Tsunami warnig organizations


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Tsunami warnig organizations

  1. 1. The organizations of Tsunami warning system in Indian Ocean● The damage in the Indian Ocean● The situation before the killer waves● The situation after the tsunami● Major tsunami warning organizations● About the regional tsunami watch provider● Asian Disaster Preparedness Center● References
  2. 2. The damage in the Indian Ocean● In 2004, there were the major earthquake and big tsunami.● The earthquake which was a magnitude of 9.1.happened in the Indian Ocean.● Almost 230,000 people were killed by this accident.
  3. 3. The situation before the killer waves● The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center(PTWC) which is a national organization plays an important role in tsunami warning.● One of its works is to alert countries which tsunami would come.● But this wasnt enough because many countries in Indian Ocean didnt have sea-level monitors and agencies which have communities of tsunami warning systems.
  4. 4. The situation after the tsunami● The bad situation for the tsunami have changed to protect many people.● There is a network of seismographic centers across the Indian Ocean. In addition, many organizations including national warning agencies, coastal and deep-ocean stations are put there.● People who live in Indian Ocean get the communication for tsunami.
  5. 5. Major tsunami warning organizations● When the earthquake happen near the Indian Ocean, data including a seismic center, sea level is transmitted to PTWC and Japan Meteorological Agency.● These agencies have a duty to teach the information about the tsunami to countries and alert.
  6. 6. About the regional tsunami watch provider● The agencies introduced the previous slide have affected the other agencies.● There are the agencies called regional tsunami watch providers(RTWPs) in Indian Ocean countries.● They are increasing the number of themselves and take over the functions of PTWC and JMA.
  7. 7. Asian Disaster Preparedness Center● The Asian Disaster Preparedness Center is one of the RTWPs.● It has the Regional Integrated Multi- Hazard Early Warning System(RIMES) which share the information with Hawaii and Japan.
  8. 8. References● Pacific Tsunami Warning Center http://ptwc.weather.gov/● Japan Meteorology Agent http://www.jma.go.jp/jma/index.html● Asian Disaster Preparedness Center http://www.adpc.net/2011/