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Johnnie Walker Brand Audit


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This was a presentation created for a Strategic Brand Management module. The brief was to audit a brand, the brand which was chosen was the whiskey Johnnie Walker

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Johnnie Walker Brand Audit

  1. 1. 1 Strategic Brand MAnagement
  2. 2. Introduction - The Current Market, Trends and News - Johnnie Walker’s Brand - Brand Position - Johnnie Walkers Competitors - Brand Equity - Brand Awareness - Brand Association - Recommendations to Build and Manage Johnnie Walker’s Brand Equity 2
  3. 3. The Market - In 2013 Johnnie Walker had case sales of 19.7m - Ballantine's scotch whiskey with 5.8m of case sales - Grant Scotch Whiskey – 4.5m - The Famous Grouse – 3.2m - Jack Daniels – 10.7m - Jim Beam- 6.2m 3
  4. 4. Alcohol Market 4
  5. 5. Market Trends - The introduction of China’s “Whiskey Bubble” (Stegger, 2012) - Only Scottish Scotch in China - The real Tennessee Whiskey- ! “whiskey must be made from fermented mash of at least 51 percent corn, aged in new oak barrels, charcoal mellowed and stored in Tennessee” - Alcohol duty escalator- - Rise in taxation on whiskey - 81% of the price to be tax 5
  6. 6. Identity Prism 6 Johnnie Walker Personality˝ Luxury Confident Historic Bold Culture˝ ‘The Perfect Gift’ International Passionate Scottish based Self Image˝ Iconic Driven by Heritage and Prestige Reflection˝ Masculine Financial Security Class Sophistication Relationship˝ Trust in Quality Exclusivity Loyalty to brand Flavour for everyone Physique˝ Whiskey - Trademark Gold and Black ‘The man who walked around the world’ (Kapferer, 1997)
  7. 7. The Brand 7 Product Attributes ˝ - Malt Whiskey - Deep complex flavour - Power and Refinement - Age and time Characteristics of The Brand ˝ - Heritage, passion and luxury - Scottish Whiskey - International - Diageo Pricing ˝ -The range is $25 - $225 (750ml) - A range of whiskeys, the best selling Red Label - Most expensive being Blue Label Distribution ˝ - By 1920 it was the first global brand across 120 countries - Red Label can now be found in over 200 countries - Worlds best selling whiskey - Pushing into emerging markets such as Latin America and Asia (Diageo, 2013)
  8. 8. The Trademark Keep Walking 8
  9. 9. Brand Positioning 9 Target Market - Urban men aged 25-35 - Already Whiskey Drinkers as well as introducing new consumers to Whiskey - Consumers who are not driven solely by wealth, but through wealth of experience and enjoyment of life. Marketing - TV, Outdoor, Press and Digital - ‘Keep Walking Campaign’ - 2009 Robert Carlyle ‘The man who walked around the world’ - Heritage and Global nature of the brand - This was updated by BBH in 2013 (Joseph, 2012) (Lynch, 2013)
  10. 10. Personal Progress 10 - Sony’s Fredrick Bond directed the TV Ad ‘From the Future’ bringing a change of tone for the brand - This is BBH’s revitalised integrated global campaign for a new generation drinker in a changing world - Key message is one of ‘personal progress’ - Across TV, Outdoor, Press and Digital - Outdoor campaign celebrates the progress of iconic people and places showing where they have come from - Social content #NextStep, the platform hub is tumbler, supports by the brands Facebook and Twitter - Launched first across Latin America before rolling out into Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific (Lynch, 2013)
  11. 11. Competitive Brands 11 Marketing˝ • T.V, Outdoor and digital • A long heritage with a huge bourbon history • Celebrity endorsements (Mila Kunis, Leonardo Di Caprio) • ‘The dilemma’ advertisements - Marketing ˝ - TV, Outdoor, Press and Digital - Has a long heritage and is a worldwide brand. - ‘As American As’ Campaign - Celebrity ambassadors Jim Beam ˝ • Bourbon Whisky • Beam incorporation • Introduced in 1795 • Different varieties of whiskey (White label, Green label, Black label Devil’s cut and Seven year) • Prices vary from £20+ Jack Daniels ˝ - ‘Tennessee Whiskey - Founded 1875 - Brown-Forman corporation - Prices varies from £18+ - Family’ of Whiskey's:- (Gentleman Jack, Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniels old no. 7 and Single Barrel)
  12. 12. Keller’s Brand Equity Model
 12 Create awareness through Campaigns, Taste- Testing Events, Advertising, Endorsements, Social Networking Luxury High quality Whiskey Has something for everyone Masculine Expensive Quality Scottish Well crafted Traditional Iconic Connecting with the consumer’s life style Successful Consumers form loyalty and a variety of choice hedges brand switching Performance Salience Imagery Judgments Feelings Resonance The Value of johnnie Walker
  13. 13. Brand Awareness Who are they trying to make aware of Johnnie Walker?˝ • Men who want to be perceived as classy and confident, those looking for a drink to aid relaxation creating identity of achievement and financial security, not a drink aimed to people who want a cheap drink. • Known globally. ! How have the marketers make their target market aware of the brand?˝ Advertising on television around programs specifically aimed to men (e.g. Sopranos, Mad Men, Golf tournaments and Formula One, usually played in the evening). Make the target audience aware of two key selling points: 1. There are a variety of different labels from Johnnie Walker (Blue, Black, Gold ect) so there is something to every mans taste. 2. They pride themselves on gift giving. 13
  14. 14. 14 Billboard advertisement for Blue Label stating ‘For a man who deserves more than a gift’ Print advertisement focusing flavour as the selling point Print advertisement for the Red Label, also focusing on flavour
  15. 15. 15 Social Media Twitter @JohnnieWalkerUS- 6,151 followers ! • Using trending ‘hashtags’ such as #tbt (throw back Thursday) to emphasise heritage and the brand being traditional. • Shows that the brand is confident by stating it needs no introduction. Instagram @JohnnieWalker- 33kfollowers ! • Uses the variety of labels to advantage. • If target audience are business men, then this is directly targeted at them, playing on the fact Monday is the beginning of their week. Facebook Johnnie Walker- 8,751,512 likes ! • More of their potential target market are present on Facebook. • Gives suggestions on mixing drinks and how brand has spread globally
  16. 16. Brand Association - Not all venues stock Johnnie Walker, and is not always visible to the consumer - Sponsor venues to ensure exclusive service- The Black Circuit VIP Race Party, invited A-list guests and Johnnie Walker fans to experience the glamorous lifestyle of the world motor sport at the venue of the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang. ! Associations of the event included: - Jenson Button - Mercedes McLaren - Formula 1 - Vodafone 16
  17. 17. ‘The man who walked around the world’ - 6 minute feature length advert/story, describing the Johnnie Walker journey. - Featuring Scottish born Robert Carlyle, known for his acting. - Tells a story which connects with the audience, associating the brand with all that the video has mentioned. 17
  18. 18. Consumer Perception - 6 different labels cater for every need - Globally dominated the world of whiskey - Seen as a luxury brand, something that is special or to be savoured - Expensive price tag pushes consumer opinions to positive ones - Seen and advertised as the perfect gift, which implies high standards - Traditional, cared for product, been in the Walker family for 200 years through generations 18
  19. 19. Brand Resonance • To enhance brand loyalty and resonance, the ‘Pick Your Flavour’ Campaign was created. • Using the tag line ‘Where flavour is King’ • The aim was to extend customer lifetime value and enhance perception to include less change vulnerable equity. • 6 different flavours representing 6 different meanings, something for everyone, emphasises heritage, quality, taste and texture. • Reduces risk of consumers switching brands as they have more choice. • Brand comes with the story of Johnnie Walker, shows that it is a family orientated and originated brand, which connects with the audience, as consumers value traditional products. 19
  20. 20. Recommendations Secondary Brand Associations ˝ - “Secondary brand associations is a type of marketing strategy, where, businesses transfer entities of the brand or different aspects to help increase brand equity” (iffi Saheb). ! Ideas to build brand equity: - Co-Branding - Celebrity Endorsement - Sponsorship 20
  21. 21. Co-Branding - Johnnie Walker is a world known brand consumed by many across the globe. - - One way they can empower the brand furthermore is by teaming up with another world famous British brand, Rolex. ! - Research has shown that people relate British products with quality, and as Rolex is seen as a luxury brand, consumers will show more interest to the whisky. 21
  22. 22. Celebrity Endorsements Celebrity Endorsements ˝ ! - Johnnie Walker can get Victoria Beckham to endorse in their product. ! - Whisky is generally purchased & consumed by men, therefore, this will help break the cliché and increase the brands reputation as more women will start to show interest. ! Sponsorship˝ ! - Large Music festivals such as Glastonbury or Reading, which will help entice young adults ! - This is a gap in the whisky market as not many people aged between 18-25 consume whisky compared to other alcoholic beverages. 22
  23. 23. Integrated Marketing - The brand can hold a monthly competition online & ask users to create the best cocktail. ! - Users will then share it on different social network sites using #JonnieWalker and the name of their cocktail, where the winners cocktail will get published in a alcoholic magazine. ! - win-win situation for everyone, as the brand will be connecting with their consumers, while their consumers will be sharing their brand online with the hashtag. 23
  24. 24. Thank You 24 Any Questions ?
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