under Mr. Schnabel’s direction by the renowned cinematographer Ellen Kuras.
  4. 4. lou reed’s Berlin Mr. Schnabel returned to Paris to continue work on his feature, the Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Before leaving, he handed over roughly 17 cans of film and said, “good luck, kid.” Over the course of the next 6 months, combining the short films I directed and the footage of the live performances, I edited the feature length concert film, Berlin. Working closely with Mr. Reed on the edit, I handled everything from the edit itself, to music mastering and color correction. Berlin had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and went on to screen at the Toronto and San Sebastian Film Festivals among others.
  5. 5. lou reed’s Berlin During the summers of 2007 and 2008, I joined Lou Reed for 17 city tours of Europe, the UK, and Spain, directing the live show on Mr. Schnabel’s behalf. I also directed a short documentary of the tour that was included on the DVD release of Berlin. In early 2009, Rizzoli Press published a hardcover book featuring full color stills from the film, Berlin. Working closely with Mr. Schnabel and Mr. Reed, I pulled select stills from the film and consulted on the layout of the book. A large number of the published photos were ones that I had taken.
  6. 6. Red ShiRley A work in progress, Red Shirley is a film I’m collaborating on with Lou Reed and the photogtapher Ralph Gibson. Shirley Novack is Mr. Reed’s 100 year old cousin, a survior of the Holocaust, a pioneer of worker’s rights and a terribly charming lady. She tells her own story through interviews with Mr. Reed. I photographed the film with Mr. Gibson and am currently finishing the edit.
  7. 7. TWO UNTAMED MINI came to us needing a polarizing and provocative strategy for the release of two new concepts cars: the MINI Coupe and MINI Roadster. With the exception of being different colors and one being a convertible, the cars are very similar in design, style and features. As an added challenge, the cars could not be shown prelaunch. In response, we developed the Two Untamed campaign, using twin models to represent the different personality of each car. We created a series of 3 viral teasers (each revealing more about the cars) that lead up to the launch of the cars at the IAA show in Munich. I developed the above concept, entitled Mirros, an homage to the Marx Brothers mirror scene in Duck Soup. We see a woman in the mirror putting on make-up, but don’t realize until the end of the piece, when one girl crashes through the mirror and grabs the other, that we’ve been watching two girls. The final shot reveals the difference between the two girls. This spot is available on MINI’s Youtube Channel.
  8. 8. TWO UNTAMED This spot, entitled Same, focused on the features of the women being the same, until we reached their heads, which illustrated their differences. Like the cars, one model is more agressive, wild while the other is more posh and refined. This concept was written by our creative director. I directed, edited and color corrected the spot. It’s available for viewing on MINI’s Youtube channel.
  9. 9. TWO UNTAMED The final spot in the series is entitled, Shine, an homage to the scene with the twin girls in Stanley Kubrick’s, The Shining, and also a comment on a sort of Eurotrash bourgeois aesthetic. I wrote and directed the spot. The twins stand at the end of a long hallway as we move closer. Finally as we stop, the music hits and the hallway is transformed into a disco, with the girls ripping off their dresses revealing their other side, and the “two untamed” scrawled across their bellies. The spots were released via Youtube, Facebook and MiniSpace receiving a total of nearly 300,000 hits in the 16 days prior to the launch of the cars, and also receiving the polarizing feedback we intended. This spot is available fo viewing on MINI’s Youtube channel.
  10. 10. countryman These spots were produced for the release of the MINI Countryman, MINI’s first foray into the SUV market. The concept was to produce three teaser spots that mimiced user generated content. Simple, clean, and funny. I delevoped all three concepts and directed the spots, using stock footage almost entirely. They are available for viewing on DVD upon request.
  11. 11. The Showdown in Chinatown is an annual charity soccer game held in Chinatown NYC. The event features NBA and European soccer players on an eight-a-side field in the heart of lower manhanttan. This years attendees included Thierry Henry, Ivan Cordoba, Javier Zanetti, Grant Hill, Tony Parker, among others...and Steve Nash, a co-founder of the event. I directed a 10 camera shoot where everything from HD, to Super 8, to a pixel cam was used. I edited the 24 minute cut which will air on FOX Soccer Channel in December.
  12. 12. Training Day - STeve naSh Training Day was created in conjunction with Steve Nash as a bio spot for Nike. I spent 3 days with Mr. Nash in Manhattan following him through his daily activities, most of which include some sort of sport. The concept was to show the reality of how Mr. Nash trains and how he lives his training. I directed, photographed and edited the 1:30 second spot which was originally available on, followed by YouTube. It’s now available on my showreel.
  13. 13. The above :30 spot features Zac Posen’s 2008 Resort collection. Using simple, slow motion movement of clothes on the body, a mood was created to communicate the sensuality of Mr. Posen’s designs. I directed, photographed and edit the spot which was featured on and is currently available on my showreel at Below is a :30 sec spot entitled Seduction featuring Zac Posen which was inspired by a quote given during an interview when he referred to design as a “sedution of form.” The spot combines dreamy, sensual images with his voiceover and was played as a loop in his showroom. I served as director, photographer and editor.
  14. 14. This film evolved out of a collaboration between Zac Posen and Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Mr. Posen was chosen from a group of fashion designers to redesign the uniforms for all of the Virgin Atlantic Employees. Using a combination of behind the scenes footage, stock material, interviews, and motion graphics the film aims to communitcate Mr. Posen’s inspiration for the project and his nostalgia for the glamour of air travel in the 50’s.
  15. 15. Energia Communications is a boutique public relations firm based in Miami. I created branding for the company and handeled the art direction of the website.
  16. 16. Always open. The print ads to the left were created for MINI’s Always Open campaign and appeared on back to back pages in auto and lifestyle magazines. Below is MINI’s Holidays card. the new mini cabrio
  17. 17. Countryman These pieces are a part of a poster series teaser campaign for the upcoming release of the MINI Countryman, MINI’s first SUV. arrives 08.02.09 The concept involved creating iconic, or archetypal images of males that would be easily identifiable in each of the various markets. Countryman Countryman arrives 08.02.09 arrives 08.02.09
  18. 18. Wisconsin Wins is a state funded initiative to reduce the sale of tobacco to minors. Through PAXIS Institute, I branded the campaign and designed the website, as well as created brochures and various other collateral including a stand along flash presentation.
  19. 19. This print ad, in addition to others, was created for Sony’s Hear More campain for their line of premium DJ headphones. The ads all feature portraits of people, even animals, with big and/or interestingly shaped ears. The brief called for simple, funny if not slightly eccentric communication.
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