The radiation effects to health


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The radiation effects to health

  1. 1. Nuclear radiation effects on human health● Radiation is not always dangerous● There are two kinds of radiation● What is ionizing radiation● Dangerousness of ionizing radiation● The difference between non-ionizing radiations and ionizing radiations● Dangerousness of nuclear bomb● The damage of Hiroshima where the nuclear bomb exploded
  2. 2. Radiation is not always dangerous● All radiation is not always harmful.● Of course, there is very dangerous radiation.● But we use it as radio, cellphone waves in thelife. And we can cook by using it.●This wave is classified into non-ionizing radiationand believed not to cause the cancer.
  3. 3. There are two kinds of radiation● There are ionizing radiation and non- ionizing radiation.● The latter is not dangerous through referring to the previous slide.● But the former would be dangerous because it can break chemical bonds and cause the cancer.
  4. 4. What is ionizing radiation● The difference between ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation is whether harmful or not.● Ionizing radiation includes X-rays, gamma- rays,alpha-rays and beta-rays.● But ionizing radiation is not harmful in the particular case. The case is related to how long you are exposed.● The First symptom of this wave is used for remedy of the cancer . This is a ionizing radiations merit.
  5. 5. Dangerousness of the ionizing radiation● The first symptom is to cause nausea, fatigue and vomiting.● The second is to cause hair loss and diarrhea.● The third is to cause worse diarrhea and dehydration.● The forth is to cause consciousness loss and death.
  6. 6. The difference between non- ionizing radiations and ionizing radiationsThis is pictures that explain radiations merit anddemerit
  7. 7. Dangerousness of nuclear bomb● When a nuclear bomb explode, it produces X- rays and gamma-rays.● Also, it makes the cloud of radiative ash. The rain or dust from this cloud is known as fallout.● It can accumulate on foods. So we receive the radiation when we dont know.
  8. 8. The damage of Hiroshima where the nuclear bomb exploded● The nuclear bomb was fallen in 1945.● About 166,000 people were killed by the blast and the radiation which were X-rays and gamma- rays.● The radiation on foods can cause the cancer. It made from this bomb killed 100,000 people that isnt exact number .