Radiation effects


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Radiation effects

  1. 1. Radiation can have an effect on human health● What are the units to measure the radiation and the fallout● Radiation effects on human health● Major accidents about radiation exposure
  2. 2. What are the Units to measure the radiation and the fallout● We have the units to measure the radiation.● It is REM.● The REM stands for Roentgen Equivalent in Man.● This indicates the amount that human is exposed .● The fallout is a radioactive dust.● It is pushed up by the warm atmosphere that is caused by a nuclear explosion.● It falls back as the rain to the ground.
  3. 3. Radiation effects on human health 1● Radiation exposure has an effect on human health immediately. It has some phases.● In the case of 25 rems, it causes some blood changes. But it can be found soon.● When the value is near 100 rems, it isnt harmful.● When the value is over 100rems, it causes some symptoms. There are nausea, vomiting, headache and loss of white blood cells.
  4. 4. Radiation effects on human health 2● In the case of 300 rems, there is hair loss.● In addition, there is more dangerous symptoms.● They are damages of the cells that has relation to nerve and digestive tracts.● Decreasing white blood becomes severe and makes many victims who are exposed persons.● White blood protects the body from infections.
  5. 5. Radiation effects on human health 3● Due to the radiation, blood plates cannot be produced in the body.● This is also serious because they help the blood to clot.● When people are exposed in 450 rems, half of them would die.● Over 800 rems, all people cannot be alive.
  6. 6. Radiation effects on human health 4● There and fever and diarrhea in any phases. So people suffer from some diseases.● The worst thing is that there is not a treatment for radiation effects.● When people receive radiation rays over 300 rems, they would die for two to fourteen days.
  7. 7. Major accidents about radiation exposure 1● Nagasaki and Hiroshima This accident caused by nuclear bombs. The bombs explosion didnt kill many people. The radiation released the explosion killed them. The explosion spread the radiational particle as fallout.
  8. 8. Major accidents about radiation exposure 2● Three Mile Island This happened in the nuclear power plant. But nobody was killed by radiation happily.● Chernobyl This is same above the accident. It is determined as the worst accident about the radiation.