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LinkedIn for Lawyers (DC Bar Presentation)


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This presentation covers: Why You Should Be On LinkedIn, LinkedIn Profile Dos and Don’ts, How to establish genuine, meaningful, and profitable connections using LinkedIn, How to use LinkedIn to establish credibility and authority, How to maximize your presence on LinkedIn, Ethical considerations to take into account for LinkedIn

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LinkedIn for Lawyers (DC Bar Presentation)

  1. 1. LLiinnkkeeddIInn FFoorr LLaawwyyeerrss By No Blue Creative Presented By Jennifer Jessie Presented to the DC Bar Association
  2. 2. DDIISSCCLLAAIIMMEERR No Blue Creative and its CEO, Jennifer Jessie, are not giving any legal advice during this presentation. Rules and opinions do change, developments occur, and you must draw your own conclusions about the rules that apply to you or your firm.
  3. 3. WWhhaatt WWee WWiillll CCoovveerr Why You Should Be On LinkedIn LinkedIn Profile Dos and Don’ts How to establish genuine, meaningful, and profitable connections using LinkedIn How to use LinkedIn to establish credibility and authority How to maximize your presence on LinkedIn Ethical considerations to take into account for LinkedIn
  4. 4. WWhhyy BBee OOnn LLiinnkkeeddIInn 332 Million Users on LinkedIn (11/16/2014) 2 New Users Per Second 187 Monthly Unique Visitors to LinkedIn
  5. 5. WWhhyy BBee OOnn LLiinnkkeeddIInn
  6. 6. WWhhyy BBee OOnn LLiinnkkeeddIInn There are over 996,359 individuals on LinkedIn who use the word “attorney” on their profile and 129,783 individuals who use the word “lawyer” An ABA study in 2012 found that 95% of lawyers said they were on LinkedIn One study found almost 60% of social media users deem LinkedIn as their most important social network
  7. 7. WWhhyy LLiinnkkeeddIInn?? LinkedIn markets themselves as the “largest professional network on the Internet” One of the few social networks where there is an expectation of credibility
  8. 8. WWhhyy LLiinnkkeeddIInn?? Google Loves LinkedIn • When most people search for their name on Google, their LinkedIn profile generally ranks at the top • Company pages typically rank within the top 1-2 pages of results
  9. 9. WWhhyy LLiinnkkeeddIInn?? Self-promotion is not only permitted but expected on LinkedIn One of the easiest social networks to maintain Generates leads for business A network that encourages mutually agreed upon professional and meaningful relationship Biggest bang for buck
  10. 10. CCoorree EElleemmeennttss ooff LLiinnkkeeddIInn Profile Connections Engagements via Groups, Posts, Updates, and InMail
  11. 11. PPrrooffiillee DDooss aanndd DDoonn’’ttss “Your LinkedIn Profile is Your Professional Resume”
  12. 12. PPrrooffiillee DDooss aanndd DDoonn’’ttss “Stop treating LinkedIn like an online version of your resume (‘I went to college here, I work at this company, I do this for a job’) and instead make your entire profile what I call client-facing.” John Nemo tips/
  13. 13. PPrrooffiillee DDooss aanndd DDoonn’’ttss Great Profiles Showcase the Value You Bring to Others
  14. 14. PPrrooffiillee DDooss aanndd DDoonn’’ttss Use LinkedIn’s guidelines as a baseline Not enough to have a Complete Profile Profiles are classified using 5 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, All-Star All-Star Profile includes: Industry and location, current position (with description), two past positions, education, skills (minimum of 3), a profile picture, at least 50 characters
  15. 15. PPrrooffiillee DDooss aanndd DDoonn’’ttss Make Sure to Keep in Mind: • LinkedIn’s All-Star Guidelines • Ethical considerations • Relevant Keywords
  16. 16. PPrrooffiillee DDooss aanndd DDoonn’’ttss WHAT I DO: I help [My Target Audience] achieve [Their Desired Outcome] by providing [My product, skill or service offering]. WHY I’M DIFFERENT: [My USP: What makes me different/better/unique than others who offer similar skills, products or services.] WHAT OTHERS SAY: [Insert text from a happy client singing your praises in a specific way that will appeal to your target market.]
  17. 17. PPrrooffiillee DDooss aanndd DDoonn’’ttss Photos - Avoid selfies and large photos Headline - Put practice area, geographic location, and firm name. Use terms potential clients would use to describe the value your bring with your services; don’t just be another “lawyer.” Summary - Discuss the value you bring, “Client’s come to me for...” Consider who you are trying to attract
  18. 18. PPrrooffiillee DDooss aanndd DDoonn’’ttss Own your profile name or brand name (use keywords if possible) Customize your links Rearrange profile when necessary Include associations, alma maters, projects, volunteer organizations, etc. Consider your profile to be a living document, adjust to position yourself for new opportunities
  19. 19. PPrrooffiillee DDooss aanndd DDoonn’’ttss Be aware of ethics when it comes to the recommendations, endorsements, skills, and specialties sections Avoid false and misleading statements per your state’s ethics rules Consider using disclaimers: Disclaimer for specialties (in preference for practice areas) Disclaimer for advertising Disclaimer for endorsements and testimonials Disclaimer for attorney-client relationship
  20. 20. CCrreeaattiinngg CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss EEssttaabblliisshhiinngg GGeennuuiinnee,, MMeeaanniinnggffuull,, PPrrooffiittaabbllee CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss oonn LLiinnkkeeddIInn
  21. 21. CCrreeaattiinngg CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss Connections are made up of degrees: 1st degree- direct 2nd degree 3rd degree Fellow members of Groups Out of Network
  22. 22. CCrreeaattiinngg CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss “People are starting to get that connections on LinkedIn are the ‘gas in the tank’ of their networking efforts (and the equivalent of high octane type of gas in its ability to help you connect efficiently with your target audience)...” ew-research-2014-linkedin-user-trends-and-10-top-surprises/
  23. 23. AArree yyoouu aa LLiinnkkeeddIInn LLiioonn?? Deciding which approach to use for LinkedIn Connections
  24. 24. CCrreeaattiinngg CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss Two approaches: "L.I.O.N." is a designation used by several user-created groups and individual LinkedIn members to indicate a high level of interconnectivity to other LinkedIn members. This term is not endorsed by LinkedIn. As a reminder, only connect to people you know and trust and only join groups you want your name associated with...” IDK networker (“I Don’t Know”) - A person willing to reject connections he/she doesn’t know
  25. 25. CCrreeaattiinngg CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss LinkedIn states: “We recommend only inviting people you know and trust because 1st-degree connections are given access to your primary email address on your account.” Don’t upload connections from a source and automatically invite. Can result in meaningless connections Possible ethical issues
  26. 26. CCrreeaattiinngg CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss Post status updates Mention connections in posts with relevant and valuable information Introduce connections using LinkedIn Highlight connections on your network by sharing posts, connection requests, or discussing the value they bring Create content for or with connections Congratulate connections on accomplishments Select individuals to target using search
  27. 27. CCrreeaattiinngg CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss How to Expand Your Network
  28. 28. CCrreeaattiinngg CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss Personalize the invitations Use Evernote and other card reading tools at event Try to connect with people within 24-48 hours after meeting them Pro Tip: Jot down notes in a connections calendar of when you connected with the person and set a follow up schedule
  29. 29. CCrreeaattiinngg CCoonnnneeccttiioonnss Create new connections by: Focusing on the other person’s needs Seeking out opportunities by joining groups Creating personal connections by sending requests and leading with a value Requesting to be connected to 2nd and 3rd level connections Pro Tips: Learn how the original connection was made and see if there is an opportunity to make a genuine connection Don’t assume you are entitled to the connection. Lead with, “I bring value to this connection because...”
  30. 30. Establishing AAuutthhoorriittyy aanndd CCrreeddiibbiilliittyy Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence
  31. 31. EEssttaabblliisshhiinngg AAuutthhoorriittyy aanndd CCrreeddiibbiilliittyy Use updates to showcase thought leadership Write articles using the newly opened LinkedIn feature “Professional cast” networking, speaking, and other professional opportunities Provide answers and solutions without stepping over the ethical line Highlight strengths in your network Pro Tip: Interview individuals in your network for a LinkedIn Post
  32. 32. Establishing AAuutthhoorriittyy aanndd CCrreeddiibbiilliittyy iinn LLeessss tthhaann 1122 MMiinnuutteess aa DDaayy
  33. 33. EEtthhiiccaall CCoonnssiiddeerraattiioonnss
  34. 34. EEtthhiiccaall CCoonnssiiddeerraattiioonnss No Blue Creative and its CEO, Jennifer Jessie, are not giving any legal advice during this presentation. Rules and opinions do change, developments occur, and you must draw your own conclusions about the rules that apply to you or your firm.
  35. 35. EEtthhiiccaall CCoonnssiiddeerraattiioonnss Social Media Profiles and Posts May Constitute Legal Advertising Avoid Making False or Misleading Statements Avoid Making Prohibited Solicitations Do Not Assume You Can “Friend” Judges or Clients or Jury Members Be careful to not view profiles of potential jurors or individuals who are represented counsel while signed into LinkedIn Avoid Communications with Represented Parties Do Not Discuss Ongoing or Previous Matters Do Not Connect With Opposing Counsel without Connect
  36. 36. EEtthhiiccaall CCoonnssiiddeerraattiioonnss Be Cautious When Communicating with Unrepresented Third Parties Beware of Inadvertently Creating Attorney-Client Relationships Beware of Potential Unauthorized Practice Violations Tread Cautiously with Testimonials, Endorsements, and Ratings Avoid Specialties Do Not Disclose Privileged or Confidential Information Be cautious and aware of geotagging and/or photos as that may result in disclose confidential information Watch out for False or Misleading Statements Avoid reciprocal recommendations and endorsements
  37. 37. LLiinnkkeeddIInn PPrroo TTiippss Taking LinkedIn to the Next Level
  38. 38. PPrroo TTiippss Use LinkedIn Publishing for Content Marketing
  39. 39. LLiinnkkeeddIInn PPrroo TTiippss Use LinkedIn post to connect to 2nd, 3rd, non-connected and Group Connections Interview people in network and feature on posts and through updates View Connections before meeting, highlight accomplishments Join groups to connect Start local groups in area of expertise Start groups to facilitate referrals Make a strategic plan for connections and use of premium Occasionally search for targets and see if there is a way to be of value, keywords you may have missed, or events where you can connect Set up search alerts and have them emailed to you Add LinkedIn to your cards Add Slideshare presentations, Publications, Video, Interesting Photos to Your Profile
  40. 40. CCoonnttaacctt UUss or